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Ravenclaw Stationary by PhantomOfARose Ravenclaw Stationary :iconphantomofarose:PhantomOfARose 177 26 Slytherin Stationary by PhantomOfARose Slytherin Stationary :iconphantomofarose:PhantomOfARose 194 9 Hufflepuff Stationary by PhantomOfARose Hufflepuff Stationary :iconphantomofarose:PhantomOfARose 152 6 Gryffindor Stationary by PhantomOfARose Gryffindor Stationary :iconphantomofarose:PhantomOfARose 96 4 Hogwarts Stationary by PhantomOfARose Hogwarts Stationary :iconphantomofarose:PhantomOfARose 127 6
We Can Dance Until We Die
"What in the world are you doing, Blaine?" asked Kurt, as his husband fiddled with the old CD player in their living room.
"I told you," said Blaine, finally getting the thing to work. Soft piano filled the room. Blaine walked slowly over to Kurt and held out his hand; Kurt was suddenly struck with the image of a much young Blaine at his first prom. "Excuse me," said Blaine, humor in his tone, along with something more. "May I have this dance?"
"You may," said Kurt, laughter in his voice, too. "You might need to give an old man a break, though. Help me up?"
"Always," said Blaine.
Kurt put his hand in Blaine's and it seemed like their wrinkles from age had formed around each other, they fit together so perfectly. Kurt's bone's made cracking sounds as Blaine helped him to his feet. Blaine slipped his arm around Kurt's waist, his other hand tightly clasped in Kurt's and their bodies firmly pressed together.
"You're as beautiful as the day I met you," said Blaine, looking up at Kurt with t
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Hufflepuff Me DeviantID by PhantomOfARose Hufflepuff Me DeviantID :iconphantomofarose:PhantomOfARose 2 13
Good Boy
Finn had been trying for weeks to convince Burt and Carole into getting a dog. It started after the television got stuck on Animal Planet and he couldn't find the remote to change it (he had actually been sitting on it). A show called Dogs 101 was on, which convinced Finn that the Humdel family needed a boxer dog.
"I swear I'll take care of it," Finn said to Carole as he followed her through the house.
"You can barely take care of yourself," said Kurt, raising an eyebrow. Personally, he wasn't a pet person. The idea of having dog hairs all over his bed and clothes actually made him annoyed - already.
Finn frowned at Kurt, but turned back to convincing his mother. "It would be good to have a guard dog, too," he said.
"Sweetie, you're going to be off at college next year - you won't even be able to take care of the dog," said Carole, setting down a basket of laundry on the living room table and beginning to fold it. "It would be our dog then - and our responsibility."
"Well I could get a
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Alive by PhantomOfARose Alive :iconphantomofarose:PhantomOfARose 21 5
Kurt Fabray and Quinn Hummel10
It was a week before Valentine's day and Kurt had to admit, he was hoping that Blaine might ask him out for the special day. He never really liked the holiday that much. He would usually wake up and go down stairs and get a small box of chocolates from his mother, plus a kiss on the cheek. Then he would quickly get out the house, because his mom and dad were always way too disgusting.
Last year had gone without much thought. In the last year, a lot of holidays had passed, and Kurt would usually spare a thought of "oh, this is my first Christmas, or Easter, or whichever, without my family."
It had been easy to forget about this, especially this year, because honestly, Kurt was happy. He had a family and best friends. He occasionally mourned his parents, who hadn't seen in months, or in his father's case, over a year. He was sad that his sister hadn't tried to contact him at all.
Then, Quinn would pull him out of his room with a smile on her face, as if knowing what was happening. S
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Kurt Fabray and Quinn Hummel 9
School began again, which suited Kurt just fine. That meant hey wasn't grounded anymore, and could spend time with Blaine again.
Finn was excited about some sort of champion game for football. Ever since Coach Beiste took over the football team at the beginning of the year, they had been doing very well. Well, at least the Cheerios did a lot more celebratory cheers at the games. Kurt didn't know the first thing about football (even after growing up with his father), but since he was on the Cheerios, attended all the games.
The only down side with returning to school was having to deal with the football jocks. All the football players that weren't in Glee club were feeling much too cocky, at least in Kurt's eyes. They walked around the school like they owned it, throwing more slushies than ever before. They had almost cooled down on the bullying every since Karofsky left, but that seemed long forgotten now.
Artie himself rolled into Glee club, drenched in cheery slushie. It looked like
:iconphantomofarose:PhantomOfARose 10 6
Love, A Simple Duty Chapter 8
Two days after the incident, the entire town knew.
The first day began just fine. They woke in each other's arms, with sloppy morning kisses. Kurt and Blaine attended school and no one treated them differently at all. They arrived back at Kurt's house and had a wonderful dinner and evening as a family and then they were able to fall asleep together once again.
The second day, they knew that something wasn't right. As they walked into the courtyard at Dalton, everyone stared outright. The boys they went to school with whispered and pointed. In class, teachers stared just as much as the students. Some teachers even sent angry looks their way.
It was at lunch when they had confirmation that everyone knew.
Nicolas, a short boy with dark hair, approached them with his friend Jeffery. "Is it really true, what everyone is saying?" he asked, eyes wide.
"It depends, Nicolas, what are people saying?" asked Kurt in a diplomatic tone.
"That you both…are together, as a man and woman would be t
:iconphantomofarose:PhantomOfARose 22 24
Dancing in the Moonlight
Prologue - (Written by Miryah
Excerpts from the journal of B. Anderson, navigator of the Audition, recorded during his voyage to Antarctica:
The journey had been uneventful (surprisingly so when considering the… interesting individuals sailing on the two small ships of our expedition,) until we hit a block just south of the Valkyrie dome. After Captain Lopez made some decidedly daring decisions we found ourselves under the surface of the ice in a network of tunnels. They seemed to be leading into our desired direction, and if geologist Jones did make a remark of the way they also sloped gently but firmly downwards, no one paid mind.
After a six-hour journey saw light at the end of the tunnel and rushed towards it. We came to a large cave, where an underground lake laid before us, and across it—across the lake stood a city, a castle or a citadel, of shining ice.

