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So I've been following the recent Resident Evil game and DAMN does it finally look like they made a good Resident Evil game again. XD It helps that fan favorites Claire Redfield and Barry Burton are back in action, but what's got people even more psyched is the mystery around the the main villain of the game the overseer. 

To quickly recap the beginning of the game it takes place in 2011, a few years after RE 5 and has Claire Redfield at a party for Terra Save (Non-Government activist group against bio-weapons and the asshats who make them) and meets up with new member and longtime friend Moira Burton (one of Barry's daughters) Suddenly armed commandos attack and kidnap everyone. Claire and Moira find themselves on a prison island with disturbed, mutilated monsters hunting them, while the Overseer (a deranged woman who tortured people for experiments involving fear) taunts them from a radio, with papa bear Barry Burton not to far behind to go Taken on some mofos.

Recently a leaked concept art for Revelations 2 has been making its way around the internet that has blown a lot of fans minds:

Yes, you're reading that right, if this isn't fake there is a very high chance that the Overseer is ALEX WESKER, one of the other Wesker superchildren. 

All RE fans know Albert Wesker. Overall main antagonist for most of the series, superhuman jackass with plans of world domination, and arch enemy to CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!- ahem, Chris Redfield. XD What many people might not know is that he was one of several "Weskers." One of Umbrella's earlier projects (before they got the bright idea to make highly contagious and barely controllable bio-weapon monsters) was to make superhumans. Albert Wesker (though we'll just call him Wesker from now own since he's earned that title XD) was the only one really covered. Alex Wesker was mentioned in the DLC story for RE5 when Chris and Jill raided the Spencer Manor, finding notes about the mysterious Alex. 

Here's my evidence to support that Alex Wesker is in fact the Overseer:

Alex is blonde, and so is what we've seen of the Overseer. Kinda easy, but it's there.

The Overseer had some kind of connection to Wesker. A little vague, since a lot of people worked with Wesker over the years.

But perhaps the biggest evidence is her action of kidnapping Claire Redfield. So far the entire part of the story of the Overseer kidnapping Terra Save members (Claire in particular) in such an open and public environment seems utterly stupid. From what we've learned of the prison island the Overseer and her goons were conducting experiments involving fear, with them horribly torturing and maiming innocents to near-death but not killing them. If she's still conducting these experiments, it makes more sense to use people who won't be missed. Terra Save is a high profile group, and any attack against them would be very widely known and make them targets. 

And specifically kidnapping Claire is a monumentally stupid move, since she's the younger sister of Chris Redfield, and if there's one thing most baddies in the Bio-Weapon business of the RE Universe know, it's that Chris Redfield is one of the three people on Earth YOU.DO.NOT.WANT.TO.FUCK.WITH. Kidnapping his sister seems to be an unnecessary (and catastrophic) risk to the Overseer's operation...Except this has nothing to do with business, because if the Overseer really is Alex Wesker, then this is about revenge.

Chris killed Wesker in RE 5, and if Alex is the one running the show in Revelations 2, then publicly kidnapping Claire and dumping her on her hellish island of torture is all about making Chris suffer, a sister's life for a brother's life.

While this theory causes the Overseer's actions to make a little more sense, there are some unknowns. Particularly we don't exactly know what Alex and Wesker's relationship was like, and anyone who's played the games knows Wesker is a total sociopath with the emotional attachment of a calculator, so its hard to see any close relationship.

But yeah, might be proven wrong, but I am interested to see whats in store for the rest of Resident Evil Revelations 2's  "episodes." What do you guys think so far about the game, and my theory? :)
Sephiroth12285 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015
It could be a superiority deal, Alex just wants to prove he is probably better than Albert since revenge seems a little unlikely.
Rune33 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015
Also In Barry's Story It's Been Six Months Later Wouldn't Have The Others Like The B.S.A.A And Other Terrasave Members Learned About Claire's And Moira's Capture Six Months before Yet Barry Finds Out Six Months later And yes the Overseer is Alex Wesker And If You Saw The Ending Of Episode 2 There Is A Creature That Oddly Sounds Like Her. Which leads To The Question Where Is Claire And Moira In Barry's Scenario Since His takes Place Six Months later.
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