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Early Hatchery

By PhantomGline
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Sequel to Delivery Food

Yiria made sure to keep her hypnotized victim in perfect check every now and then by mesmerized Nalee with her powers to keep the human hunter from gaining consciousness and escaping, harming the eggs in the process.

As it would seem however, Yiria had made a poor prediction on the day her eggs would hatch. As she dozed off on the second day, the subdued Nalee was woken by a stronger vibration then ever coming from the eggs. And popping noises were heard.
The younglings were seeing the outer world for the first time and taking their first slithers.

Their senses kicked in and were allured to the strange aroma that emitted from humans and all noticed Nalee.
Slithering all around her and hissing their forked tongues which in turned tickled her.

Nalee stood up to give the babies more room and surface to slither around, her mesmerized self excited to be a part of this birthing.
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Aww, so cute. :D

Dude, you rock at these things, you know that? I like the way you drew it.
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Just…so adorable, so inspiring!
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Aw, that looks really nice. What's Yiria gonna think when she wakes up?
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That all depends on when she wakes up.
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Yes...didn't Yiria plan on eating the huntress after two days? :P If the babies don't plan on eating her first...
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Naga women...?
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That actually came out wrong but whatever, what I mean to ask is: Is she the mother?
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If you are referring to Nalee, no.
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Aww that soo cute.:3
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