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phantomhives-cabinet_ID_Flat by anotherclichejrocker
Kuroshitsuji Vol.1
That butler .... by BangMica
S4 by BangMica
Ciel by chie25
Shinigami Pie by Psychedelic-Factory
Kuroshitsuji Vol.2
28th Volume Cover Of Kuroshitsuji (WIP) by Highway3
Happy Halloween! x2 by namisiaa
Kuroshitsuji 145 That Butler Escorting by JustDash1
Happy Halloween! by namisiaa
Ciel Phantomhive by Martyna-Chan
Drocell Keinz by AlexisYoko
The Pied Piper by Bowl-0f-0ranges
Jumbo by Lo-Lita96
Coquetry in red by AkumaHarmony
Kuroshitsuji: Ran Mao by Marusera-Yumeart
Kuroshitsuji - Lacrimosa by Rurounichan
Kuroshitsuji: Ran Mao by Marusera-Yumeart
Reaper Romance Collab - WIP by SpiritAmong-Darkness
Phantomhive Romance Collab - WIP by SpiritAmong-Darkness
My Flower ~ Ciel x Erica by SpiritAmong-Darkness
Dancing with you by Highway3
Icons, flashes, animations
Avatar: Ciel x Erica by SpiritAmong-Darkness
TereAlo Chibi Pagedoll by SpiritAmong-Darkness
WillSere Chibi Pagedoll by SpiritAmong-Darkness
Vernon stamp by Hirfael9
Chibi Pixel Erica by iambunnie by SpiritAmong-Darkness
Chibi Pixel Vernon by iambunnie by SpiritAmong-Darkness
You're Mine - William x Serena by SpiritAmong-Darkness
Stolen Kiss - William x Serena by SpiritAmong-Darkness

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Sebastian Michaelis-Black Butler (Quick Sketch) by K-Bridge Sebastian Michaelis-Black Butler (Quick Sketch) :iconk-bridge:K-Bridge 10 1 Ciel x Sebastian by K-Bridge Ciel x Sebastian :iconk-bridge:K-Bridge 4 0 Alois Trancy by Ayanokogi Alois Trancy :iconayanokogi:Ayanokogi 8 1 Ciel Phantomhive | Kuroshitsuji by YO-ROPPA Ciel Phantomhive | Kuroshitsuji :iconyo-roppa:YO-ROPPA 73 7
Black Butler x Reader Chapter Two The Country Side
You had been walking for ever it seemed like. If you were right, based off the way the moon is positioned in the sky, its about nine o clock at night. You were so tired. And not to mention cold. You wrapped your arms around your self tighter, trying to keep warm. Your dress had gotten torn on the hem, and your shoes were about to wear through.
'I have to stay awake.' You think to yourself. So you do what comes to you naturally. You sing. Usually you don't sing, because you were a little self conscious, but you were alone. So you began.
Stay awake, don't rest your head
Don't lie down upon your bed
While the moon drifts in the skies
Stay awake, don't close your eyes
Though the world is fast asleep
Though your pillow's soft and deep
You're not sleepy as you seem
Stay awake, don't nod and dream
Stay awake-----
You abruptly stopped the song when you heard the clip clop of horse hooves on the -road.
'Just keep moving.' You thought to yourself and shivered at the thought of who they might be
:iconlozlove14:lozlove14 43 11
Doll by lienajade Doll :iconlienajade:lienajade 130 13 Drocell x Ciel Time by Federchen05 Drocell x Ciel Time :iconfederchen05:Federchen05 23 5 Petshop by Aisidedpipol Petshop :iconaisidedpipol:Aisidedpipol 30 8
A Demon's Pursuit: The Contract. (15)
Summary: Demon Agares has Ciel, and Sebastian is in a tight corner. Ciel breaks.
( First Chapter ) | Previous: ( A deadly dance: demons vs. reapers )
Chapter 11: The Contract
As I fell through the air, even then I knew that it would be too late. Undertaker had ordered for me to listen to Agares, after all. All he had to do was--
“Sebastian. Do not help Ciel Phantomhive. You must not free him.” Agares’ face was stony and indifferent.
He made the order as a chess-master would move a pawn a single-space as the first of many moves in a long but tedious game. He was not an eager servant.
I landed gently, touching my feet together at the heels to give a smart bow. As I resumed a thoughtfully attentive stance, something caught my eye far above the others’ heads. I caught a glimpse of something just terrible enough to have been the work of a human…it was a cage
:iconsmallsmiles:smallsmiles 6 14
Black Butler: Phantomhive Christmas by midnightpb Black Butler: Phantomhive Christmas :iconmidnightpb:midnightpb 27 13 Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus - Anime Icon by Darklephise Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus - Anime Icon :icondarklephise:Darklephise 49 4 Kuroshitsuji II - Anime Icon by Darklephise Kuroshitsuji II - Anime Icon :icondarklephise:Darklephise 23 0 Strawberry Field by GirlQueen Strawberry Field :icongirlqueen:GirlQueen 15 3
Black Butler x Reader Chapter One The Ball
Note: this time period is the original time that Black Butler was set in (except ciel and Alois are older ),but I do put more modern music in my inserts so don't ask how the music got there because its from another time period. My answer will be either magic or Sebastian. Just roll with it. Enjoy!

