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Marching Band

AH HA! My first motivational.

Yes that is my band and yes that is me the flute right up front in the middle of Saxes and other instruments. I TOLD YOU ALL!!! XDDD

You have to love Marching Band.
Obviously I didn't take this picture or I wouldn't be in it but a fellow band parent took this picture. XDD
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OMG what band are you? FVRR has the same shakos!
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My freshman year, we had a tuba and a baritone marching clarinet spots.
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Hahaha GO FLUTES!!!
We had too many altos, three of them were moved too different sections, one in flutes, one in trombones, and the other in the baritones.
htgr8's avatar
Ahaha! This is probebly the most funny marching band picture!

I'm guessing you have the sax spot?

It's funny because all the flutes in my band were in the 40's

and I get 25...

With the saxes
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I'm the shortest trombone between the tallest senior male saxes. I know the feeling. 
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Don't feel bad I was a baritone surrounded by the drumline for three sets.
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And... what is a marching dot?
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Never mind... I figured it out XD my marching band doesn't get dots
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I am a tenor sax and I got put ALL the way back by the tubas... there was one point were I was in the last row and I was by myself, while the other tenor sax got stuck between the trombones!
Ciel-Chauncey's avatar
This year we have an alto sax marching with us mellophones.
102obsessions's avatar
Lol I was an alto sax in the middle of a bunch of tenor saxes xD
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Niiice, I like your uniforms. (Ours make us look like butlers with our shakos off xD)
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Our show this year; me and another clarinet was placed in the flute pod. And a trumpet was a clarinet. I love band!!!
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Marching band is amazing!
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Ahhhhh, good times. We have a clarinet girl stuck in-between 7 tenor saxes.....and she's almost never here. X0
SnoopyGirl213's avatar
I got a clarniet dot...its all fun and games until another clarniet gets hit
o-wait-i-got-this-1's avatar
yes!!!!! i play clarinet and i was put into the trumpet section it was on the toatal oposite side of the field as all the other clarinets!!!!1

and why are you having a stare down with your flute?
xxstarfallxx's avatar
Hahaha there's this one section of the second part of the show where my boyfriend is the only flute in the middle of the drumline XD
dragon1133's avatar
Hahahahaha ya I get that so much. the large clarinet section of 20/100 sumthin' makes me stand in the flute lines.
areahilee's avatar best friend kayla is a clarinet player and got put in the tuba section :P
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Even when you're in pit, you're still on the drill sheets.
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Pff, wow. XD Well, when my band was practicing our parade block for when we were going to D.C. to represent Pennsylvania in the Memorial Day parade this past Memorial Day, my band director had written out the sheet with all of the people going on the trip in the front by section (us flutes/piccolos go at the very back >.>) and the 12 or so people not going marching behind everyone else. He completely forgot to put my name on the sheet, he didn't even accidentally put me with the people not going! XD So I just wound up being a lone flute in the back row between the two piccolos. At least I was with my section leader and right behind the rest of my section...I've also wound up being with the trumpets and occasionally alone on the end of a formation during a field show. Bakner forgets me a lot. XD
MountTheSea's avatar
I'm a piccolo and I was ALWAYS with the trumpets last year!
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