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1 Character Flat Colored Commission
Covers a 1 character drawing with no shading or rendering. (background elements will be an extra 500 points, see at the bottom)
2 Character Flat Commission
Covers Commissions for 2 Characters with no shading or rendering (background elements will be an extra 500 points, see at the bottom)
1 Character Fully Colored Commission
Covers a 1 character commission with the full treatment (shadows and gradients). (background elements will be an extra 500 points, see at the bottom)
2 Character Fully Colored Commission
Covers a 2 character commission with the full treatment (shadows and rendering). (background elements will be an extra 500 points, see at the bottom)
3 Character Fully Colored Commission
Covers a 3 character commission with the full treatment (shadows and rendering). (background elements will be an extra 500 points, see at the bottom).
Comic Page
Covers a fully colored comic book page (point price is per page) 2-6 panels. Certain elements may change price (number of characters in comic, complicated pose or action scene, detailed background, ect, please contact me for more detail). 
500 Point Background Fee
This is an extra fee concerning detailed backgrounds (a classroom, a hallway, a forest, a city block ect) that you'd like in your commission.

Newest Deviations

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Pros: The head shot of Samus in panel 1 is very detailed and dynamic, you made sure to to get every curve and groove correct. The flow ...

Journal History


I'm not all that tapped into the vein of what's "in the now" so to speak, and thinking of expanding to a secondary art site besides here on DA. So outside of twitter (which I do have) What's a popular art platform for animu/comic style art you think I'd function well on? :P 

Got more art coming this week both commission and personal so look out for that!


 :iconjgresidenevil: Ruby Rose transformation comic status: COLORING/RENDERING
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Commission - Tara Duval
Another commission for :iconredwizzrobe: who wanted another of his Ocs drawn. ^^ Here's a bio he came up with~

Name: Tara Duvall

Nickname: Night Terror (her goth name)

Age: 21

Birthday: October 7th

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Job: Unemployed

Personality: Tara “Night Terror” Duvall is abrasive, rude, vulgar, lazy, greedy, opportunistic, and flippant. She is prone to violent outbursts when angry, (which is often) and deliberately picks fights with people to blow off steam. She drinks and smokes like it’s going out of style, and has a mild gambling addiction. Not a week goes by where she doesn’t try to come up with a “get rich quick” scheme, only to have it blow up in her face. She’s also a kleptomaniac, and a consummate liar who can talk her way out of almost anything.

However, Tara isn’t as bad as she seems on the outset; she has strong maternal instincts, and used to be a skilled babysitter when she was in middle school. She also has some skill in bartending and likes to mix drinks for her friends whenever they come over. She’s a skilled musician and composer with her electric guitar, and hopes to become a rock star one day. She also has a crush on one of her friends, but she keeps it a secret.

Tara doesn’t talk about her feelings, but she has them, nonetheless. She acts like nothing bothers her, laughs, and makes fun of her friends, but she also never manipulates her friends, she never crosses the line once it’s been drawn, and she never lets her friends down when it matters most.

Background story: Tara was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to two American parents. Like her older sister, Claire, Tara inherited her mother’s skin and eye condition, requiring constant shielding from the sun. From early in her life, she and her sister were rivals, constantly competing for their parents approval. But no matter how hard Tara worked to achieve victory, Claire could always come out on top. Tara was simply not as good a painter, singer, student, or whatever else as Claire was.

When Tara started 6th grade, she decided to wear all black clothing, just for fun. Claire decided to exploit this, starting a rumor that Tara was a goth, and was babysitting kids so she could convert them to Satanism. Although just a joke to Claire, the rumor quickly got out of hand, and the entire school ended up hearing the rumor Tara. Eventually, even her teachers and parents believed the rumors, and Tara was blacklisted from babysitting by every parent in New York, leaving her jobless. Her rivalry with Claire mutated into a bitter hatred that has persisted ever since.

Tara eventually found a new high school in Manhattan, but the damage was already done. Rather than trying to fight the rumors anymore, she embraced them and actually became goth, calling herself “Night Terror.” The only people who could stand her company were Alexis Mercer and her friends. One of those friends was Dean Hardy, a transfer student from Tennessee. Tara became smitten with him, but has yet to tell him how she feels, out of fear of rejection.

Likes: Plain black coffee, black cats, Seinen manga and anime (especially Berserk, Black Lagoon and Hellsing), money, power, greasy food, playing her electric guitar, The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, scary movies, gothic architecture, Halloween, Christmas, classic rock and roll/heavy metal music, dragons, watercolor paintings of night skies, actual night skies, Konami games, (but not Konami itself) classic Final Fantasy games, (and some modern ones) Dungeons and Dragons, Bayonetta, The Divine Comedy, the colors black and purple, and the original Dracula by Bram Stoker.

Dislikes: Her parents, (especially her mother) her sister, garlic, morning hours, being told to cut back on cigarettes and alcohol, rich people, having her temper pointed out, being mistaken for a lesbian, girly colors, frilly clothing, fashion models, conspiracy theorists, people who make fun of her small breasts, enclosed spaces, people who assume she cuts herself/worships satan, overly sweet food, and being alone.

Hobbies: Sowing discord, creating schisms, and collecting unemployment checks.

Misc. Facts:

She’s an Atheist.

She speaks fluent German and Romanian.

Her pale skin and purple eyes are because she is albino. Because of this, she needs glasses, but is too vain to wear them in public, opting for contacts when she goes out.

It took so long to find a new school after getting expelled that she had to repeat her freshman year of high school.

She eventually dropped out of high school and never went to college.

She likes Christmas more than Halloween. (And becomes uncharacteristically cheerful around that time.)

Her favorite part of The Divine Comedy is Purgatorio.

She’s actually the second smartest person of the group; she just doesn’t apply herself.
Toon Art Style Experiment- Seeking Critique
Heya guys. This is a bit of an experiment I've been mulling after a talk with a friend. He gave me some harsh realities about how my art was stagnating, and how I was never going to improve and expand if I kept using "this mediocre faux anime style" I've been tooling. He suggested I either double down  on the anime style but work to make it look more authentic, or craft my own unique style, something simple and cartoony but visually appealing.

This is me attempting the latter advice. ^^ I've been doodling a lot trying to find a style that I like and I think I've gotten a good idea with these pics of a random goth girl, Batman, and my favorite RWBY girls Weiss and Yang. XD

But there's always room for improvement, and I'd like honest feedback. Outside of commissions (which I'll be using with my faux anime style unless asked otherwise) Most of my future personal art will be drawn in this stylized toon style. ^^ So any helpful feedback of where I can improve/tweak it would be helpful. I'm not 100% satisfied with their eyes and faces but I think they're a good start, what do you think?


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Skyler Ammons
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I'm a comic book fan who wants to make professional comic books, be they DC or original works.




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