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Runner 5

This is the product of 4am insomnia.

I'm a huge fan of the iPhone app 'Zombies, Run!' [link] As a chronic pain and fatigue sufferer anything that can make exercise bearable is wonderful, and this game actually makes me want to go out and, if not run, then walk really fast. I know that Runner 5 isn't necessarily female, since anyone playing is Runner 5, but this is what I ended up with.

I also wanted to practice using a limited colour palette. This isn't as limited as I'd like and I'll probably come back to it, but it's a start.

Model is *Kxhara the zombie hands were by `lockstock thank you ladies.
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As the others have covered most of this, I won't repeat their critiques. I agree with the skin tone comments, though.

On the running figure: She looks too posed and not in action. You should tilt her forward and down a wee bit, and bend her feet. Her left foot should bend at the toes, where she has contact with the ground. Her right foot should not be parallel to the ground. Bend it at the ankle.

On the trees in the background: they seem to suuddenly go sideways at the top. If that's supposed to be clouds, change the texture to something "softer" than the trees.

But for a 4 a.m.insomnia piece, this is great. Very nice.