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You own ME? HA, I own YOU..

Group Rules

No claiming Atemu. He does not belong to anyone. We all belong to him!

This group is made for Pharaoh Atemu/Yami Yugi, any other characters are not allowed. However if you have a Duel Monster with him that is fine!

Please make sure you place your art in the CORRECT folder.

PLEASE for the love of Ra, NO Genderbending OR Monarchshipping! Cross-dressing and dual dimensions are ok.

OC's/Cannons/shippings, are NOT allowed in the group.

Screenshots and Wallpapers are not allowed.

Cosplay is also not permitted in this group.

CONTEST TIME!!! Choose a theme: 

20 deviants said Demon / Hybrid
14 deviants said Season 0
10 deviants said Sexy
8 deviants said Orichalcos
6 deviants said Different Time Period
6 deviants said Pokemon Trainer
5 deviants said Alternative Clothes/ Looks
5 deviants said Different Culture
5 deviants said Fairytale
3 deviants said Anthro

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Divine Atem by Ayhelenk
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Yami Yugi by Valenya-Lotus
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It's time to duel! by the-fire-prince
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Dual universe
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Calendar Project
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Contest folder
YGO: Furry Demon by StellarChrondrite


Journal Entry: Mon Apr 22, 2019, 9:38 AM
Thank you for everyone who participated in the poll. The contest theme is Demon/hybrid **The evil within you had spoken!!**

All normal rules of the group apply to this contest.

Anything demonic is allowed.  Wings, claws, horns, tails or anything that a demon will have.

As far as hybrids they will need to have human characteristics (no drawing of animals with just the hair, eyes or clothes of Atemu)

Hybrids must be either, animal, fish, mythical beast, alien and any Duel Monsters that are actually monsters (no human attributes).

:bulletred: Examples of creatures will be placed at the end of this journal. (the examples are EXAMPLES of ideas of what your demon/hybrid could look like.  Those are creations that belong to their respective owners. DO NOT COPY THOSE DESIGNS!!!)

Original pieces please.  While we encourage you to be a creative as possible, please do not use or incorporate any other designs and ideas that are not your own.  All of the admins are aware of what demons are out there in the WWW, so no cheating! (IF caught, you WILL be banned from this group)

:bulletred: No previously posted artwork will be allowed. HOWEVER! If you've already have a demon design that matches the contest rules and you want to use him, please create a new artwork featuring him!

:bulletred: Strong non-human features is what we're looking for! You can show a transformation in your picture. BUT please note that having faint demonic/hybrid features is not enough for this contest.  Have your inner artist go WILD!!!!

Art can either be traditional or digital.  No fanfics are allowed.

No screenshots, photographs, cosplays or action figures.

No unfinished pictures (black and white are ok, but as long as it looks finished).

You can include and Duel Monsters with the Pharaoh, as long as you can incorporate the theme of the contest in your design.  (NO shipping allowed)

We are accepting one entry per person.

A minimum of 10 entries are needed for the contest to take place.  However the more entries the better the prizes will be.

1000 points first place
500 points second
250 points third

More the 20 entries

2000 points first plus commission work partial/half body up to 2 characters  (within the admin guidelines)
1000 points second
500 points third

More the 30 entries

3000 points first plus commission work full body up to 2 characters (within the admin guidelines)
2000 points second plus commission work partial/half body up to 2 characters (within the admin guidelines)
1000 points third

Deadline all art must be turned in by June 12th (that give you 2 months), no later the midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Any entry that does not adhere to these rules will not be accepted.


If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.

Incubus Yami by hatochiisai
for Werechu by slifertheskydragon
Beware the Lion's Den by Shamise

Great Leviathan Yami by Yami-No-Spirit-luver
Want me to guide you..? by Yami-No-Spirit-luver
ENCOUNTER: Awakened (3) by CoffeeAddictedDragon

All contest entries must be submitted to the 'Contest Folder'

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