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Group Rules

No claiming Atemu. He does not belong to anyone. We all belong to him!

This group is made for Pharaoh Atemu/Yami Yugi, any other characters are not allowed. However if you have a Duel Monster with him that is fine!

Please make sure you place your art in the CORRECT folder.

PLEASE for the love of Ra, NO Genderbending OR Monarchshipping! Cross-dressing and dual dimensions are ok.

OC's/Cannons/shippings, are NOT allowed in the group.

Screenshots and Wallpapers are not allowed.

Cosplay is also not permitted in this group.

Gallery Folders

Ancient Egypt
Pharaoh Atem by Reikikun
INKTOBER 2019 DAY 23 : ANCIENT by zerucheese
Pharoah Atem by panpandaarts
Yugiotober Day 1: Your Fave by LeaderMaxie
"Modern" Pharaoh
Happy Birthday! January! by Kyrogeki
Atem by panpandaarts
.: YGO : Die Hard Yami :. by Sincity2100
Fanart Yugioh: Yami Yugi by Phoenixkai
Who needs a shirt?
Lost in thoughts by kopaisfluffy
Atem 8-19 by FranzMewDrache
Pharaoh Atem by Sukesha-Ray

Mature Content

Just Woke Up by KuramaLoverBunny
Inktober Favourites 2 by puzzlemon

Mature Content

Pharaoh in Bondage [Yugioh Fanart] by kaylquail

Mature Content

Blood-C Yami: Drinking Blood 2 by katerinaaqu
I Have a Name - Atemu by ladybakura92
Evil From Below by Yami-No-Spirit-luver
Halloween Art 3: Yugioh- Zombie/Mummy Atem by Pixiepastel94
Sphinx AU - Yami Yugi by Thaina-Zanello
You're Next In My List by Yami-No-Spirit-luver
Atemu with Duel Monsters
Yugi and Kuriboh by Hot-cocoaX3
Fanart Yugioh: Yami yugi and slifer by Phoenixkai
FA Yugioh: Line Art yami and Osiris by Phoenixkai
kuriboh luv by dwndr
"Black and White"
Inktober Favourites 3 by puzzlemon
Fanart Yugioh: Yami yugi and slifer the sky dragon by Phoenixkai
Blood-C Yami: Found you by katerinaaqu
Kid - Chibi pictures
Yami Yugi (Pharaoh Atem) by SuperAaronAwesome
yugitober2019 d1 King of games by thesonofsatan
HBD Naan by LoRd-TaR
Atem by Risa-tono
Yami Yugi Pixel Bead Art by The-White-Raccoon
2 sides of every puzzle by SKTachi
Runimation ::practice:: by Lumen-Niveus
7 Days Left Till Christmas - Pharaoh Atem by Serina67
Dual universe
YuGiOh! Atem // Yami by FullmetalStella
Calendar Project
The Rains of January by ARCatSK
Contest folder
Slifer Atemu by EverDreamer08
A big THANK YOU again for those who took the time to enter this contest!!  We admins really appreciate the effort each and everyone of you took!! :heart:

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:Congratulations to our winners!!!:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

1st place goes to:

Dark Storm Dragon Yami Yugi by ZatinaKicksAscot

2nd place goes to:

Monarch of Shadows by Lumen-Terra

3rd place goes to:

CE: Demon Pharaoh by tanitak

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