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Joker Nouveau

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Just a bit of Mister J fan art for the contest over on the Harley's Joker facebook page - [link] He's the guy with the amazing cosplay at San Diago Comic Con.

Full view to avoid the compression fuzziness.

Trickster series:
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I apologize for the delay, I have had a rough time of it lately. You did a WONDERFUL job of making this look like the person, I knew him at once, and even the smaller faces behind him have a striking resemblance. The coloring and shading are beautiful, and add to the overall insanity. The left hand is a bit off, perhaps if the glove were a bit longer..., plus the tails hanging below the chair seems strange as I imagine this chair as having a full back. Overall, absolutely incredible! It makes me wish you would draw my Harley. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" title=";) (Wink)"/>
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phantoms-sirenProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks! Yeah I debated on the tails for a while, there were in the reference photos so in the end I added them, probably shouldn't have!

Well, send me shots of your Harley and maybe I will :)
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I am guessing either the chair did not have a full back, and/or they arranged them carefully for the picture. It is not a huge deal, most probably will not notice. Like I said, overall, AMAZING.

Hehehe...I have LOADS of Harley shots. I just uploaded a bunch to my gallery here. Weeding through DragonCon ones now.
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phantoms-sirenProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah, I think it's this style of chair with a gap [link]

Great, I shall have a look soon :)
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jarleynygmobblepotProfessional Writer
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Wow... Excellent. Just excellent! :D
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GMDayHobbyist General Artist
that pic is so amazing and fantastic and miraculous and handsome and very very sexy!

love this pic! 
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Great artwork :D I love it
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Excellent depiction of Tony's Joker! I've been watching him for some time now on facebook, and am impressed with the detail he puts into the cosplay.
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FeyjaneProfessional General Artist
Oh, you are also participating in this contest! :D
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phantoms-sirenProfessional Digital Artist
Yes, congrats on your win!
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FeyjaneProfessional General Artist
Thank you again! Your work is good too!
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JokerSmilesJHobbyist Artist
Anthony <3
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colgatetotal97Student Digital Artist
whoa! incredible.
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KillereriaHobbyist Writer
Very nice! captures a lot of what the Joker is. He's crazy and insane, but maintains a level of calmness and neatness at times which makes him unpredictable!
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NewEraStudiosProfessional General Artist
Great job with keeping in tradition with the art nouveau style in design and colors as well.
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MortisciaHobbyist General Artist
Awesomeness! :D Geez I don't even know where to begin! Ok, let's try this... Great colours, shadows, composition (especially that the chair and the shadows backwards feels very 3D in comparison to the bg) and it is unfair that there are ppl out there who can draw faces that well! x) I can honestly say I can't find a single mistake and I don't know how you could have improved this pic so I am terribly sorry for not being able to point such things out for you, I know there is a process behind every piece of work even after it is 'done'. The only detail I can find to even try to suggest something is the gloves: left hand is glistening a bit too much maybe? Right hand has the right amount so compare to that one. Considering the light source I understand why but still =) Ok, very well done and I look forward to seeing more of your work! :D
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ChialupaProfessional Digital Artist
Love it!
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