Screams. Crying. Pleading. Gun shots. Bleeding. Drunken laughter. Clashing waves. Thunder and Lightning. Darkness.
Thats what haunted your dreams. That night. You remember every detail of the night that ended the life that you used to know. You jolted out of bed, waking up from your nightmare. 
'Time to start another day.' You thought as you walked to the bathroom, to hear the grandfather clock sound off five times. You see most people would be asleep at this time, but not you. Its really difficult to go back to sleep after you have had a nightmare. You walked to the bathroom,
:iconlozlove14:lozlove14 103 64
Sebastian Michaelis by VampireCherry Sebastian Michaelis :iconvampirecherry:VampireCherry 48 10
:blackrose: Phantomhives Cabinet :blackrose:




Your main-Host:

:iconjennyjinya::iconsaysplz: I'm bidding you welcome, dear Guest!
:icondressplz:  Jenny-Jinya              

If you leave so group - so will your art


Welcome to our manor house on the outskirts of Victorian era London. Butler Sebastian Michaelis will take good care about our Guests. Please allow us to introduce you to our hosts; Ciel Phantomhive, Agni, Ash, Bard, Finnian, Grell Sutcliff, Lau, Soma, Undertaker, Viscount, Druitt, William T. Spears, Doll, Madame Red and all the creepy rest!

Once you get your own room in our Cabinet feel free to spread your fantastic works within these hallowed halls.
Please be friendly to your neighbours and your fellow occupants.

This is a Group dedicated to Kuroshitsuji AND Monoshitsuji!
Artworks of all medias are welcome,
Please read the rules before joining!
Feel free to join if you're a fan of Kuroshitsuji.

:jsenn: How to Join? :blackrose:

Just let us know that you would like to join our Cabinet by clicking "Join our Group" above.
Our Butlers will reserve you your very own room.
But Attention +watching the group will NOT make you a member - you have to join, if you wanna submit!
Please read the following rules, don't violate them, otherwise you'll have to leave our Cabinet!

:jsenn: The  Rules! :blackrose:

:pointr: Please DON'T submit to the 'Featured' Folder!
:pointr: As a member you can upload your artworks/photos/whatever, as long as the stuff is made by YOU. Artthieves are not welcome here.
:pointr: Respect all members and their works
:pointr: don't flame or spam
:pointr: SHOW SOME EFFORD! You don't need to be a high professionell Artist, but please SCAN your artworks, don't submit photos of it! Sketches of lined paper will also be declined!
:pointr: Please PLEASE submit your stuff to the right folder.
:pointr: Kuroshitsuji-related stuff ONLY. Your Works must have some kuro-stuff in it.
:pointr: OC's are allowed as long as you can discern that it's about Kuroshitsuji... not just any historical OC, you know what I mean?!
Anyway' you're OC's are welcome at the "Other"-folder, if the Cabinet is getting enough OC's, they will get their own one.
:pointr: When the german-founder is writing grammar-errors, feel free to tell her! ^_-

:pointr: mature content is okay to a certain degree, as long it has no "hardcore" things in it like rape, or hard paedophilia acts... you know, here are pretty young people on the way ^^; So please don't take it as a personal criticism of your art when any of your stuff is getting declined.

:jsenn: Some HINTS!! :blackrose:

:pointr: You don't have to be a professionel to submit something. This group is founded for having fun and sharing fandom ^^
:pointr: If you ignore the folders, My Butlers will KICK YOUR ASS! (No, Seriously, I always have to move the Pics by myself...that's annoying)

:jsenn: How to submit? :blackrose:

You want to enlarge our cabinet with your Works? No problem,
but there are some rules to notice yet!

:pointr: Art unrelated to Kuroshitsuji will be rejected.
:pointr: Please scan your pictures, don't take a photo of them.
:pointr: If I forgot something important, just act like I didn't.



The Helpdesk

Questions? Problems? Cookie-tide? Our Hosts and Butlers
are always there when you need them. Send a note with your
problem and leave it to our Butlers.

Should your personal Butler don't obey you, contact
our host who's going to punish them severely:
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TheBreadofBreads Featured By Owner May 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I couldn't submit to the Book of Circus folder, so i submitted my picture to the volume 1 folder.
Miss-Mori02 Featured By Owner May 9, 2017  Student General Artist
Would anyone like to rp with me?
Paper-Piper Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I will :D 
Miss-Mori02 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2017  Student General Artist
Do you mind Oc x Canon pairings? :)
Paper-Piper Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not very fond of OCs in general, but I'm more than willing to give it a shot ^-^ I've had a few really good rpers before. 

Which person is your OC in love with, and are they already in an established relationship? (this affects how I RP the character) 
(1 Reply)
princess-sweetflower Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
My ooc will be Serena Herasouma and she will be the same age as sebastian for she and he will fall in love with one another. But for it will take time. My ooc will be a Cat demon

BlackButler RolePlay- I want my oc Serena to be a demon child that can transform into a cat. But there is a catch, she will be different from any normal demon, she can only eat souls on her birthday and after that, she eats food like any normal human. Now, this is the good part. Sebastian takes Serena (in cat form) into the manor and when everyone is sleep or even during the day she would transform into a human. She would explore and Watch people as they went about their day that even mean's Ciel as well. After awhile though she is caught in her human form by Sebastian himself and takes her in as his own daughter (adopts that is).

Please give me a chance to RolePlay with someone I will surprise you on how much my ooc has grown over the past years since I made her.
HinataFox790 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey guys, I'm really not in a good place and I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask this, so with that being said, is there anyone here who is opened for digital color Black Butler Requests (not commissions)?
princess-sweetflower Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Can anyone RP with me please~!

BlackButler RolePlay- I want my oc Serena to be a demon child that can transform into a cat. Now, this is the good part. Sebastian takes Serena (in cat form) into the manor and when everyone is sleep or even during the day she would transform into a human. She would explore and Watch people as they went about their day that even mean Ciel as well. After awhile though she is caught in her human form by Sebastian himself and takes her in as his own daughter.
victoriahellsing Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Would anyone like to do a Black Butler roleplay?
KatsuNoJutsu95 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi the Book of circus folder is closed! So I submitted to season 1 folder!
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