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Ammarindar: Adamantine Kingdom

Here is Ammarindar as it should have been. After 7 years kicking around my garage here are the notes plus updates and many corrections. Sorry there are no city maps...but even I know my limits.....cheers

Paul 'Snowblood'.....
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°°Waouh; amazing book!..
Great stuff, thanks. I've been making good use of it in my Loudwater campaign - [link] - Princess Olmma's last stand against the Tanarukk at Yaunaroth ties into my version of 4e Orcs of Stonefang Pass, I made the tunnel north from Yaunoaroth into the Stonefang Tunnel of that adventure.
IMC Queen Helmma met a different fate though, according to legend she and her Dwarven Defenders joined the last warriors of Eaerlann to defend the Citadel of Adakmi (from Dungeon 155 'Heathen'), on the Shining Falls. But your material has greatly enriched my game, so many thanks! :)
Ammarindar almost wrote itself...I just gave it a tweak her and there and fleshed out some parts to add local does fit hand in glove with Earlann and the other elf realms of the High I am very glad you mad euse of it and changed wgat you wanted..,that the whole reason I did them so cheers...
Many thanks again, like the dwarves of I expect to be continuing to mine your Ammarindar material for many months or years to come! :)
Here's how I integrated "Orcs of Stonefang Pass" with your Ammarindar material in my 4th edition D&D 1479 DR campaign:

Pop. 750 (25% dwarf, 70% human) Ruler: Lord & Lady Sevrym, impoverished human aristocrats, son Sir Galtos and daughter Sevilla.
Currently a small community of loggers, farmers and miners eight miles by road from Llorkh, Timbervale was once a wealthy small town through trade through Stonefang Tunnel with the Glintshield dwarf clan, the guardians of the Vale of Naurogloth (Bleached Bones Pass) which of old marked the southern limit of Ammarindar. A century ago the Glintshields fell into disastrous civil war, some say a madness induced by the Spellplague. Since then Timbervale has declined. Timbervale's lord pays tribute to the bandit kings of Llorkh.

Stonefang Tunnel, Vale of Naurogloth (Bleached Bones Pass) & Citadel Yaunaroth
The ancient giant-built Stonefang Tunnel runs some 25 miles south beneath Mount Stonefang to the ruined dwarf citadel of Yaunaroth, which sits on the stony northern slopes of the Vale of Naurogloth, known latterly as Bleached Bones Pass, which runs from the north-eastern High Moor up into the southern Greypeaks and over the mountains into the Fallen Lands.
According to legend, mighty Yaunoroth was built around -1000 DR to defend the southern approaches of Ammarindar from the perils of the High Moor, and at her peak had a population of 5,000 dwarves, including 2,000 warriors. In the end she formed her peoples' last defense against the Tanarukk demon orcs which had destroyed Eaerlann and overrun Ammarindar from the north. Princess Olmma led the defense of Yaunaroth in 883 DR, her sister Queen Helmma having fallen at Adakmi on the Shining Falls, and she held the fortress long enough for most of the dwarven refugees to escape to southern climes - the bones of the stragglers and last defenders give the pass its name.
Naurogloth Vale then lay empty and orc-infested for some three centuries, until the Glintshield dwarf clan re-occupied and refortified Citadel Yaunaroth ca 1180 DR. They thrived until about a century ago, driving back the orc clans, but then the Spellplague brought madness and civil war, and fresh dwarf bones soon littered the Pass. The survivors retreated to their deep delves high in the mountains above the Vale.
Recently the Glintshield dwarves have re-emerged and again attempted to re-occupy part of Citadel Yaunaroth and re-open the Stonefang Tunnel, but they face bitter opposition from the orcs, including the powerful Severed Eye clan...
just read this...wonderful work...please feel free to spread these pdf's to all you like...I make no money from them and am happy if as many people as possible can use them....My gift to the D&D worlds players.....enjoy.
Cheers phasai! We just finally finished Stonefang Pass last Monday! I'll be going over your stuff again for more dwarfiness...
My Loudwater campaign blog: [link]
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