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Bohemian Daisy Pack I

I originally had this set taken to help boost my self-confidence through my weight loss and period of depression. I also wanted to showcase the theme that you can shine through no matter how shoddy your circumstances or surroundings are. Most didn't get that and thought I was weird. Oh well lol. Hope you find them useful! :heart:

The images in this pack are more suitable for drawing refs rather than photomanips b/c of image quality. However, you are free to use them for photomanips if you'd like. Floating

Black Rose BASIC RULES Black Rose
- Commercial use is OK.
- Can be used for photomanipulations & drawing ref. Some photos are lower quality and not suitable for photomanips, I will mention that in description.
- I give permission for prints containing this stock to be sold, both on Deviantart and off-site. This goes for products too.
- Credit is appreciated, but I won't chase you down with a wet noodle if you forget. :D (Big Grin)
- Credit wherever you are able by linking this account and mentioning my name, Coriander Shea.
- I would love to see what you come up with, show me! Comments on the stock page itself or through notes is best. Not on the front page please.
- A copy of the print would make me unceremoniously squeal with joy, but it is not required.
- No hatred/gore/porn/pervy/photo dismemberment artwork using these photos.

Font cred:…
Photos originally taken 2-2014.
© 2014 - 2021 PhantomsRoseStock
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