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Apophysis 7X.12 & PSE

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I like this the best today.:)

I must just mention. Today I had to repair the start up disk! Last night I saw that it needed repairs. I just couldn't understand a thing. It said I needed to use the Install Disk. I couldn't face it. My son installed everything.

Luckily my husband came to the rescue this morning and found instructions on the web. So we actually repaired it easily. Phew! ;)
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Thanks very much!

Yes, sometimes computers just take over and start talking at you in an incomprehensible language. Macs are a lot better but still not completely innocent!

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I use Maintenence to clean it from time to time, and it told me I had a problem.
I didn't know how to start up from the install disc. Once I'd managed that I could do the rest.
The Apple leaflet wasn't much help.
Well I know now. :)