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Optimus Prime Vs Gundam Wing

Who wil win?
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Optimus Prime superior Gundam Wing inferior.
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ootims prime is a true hero and leader
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Thanks for understanding
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This is awesome, id place my bets on Optimus though, his combat experience is one of the highest of most comic beings.
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Sentient mech vs mech controlled by sentient being...tough, but I gotta go with Optimus winning this one. 
Cool! I am a huge fan of both but I like Prime best.
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Heil-Haidra2319's avatar
Finish him off Prime! Do it now!

Although I love the Gundam series, I really depise Gundam Wing, especially Wing Zero and Heero Yuy.

*sigh* If only Megatron was, then he would crush that damn over-hype mobile suit with his bare hands and rip out his optics. As for the human inside...Ha! Such Heeroric nonsense.
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pretty awesome :D but on optimus primes windows, wouldn't it be a tad more realistic if they reflected the debris and smoke?
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Any picture with Optimus Prime punching the shit out of a Gundam gets my vote. Hopefully, he'll be merciful to the pilot inside.
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This picture already answered that.
you never really know. :)
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freakin awsome! u shud b workin for marvel!!
nah brother, Indy all the way.
Effort is better spent on my own stuff :)

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Now this would be a good fight in super robot wars
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LOL I hate to say this, but Gundams are like 50 feet tall XD Optimus would be trumped easily XD
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Optimus Prime could use a machine to make himself taller, like in Microbots. XD 
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