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Anybody else suddenly getting, for no obvious reason, many more page views than usual?  The last two days have seen 120-150 each day, whereas it's usually 15-30.  What's going on?

Inspiration Sta(gna)tion - what to do?

Inspiration Sta(gna)tion - what to do?

Maybe it's the time of year?  This time last year I went through a dry spell, and now I'm in another one.  Until today I hadn't uploaded a fractal piece since December.  Not sure when the next one will be either!  Maybe I'll go back to reading books!  :lol:

Inspiration Station - A Light to guide me...

Inspiration Station - A Light to guide me...

Yes, it's Light's turn!  Without Light I would have given up on Apo ages ago.  But she has been so patient and generous and helpful.  And she has a great chatroom.  And she's a wonderful GM/CV.  And she's a lovely person.  Oh, and apart from all that, she's an inspiration - just look at these (and most of the other 764968283476378589609984765 images in her gallery): :thumb96233802:   :thumb95703395: :thumb147923456:  :thumb148107811: :thumb131627290:  :thumb124554267: :thumb191158225:  :thumb243597343: :thumb239218678:  :thumb216858851: :thumb205418018:  :thumb202027307: Thanks for everything, Light!  We're very lucky to have you! :hu

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for the fav !

Thank you for the new :+fav: s :wave:

I love these zooms, especially the ones like this one that show really beautiful and somewhat unusual shapes. I have previously used Pauldelbrot's (from Fractal Forums) colouring algorithms for UF zooms and have been thrilled with the smooth, silky results - have you tried?

Really glad you do :D I really love unusual shapes which are that you may obtain when you you perform Julia morphings (a special way of decide where to zoom). All of those in my recent series are extremely centered, which of cause not is "obligatory". An interesting thing, when you have them such centered, is that the nearest mini Mandelbrot always is to be found in the center. That even if the center is very tiny with complicated structures surrounding :wow:

As for the coloring I almost always use the most basic, counting the number of iterations which anyhow may give very smooth coloring if you use the gradient map in "certain ways". Sometimes I think too much spectacular coloring methods takes away the attention to the fractal pattern(s). But all my fractals are published under Creative Common License and the parameter files included so you are welcome to run them and play around with them and even publish them if you link back to the original and also publish the new parameter file ;)

Actually that's a great idea, I hadn't thought of that, thanks! I haven't posted a fractal in many years but perhaps I'll fire up UF again and take one of your parameter sets for a spin! I'll keep you posted :-)

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.. and for another one :D