But nothing we found, not the glorious city of ice, the thriving people or the massive amoun
:iconphantomofarose:PhantomOfARose 14 10
Love, A Simple Duty Chapter 7
Finally telling Finn of Kurt's preferences for men didn't go at all how Kurt imagined.
First, Finn seemed more or less shocked at the confession (though, to be fair, Kurt didn't waste time with a preamble before telling him). Then he looked thoughtful and said: "Do you mean like Rachel's family?"
That made Kurt stop short. He hadn't even thought that maybe Finn knew about Rachel's fathers. But then, when he thought about it, it did make perfect sense that Rachel told him. He was going to be marrying her one day.
"Yes," said Kurt after a long moment. "Like Rachel's family."
"Oh." Finn looked at Kurt for a long moment without blinking. "Well…alright then," he said with a nod. "If that is what you are, I suppose there is no changing it."
"Really?" asked Kurt, still shocked. "You don't care?"
"Rachel's family is just fine and her fathers are…like you," said Finn. "Does my mother and your father know?"
"For a while now," said Kurt. "I confess I was most nervous to tell you. I didn
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Kurt Fabray and Quinn Hummel 8
"I can't believe we're having a party," said Kurt as they looked around the decorated living room. Music played softly from the stereo and glasses and food were laid out on the coffee table. "Burt and Carole are out and we're having a party. Oh my god."
"Kurt, we're teenagers," said Quinn dryly. "Three teenagers. Like they didn't expect us to have a party when they go away for the weekend." Finn came in from the front door, carrying five pizzas. "Plus, it's New Years. Duh, we're having a party."
"New Years day," said Kurt absently. "Well, New Years day night…" He sighed. "We're cleaning up everything before they get back," said Kurt nervously.
"Well duh," said Quinn. "Now relax, Kurt. People will be here soon. Blaine is coming, right?"
Kurt flushed and looked even more nervous, if that was possible. "Yes. Well, he said he was."
"Perfect! I'm sure he'll be all over you by the end of the night."
"Just remember the Hawaiian boy, Kurt," said Quinn, patting his cheek. "Re
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Kurt Fabray and Quinn Hummel 7
The next morning, Kurt woke up to sore bones. He hadn't slept that well and evidently, what little he did sleep was spent in a horrible position, leaving his neck sore. Kurt quietly got out of bed, leaving a sleeping Quinn behind. He went up the stairs, contemplating coffee.
"Hey bud."
Kurt jumped as he was reaching for a coffee cup. Burt was at the counter, sipping on a cup already.
"Sorry - I didn't mean to scare you, uh…god, that was stupid of me." Burt looked mortified. "After what happened…"
Kurt sighed and nodded. "Yes, well, I suppose I'm a little jumpy. But it's not your fault…"
"Feels like it."
"Look, Kurt, you wouldn't understand it just yet…" began Burt. "But when one of your kids are hurting, you hurt. It feels like whatever happened to them was your fault."
Kurt stood there quietly, looking at Burt.
"I'm not your kid, though," he said in a soft voice.
"You're as good as," said Burt gruffly.
"I - thank you, Burt," said Kurt, his eyes welling up un
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So I was tagged to do this journal and since I never seem to update this with any regularity to bee seen, I decided I should. :)

The Rules:
X You must post these rules.
X Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
X You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
X Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them

1) I'm a college student and I don't exactly know what I want to do with my life (surprise, surprise) besides writing.

2) Speaking of, I love to write, as you can probably see from my gallery. I don't have any artist talented so I mostly post fanfiction, but I would love to publish the book I've written (and I have a few others I'm working on).

3) I'm going to seriously look into doing a semester abroad in England. I really loved it when I went a few weeks ago and like the idea of going there for school. I feel like it would be a wonderful learning experience, too.

4) I love to read. My favorite authors are J.K. Rowling, Scott Westerfeld, George Orwell, Suzanne Collins and many others.

5) I'm a HUGE Darren Criss fan. I love AVPM/AVPS, Glee and all that jazz. One of the best nights ever was when I went to his concert at the Roxy in December. I just die when I think about it, honestly! He's an amazing performer.

6) As you can probably tell, I'm Gleek. It's one of my favorite TV shows, right after Doctor Who.

7) I'm a really outgoing person. I'm loud and not afraid to be the spazzy person I am in public. :la:

8) I'm a tap dancer and clogger. I've tapped since I was 6 and clogging (sorta like tap, if you didn't know) since maybe 11? (I used to do ballet, too, but I'm sorry, I can't do that!)

9) I'm plus size and proud.

10) And the last name is Rose? (list fail)

And now I must tag ten people!







And that's all I can think of....I need to spend more time socializing on here lol.


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