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The old Squad - Kabocha by Pharaonenfuchs, visual art

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Surprise huggle by Pharaonenfuchs, visual art


Holding Wings by Pharaonenfuchs, visual art

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++ Trade - Ehemann Und Ehefrau by Pankuuni, visual art

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-| Ríína, Hikari, Fuxi |- :damphyr: Commission Info Excelsior and Moin Moin! I am a self taught artist who likes and draws a lot of things. Don't be shy to talk to me. Thanks for your visit, have a great day!

Holding Wings
Summer Breeze
Summer Cuddles

Comic: Altum Silentium

Comic Cover: Altum Silentium

Altum Silentium A story about my three tailed Ghost Fox called "Silence", which shows his past and how he became what he is:

A Soul collecting Spirit.

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English | German

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Happy new year Hikari hope this new year treats you so very well!! So sorry I never replied or spoke sooner I got super ill it may have even been that virus since I felt achy and tired, I lost my taste too and I couldn’t really do anything at all but hopefully we can speak more this year!! Thank you so much for the trade last year too it means so much I’m still loving it like I first saw it! Thx for reading Hikari and stay safe 💞

Aww thank you so much for your sweet words! I wish you a happy new year as well and hope it will bring you a lot of joy and happyness QuQ

I am sorry to hear you were not doing so well, I cross my fingers that you don't have this dumb virus Dx Whatever it is that slows you down, I hope it will be gone soon so you can feel good and healthy again Q//u//Q

Aww I hope so too, would love to speak more with you this year!

Hehe same, I still love your part of the trade as much as on the first day >///< Whenever you feel better and have enough energy back tfor drawing, I'd love to trade with you once more :happybounce: But no rush, whenever you feel ready for it >//u//< Health comes first and I really hope you get well soon Q//u//Q

Thank you very much, I wish you the best and stay safe as well :hug::happybounce::heart:

Eeee your welcome but thank you too for all these lovely touching words sorry I couldn’t reply sooner was away at my Aunty’s house. I got sick mainly in September but almost recovering as I still have a bit of a cough tho it’s more like wheezing but It may have been something like that virus since it took me (and my family) awhile to recover but I’m so grateful that I’m feeling much better from September thank God uvu

I’d totally like that too this year speaking more and aaaaww definitely feel the same that trade was so great, I think I’d be up for another soon since I’m feeling much better been practicing too since I was out for over two months don’t wanna get rusty XD!

your very welcome and thank you for reading again and we must all try to stay are safest in these tiresome times :heart::hug:

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