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War Plane

War Plane done with Carrara and photoshop, enjoy!!
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Me gusta, awesome
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dude its perfect..
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i don't see a spitfire on this pic... maybe you could tell me which mk is this one
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It's behind the clouds....

I know this is not really a spitfire but it's a plane based on it with different paint
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i'm asking becouse the nose and the cockpit are anything but a spitfire this looks more like a mig-3 or a lavochkin
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humm maybe, I don't know much in planes. anyway I'll change the title of the image if people complain too much about it's not a spitfire
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the picture is great and i like it but i asked couse there are so many versions of the spitfire
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Thanks! but I didn't know that :O
Very good. I'd have to go with what the guys above said. Yes there were American Spits, yes there were shark nosed spits, though those were in the Royal Australian Air Force. Anyway, I can be nitpicky about things, but your 3D work is well done, I know how difficult it can be.
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Thanks, I know about my historical mistake, I never been good in history... hehe however thanks for the tip and comment!
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It's excellently rendered, save for a major historical innacuracy; Spitfires were used by the British, and these have American markings and details on the nose.
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Actually the USAAF ((United states army air force I belive)) did utilise spitfires in world war two, mainly for photo recon. Loads of other air forces used them too, Spittys were probably the most widely used aircraft in the history of mankind.
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I love that misconception. The Americans stated to the Russians that they dismissed the idea of a pencil in the first place, as the graphite lead was prone to break when handled by the unwieldy space gloves of that day. If a lead broke and accidentally drifted into an opening in the control panel, the results could have been disastrous. Hence the gravity pen.

That aside, you are right, the Americans did use the Spitfire Marks V, VIII, IX, X, and the American Packard Merlin engined XVI. The American squadrons using Spitfires changed to P-51 Mustangs. Every Allied air force in the west wanted the Mustang over the Spit except, ironically, the Americans who loved the little British plane so much. One reason was that the pilots had perfected the use of the Spit. Also, when the pilots got back stateside, the very mention of being an American Spitfire pilot meant a guarantee of getting laid. And laid. And laid. They were the rock idols of the 1940s.
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ton UV = mongole
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That's no joke, some badass stuff.
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Stunning work, very nice!
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Looks fantastic! Great job!
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Fabulous. Accurate, dinamic and vibrant! An inspiration.
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Excellent job!!!
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