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Sea Pig Nouveau

A silly doodle/painting involving sea pigs. This will be put in scraps later.

I was complaining I couldn’t think of anything to draw, so Savi told me to draw sea pigs. So I drew sea pigs. Sea pigs are a real sea creature and you can find more information about them here: [link]
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Cool! I like the colors you chose and the composition of this piece!
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i love sea pigs <3
EccentriKing's avatar
Sea Piiiiigs. :3

If the big one in the center had rotating tentacle thingies, it could be a clock. A Sea Pig clock. How awesome would that be?? 8D

You managed to make that pink look pretty delicious. Do sea pigs only come in the pink colour? I guess they do... since if there were different coloured ones, you'd have probably done those instead. X'D
PhantomSeptember's avatar
Nope, sea pigs come in other colours. Mostly they are a browny-yellow or pinkish-violet or blueish. I was trying to branch out a little.
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Pink sea cucumbers with legs! Why have I never heard of the sea pig? Goodness, you know this great big plethora of intriguing animals.

Speaking of intriguing animals, have you ever heard of the armadillo girdled lizard? [link] You should draw one. Because adorable.

This painting is like a fabulous sea pig mandala. It feels like I should see some religious symbolism in here. XD
PhantomSeptember's avatar
It's because I frequented the library as a child. And yep, I'm aware of that lizard. There are so many animals I'd like to incorporate in my works, but I suck at animals. 8D

You seem on a religion kick. Nope, the art nouveau art style is known for using circles in their compositions and having an arrangement of ever-smaller circles along the inside rim of one large circle. I used sea pigs instead of circles. You can see a more traditional use of such a design element here: [link]
InstilledPhear's avatar
On the contrary, sir, you do NOT suck at animals. I don't know where you get these foolish notions.

See, this is the kind of stuff I should be learning about in my 2D Design class... I have never even heard of this nouveau thing. Instead of concerning ourselves with design aspects that actually matter, we're doing value scales with magazine cutouts. -.-'
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From my own candid mind.

Maybe you will learn stuff like this in your arts history class? I *think* all art programs have a mandatory arts history class. Art nouveau was a whole art-movement, so it would probably be covered in that kind of class.
InstilledPhear's avatar
I intended on getting into Art History this year, but apparently you have to be a sophomore to take it. As if Freshman are all bumbling dolts who can't handle it.
PhantomSeptember's avatar
Most freshman are bumbling dolts though. Maybe they want to weed out the ones who are dolts first.

Hopefully you'll have a good teacher when you do take art history. It's annoying to get a teacher who's favourite art movement is modernism or dadaism...
InstilledPhear's avatar
But if it's a required class, they're not doing a very good job of weeding out the dolts.

If I have the same teacher I've had for Drawing I and 2-D Design, I am going to bash my skull against a brick wall and wash off the blood with some acid.
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whoa that s one AWESOME looking doodleXD
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I love the colors and symmetry in this.
Midniteoil-Burning's avatar
For what supposed to be a silly doodle, it turned out pretty cool looking.
I'd say you should keep this in your main gallery.

My goodness, you're still suffering from artists block?
Okay, new suggestion: pick at least 3 books that you enjoy reading, and try illustrating a scene or somehting from the book.

Like say one of your favorite books is "Farenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury. You could draw Montag or the robotic dog.
PhantomSeptember's avatar
It's too pink to stay in my main gallery. XD

Yep. I don't think it's art block though, since I can sketch and draw just fine. It's when I attempt a serious project that things start to go pear-shaped. It's more like art depression or something. I can think of things to draw, but when I try, things turn out awful.
Midniteoil-Burning's avatar
Ah, too pink. I can understand that :giggle:

So don't work on super serious pieces for a while. Try going with the flow and just do silly nonsense doodles to see if that will make your moody artistic blues pass.
PhantomSeptember's avatar
I'll try that for a while and see how it works out.
Midniteoil-Burning's avatar
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