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Herr Drosselmeyer's Doll

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Procrastination at its best, this is what I've spent the day doing instead of the Pagan Festival series.

I have issues with working in limited palettes and with avoiding black so this was a test to see if I could work in monotone.

The subject was inspired by Abney Park's "Herr Drosselmeyer's Doll". Mmmmmm steampunk...

Doll - :iconmizzd-stock:
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ChiBurbsHobbyist General Artist
I am jealous, to say the least.

For someone who does not like limited palettes, you do well with the monotone. I find not fault with the use of the color/hue/shading.

Because you requested critique, I will make three observations:

1) The lettering on top should be just a bit larger, or at least taller.

2) I'm not sure the cogs ghosted in the background add anything to this. The cogs on her dress and the seams on her skin should be sufficient.

3) The perspective on her torso is off, especially compared to the perspectoive on the rest of her anatomy. The belly and chest seem flat, and the shoulders are a bit off.

Still, I am VERY jealous and wish I could do this well. Excellent work.
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phantoms-sirenProfessional Digital Artist
thank you for your detailed feedback!!! It's much appreciated :D I'm reworking this for a new project soon so I'll take all your suggestions into account, hadn't noticed the perspective thing before but I totally see it now.
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ChiBurbsHobbyist General Artist
Glad I could help. It's a wonderful piece, and if you're making changes, it should go in your portfolio.

DaVinci had some great advice for artists: look at your work in a mirror. Just as it's easier to find the flaws in others' works, so will you be able to find your flaws by making your work look like another did it.

BTW, do you know where Herr Drosselmeyer is originally from?
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phantoms-sirenProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks, I'm hiding an awful lot of work at the moment for something big later this ear, but I'll post it when I can.

Yes, that's a great tip, the flip tool in Photoshop is a lifesaver ;)

Herr Drosselmeyer is the creepy toymaker from a ballet isn't he? The Nutcracker?
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ChiBurbsHobbyist General Artist
I don't know whether he was creepy in The Nutcracker, lthough I have seen some versions of it where he comes off as vaguely a pedophile.

I should scan in some of my better works, too. I have some on here from the 80s and early 90s.
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hear i gaia here is eve and i stand before you as her father
my favorite abbny park song
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FedhaNyuniHobbyist General Artist
The joints are exquisite! Very well done!
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Woah . . . That . . . Is excellent. Really, that's marvolous. ^_^ I love how you did this to look like an advertisement poster. It's really well-done, great job! Abney Park is wonderful, btw.
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rotten-orangeProfessional Digital Artist
Aww so beautiful... :love:
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That's a pretty disturbing song in my opinion... and this work is perfect to depict the queerness of it all (in the good way, of course)!
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rainbowblightProfessional General Artist
stunning! I actually found the link to this in Cap'n Roberts LJ. You're quite the talent.
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This is absolutely fantastic! It genuinely looks like a poster for a sideshow attraction, and I've always personally thought that's the image the song was trying to convey. That, and the ballerina idea, which you captured here, as well. This is so beautiful ^^ I'm glad there are other Abney Park fans out there, as well as ones who have some good insight into the meanings of the lyrics.
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phantoms-sirenProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you so much! I love Abney Park, glad other people do too!
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mothermagdalenHobbyist General Artist
i love this one! it totally captures the spirit of the song. ubersteampunk artistry. well done!
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phantoms-sirenProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you!!
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Nata-eslavaHobbyist General Artist
Recently I took a great interest in Abney Park too :ahoy:. I think, your drawing is remarkable incarnation of that doll from their song! :+fav:
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l-aurens Photographer
It's beautiful, and I think it's a very good exercise.
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phantoms-sirenProfessional Digital Artist

I know there are some places that wont hire me if I can't work in monotone (b/w print fanzines for a start) so I really need to keep working on it.
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Beautiful job working in the monotone, I really like this one! :)
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phantoms-sirenProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks, it was exactly as hard as I was expecting it to be :p
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It looks like you're a fan of "The Nutcracker" ballet. :)
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DemoncherryHobbyist General Artist
i like that song :D this is a good piece of art :)
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:wow: I love it! Great style dear! :clap:
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gabrielsangelStudent Artist
WOW! I am always impressed by your work. It almost feels like it's inside you, in your soul! :D
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