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What on earth is this?

By Pharmagician
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Anyone have any idea?

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Aug 11, 2013, 7:29:10 AM
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Thanks, I've learned something new by reading comments under the photo :nod:
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Fascinating and disgusting at the same time, no?
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Surely... maybe only a bit - it's hard to make me disgusted by something :evillaugh: especially on photo.
Maybe if I would be looking at moving swirling thing I'd be talking differently :stinkeye: What ?!
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a horsehair worm, a parasitic nematode. Great photo.
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Thanks!  I had no idea that crickets could be afflicted by parasites that were so huge!
SuicideBySafetyPin's avatar's a horsehair worm!!!
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Ugh!  I saw it a few weeks ago in Europe on vacation and had to photograph it.  At the time I thought it was one creature - posting it here on dA a few minutes ago I already have the answer from you all.  Revolting!
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yep pretty disgusting but it's a cool pic ;)
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Thanks.  What was even more disgusting was the fact that the worm was writhing around and it looked like a slimy slug with tentacles.  I didn't know about parasites in crickets so this has all been very educative.  And disgusting!

How are you?  Long time no news etc etc - I don't really post anything any more, as you might have noticed!  I see you're at school - what are you studying?  And I see you're also suffering at a horrid job - that too shall pass and better things will come along - trust me!

SuicideBySafetyPin's avatar job is awful! cold calling about credit card i have just stared online thru University of Phoenix....and i can't really say i have totally decided what i want to be when i grow up :giggle: but i have 94% in one class and 96% in the other so it's all good ;) great to see something from you tho! :heart:
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Good for you!  Apart from the job that all sounds very positive!  95% average is not at all bad!!!  I never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up but suddenly, a few years ago, well into (WELL into!) middle age I discovered that I was doing exactly what I ought to be doing.  Everything I had done up until then had seemed to be just a succession of different things and then suddenly I started a job that combined them all.  And I was where I wanted to be.  Without my conscious active participation.  Life, eh?

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oh and did i say i am getting married! :lmao: probably on a concert tee shirt barefoot somewhere outside ;) :heart:
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Wonderful news - congratulations!  So pleased to hear - you deserve all good things!

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That is a parasite infested cricket. I don't remember what the parasite is called, but it basically controls the cricket and forces it to commit suicide by drowning itself. Fortunately, it only affects bugs.
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Thanks - I hadn't realised it was a parasite.  So I just looked that up and indeed it's a horsehair worm, aka gordian worm.  Lovely....not!
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some kind of worm that just crawled out of a cricket host?
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Thank you - I just looked that up and yes, it's a horsehair or gordian worm.  Ugh!
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ah! I thought it looked familiar, at first I thought they wer head phones until I saw the cricket's matter
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