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cpu new age style

well whot to say,just a gadget:)
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guys please help me i don't know how to use this gadget please explain to me how to use thank you ..............
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paste into folder Windows sidebar/Gadgets should work
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thx, is wroking for me
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thanks ! works fine with se7en x64 !!!
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put it in app data/local/microsoft/windows sidebar if you can't get it to work the other way. Got mine to go that way after a few tries the other way. Thanx for the nice gadget
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Nice work, matching clock comming?
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ok it works with language files from the original CPU meter
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sorry `prblem with should put it exactly here:windows>;program files>windows sidebar>gadgets...if dont work try to copy from original "cpu gadget" a folder with langauge files,..i had once problem like that
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ok now it work, thx!! ;-)
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Super using it right now,thanks
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Im on seven!!!
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i did heard microsoft is working on windows 8,so bye bye wery soon w7
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Hi, i like it, but dont work
i ve put the folder and put in wind-progr-winsid-gadget and no results, after i've put the folder in shared gadget: no result, after in appdata-local-microsoft-wind sid-gadget: no result, and after i've compressed all the files, present in the folder, in a zip, rename in gadget, execute: and no result!!! :(
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