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SLS Der Konig - SOLD

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King has been sold to cryionxx

fricken dA wont let me do the ö in the title :stare:
this was colored by the lovely Selunna because after forever of owning king i couldnt be bothered to make a reference image for him myself :')


show name. SLS Der König
nick name. King
breed. Hanoverian
gender. Stallion
age. 6
height. 17.1hh
personality. King is as regal as his name is. He’s not necessarily prissy, but he is very proud and elegant. When he walks, he carries his head and tail high, and never just walks. Oh, no, no, no, when King moves, he struts. He’s friendly around other horses, but with stallions, he’s a bit pushy and arrogant. He hasn’t shown serious behavioral issues around other stallions yet, so he will continue to be pastured with Bo (and Manny when he grows up). He doesn’t play very much will other horses, but if he and Belle are being ridden together, they refuse to focus and instead chase each other, try to bother their riders, do silly gaits, and if they’re on a trail, they insist on leaving the path and exploring the forest. King hates getting dirty, so he rarely rolls and is stubborn about mud and water. If he has an itch, he finds something to rub himself against. He loves being brushed and washed, however when getting a bath, he’s a stinker - he’ll head-butt you, knock soap around, take the hose, and rub against you if he’s sudsy. King’s a fast learner and is eager to please whoever he’s working with. He tends to be hesitant when learning/trying new things but quickly warms up to the idea. Although he works well with anyone, he has a special bond with Kyle, and is always excited to see him and work with him.
owner. Kyle Lukane
strengths. Show-jumping, cross-country, dressage
genotype. ee/aa
phenotype. chestnut with two right socks and two left coronets


Starter x Starter

breeding status: :bulletred: - closed
slot price: breeding pic and fullbody shaded w background image of Belle

HIEF Point System

Half-Body (.5) - 0
Full-Body (1) - 0
References (1) - 0
you're here!
Full Show Entries
Non-sanctioned show (2) - 6
you gotta do it 2nd place + 5:points: (+2) germansporthorsestud.deviantar…
hello, captain
Sanctioned show (3) - 0
3DE (6) - 0
Mini Show Entries
Headshots (.5) - 24.5
soarin flyin 4th place
get those feet up  5th place
week 47 sheet 4th place…
belle cocoro king week 50 2nd place jumping(+2), 5th place dressage
show entry for three pons 2nd place(+2)
5 Horse Entry 1st place(+3) (placing in comments)
3 Horse Entry 1st place(+3) (placing in comments)
Foxbourne Sheet 10th cross country(+0), 1st place dressage(+3) (placing in comments)
Foxbourne Sheet 2 2nd show jumping(+2), 1st place dressage(+3) (placing in comments)
Full/partial body unshaded (1) - 0
Fullbody shaded (2) - 0
Training Pictures (2) - 2
the prince and the pauper
Recreational Pictures (1) - 3
the new guy
fashionably late
Merry Christmas from Silver and Leather Stables!
Headshots (.5) - 0
Breeding Pictures (1) - 0
Each Horse (.5) - 0
Each 4 Star Horse (1) - 0

Grand Total: 34.5 points

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cryionxxHobbyist Digital Artist
New reference! Hope you don't mind that I added in some natural shading around his nose and eyes c':

MRE SLS Der Konig by cryionxx
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pharmwoolStudent Digital Artist
oh yeah, no problem! he looks great! :heart: hope you enjoy him!
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cryionxxHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you <3
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GnaldafHobbyist Digital Artist
I know the feeling of being unable to put ö's and ü's in titles...'&^#$@;&!#% €₩¡%
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pharmwoolStudent Digital Artist
ugh yes!
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xxElaniteHobbyist Digital Artist
Please read on how you register with H-I-E-F.
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