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Top 17 most frequently asked questions.

1) WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR [[insert name here]]'s COSPLAY OUTFIT!?
Majority of us went to many stores [[Walmart, target, Goodwill, you name it.]] And bought items and edited them to suit our characters.

2) I was wanting to know where Sebastian got the fangs?
Hot topic. :>

3) Is [[Insert person's name here]] a boy or a girl!?!?!?!?
Honestly, if you can't already tell, then don't ruin the image of the character for yourself! D:
We STRONGLY think that telling you our genders doesn't matter, and telling will only set off the image our characters we cosplay if they aren't the same gender.

4) How/where did you make/buy grell's teeth?!?!?
Can't really say, considering there's a certain someone out there stalking Grell's every move to look exactly like him. But I think any one can come up with their own set of teeth with a little bit of imagination!

5) Where do you live?
United States. That's all we can really say.

6) Where do you go to cosplay? I think I know where you film but I'm not sure! ><
Plenty of places, parks, malls [[that we get kicked off of almost every time.]] & also Sebastian's house!

7) Is Ciel and Sebastian DATING!? >///< They're so cute together!
Haha! No, as much as we make skits and such to make it seem like it, we are most definitely not dating! We're truely best friends though!

8) Are Sebastian and Grell together!? They make a cute couple!
Haaaha!!! Same with the SebxCiel situation. As much as we make pairing videos, we are only good friends.

9) Are Lizzy and Ciel siblings or dating? o_O
Siblings! xD They would never date each other!

10) What program do you use on your vids?
Sony Vegas 8.0 Platinum I believe.

11) Do you take requests? I have a few ideas!
You can send requests, but we can't guarantee that we'll be able to do them! D,:

12) Will you advertise for us?// Can you promote us? Help please!
As much as we'd love to, we don't want to become some huge commercializing spamming group of people. However, we can give advice: We started out just flat out having fun and being ourselves. [[& we still DO be ourselves, and have lots of fun]] and we decided to share it with the youtube world. Over time more and more people found our videos interesting. So, just give it time if you are that desperate. However, we strongly advise that you HAVE FUN and never let subscriber amount or view amounts ever split you up with your friends. It's not worth the stress!

13) How can we become popular like you? We really needs views and subscribers!
Look at # 12. Please.

14) What conventions do you go to?
A-kon & A-fest so far.

14) Will Sebastian date me and my friends for a day? PLEASE?
I'm really sorry. As much as it flatters me, I have to refuse, politely. I have an interest in someone from school at the moment.~ V^v^V;;

15) Can I use your photos/video clips in a video I'm making!?
Of course! But you know the trade! Please give credit!

16) Where do you find Kuroshitsuji? I can't find it anywhere! TTTT^TTTT has the Manga.… the episodes. :>

17) Is [[insert name here]] GAY/LESBIAN!?!?!
Does it matter who is straight or gay in our group? >: It's not like it's going to hurt you to know or not know! D: [[Privacy please? ]]

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you had a Pluto O>o i've been watching your videos forever and I havn't noticed a Pluto...whatevs lol I love you guys keep posting and being 'One Hell of a Cosplay Group"