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When She's Gone Chapter 4 (Pinkie Pie's POV)



It can't be true. It just can't be true! I'm clutching Gummy between my hooves right now and writing this with my mouth. I'm going to mess it all up though because I can't stop crying. Madame LeFlour doesn't seem to like that very much. But I'm trying to ignore her. I can't be listening to complain-y complainers at the moment. Not like it matters. No one is going to see this. She's so picky over everything. And I don't have a reason to care anymore.
My friends told me to go to the Ponyville Cemetary today. I thought maybe it was some sort of really early Nightmare Night party they were surprising me with. I mean what was any other reason to go to the cemetary? Maybe even Twilight would be done playing hide and seek and decide to join us there. That would be great. "I really miss her a lot," I thought, "I wish she'd give up on us finding her and come back so that I could hug her and tell her how good of a hide and seeker she is." But when I bounced through the wrought iron gates I saw my friends all standing quietly in front of something that was under a sheet. Fluttershy was crying silently, the tears staining her bright yellow fur. Her bunny Angel was hugging her front hoof and staring up at her, wide eyed with worry. Rarity was wearing a beautiful black lace dress and a hat with a net thingy hanging down over her face. I think she told me one time that was called a Fascinating or something? Applejack stared at the ground and Dashie looked angry. Princess Celestia was also there too. Confusion washed over me. What sort of party was this? I stopped in my tracks and just stared for a moment. I suddenly felt really nervous. Like when a party gets stopped halfway through because there's a big fight between friends only worse.
Applejack saw me standing near the entrance and walked slowly over to me. "Hey Sugarcube. Thanks for comin'. I'm sure Twilight really appreciates it." She said glumly, putting a sad, sluggish foreleg around my shoulder. But suddenly I wasn't sad or sluggish at all!
"Twilight!? Twilight's here! Oh I missed her so much! Where is she!? I want to see her! Oh you silly ponies acting all sad so the surprise would be even bigger! I love you all!" I bounced around to everypony grinning and giving out random hugs. But then I noticed still no one smiled. Most of them looked a mixture of depression and confusion. Fluttershy looked a little frightened too.
Looking back, I was so stupid. How could I not have realized what had happened? I saw the burnt spot in the library just like everyone else. I just figured that spell was an awesome trick Twilight was using to hide from us all. But I didn't. I didn't get it. So I decided I'd play along with the others. Maybe Twilight wanted a dramatic entrance? So dramatic that even the high princess was there. This must be one doozy of a trick. I squeezed in between Rarity and Applejack and turned toward the thing under the sheet. That wasn't Twilight shaped so it must not be her. I looked to my right as AJ looked toward the Ponyville clocktower. "Well. I guess it's time to start." She walked to the spot in front of the sheet and faced us all. "We are all here gathered together today to celebrate the life of a very special pony. A pony who gave us all so much. She gave us love. She gave us a higher purpose and showed us the worth we'd had in us all along. And I am very, very proud to have known the Element of Magic. She was taken from us way too soon..."
"Maybe she wasn't taken.." I thought I heard Dashie quietly mutter. Taken? What was everypony talking about? Fluttershy began to sob quietly, causing tears to drop like raindrops on Angel's fluffy little head.
"... and we will miss her for the rest of our lives and I hope this beautiful headstone shows the love we have for her. Ma? Pa? If you're listening, could you find Twilight up there and show her this. I think she'd really love it. Take care of her up there and make sure she has plenty of books to read and always knows how much we care about her."

Rarity lifted the sheet to reveal a gray stone with a familiar shaped gemstone embedded in it. A magenta star surrounded by smaller white stars. I heard a loud wail echo across the cemetery and watched in surprise as Spike ran from behind Rarity and flopped to the ground in front of the rock, clutching it in a hug, tears flowing from his big green eyes. It was then I read the stone. "Twilight Sparkle. The Element of Magic. Student of Princess Celestia. Taken from us too soon."
And it hit. It hit very hard. Suddenly I felt my knees go weak and I plopped onto the green grass. My hair fell straight over my face and I hear a very loud scream but couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Until I felt a deep sob rack through my body then I realized it'd came from me. "NOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOO!" The screams kept coming. "TWILIGHT!" My heart started pounding and my mind started racing. I could swear I could hear Sir Lints-a-lot there calling me something I couldn't make out but that couldn't be because he was there at the.... funeral. My breath sped up as I tried to hear what he was saying.
"Murderer. Heartless. Murderer."
"WHAT!?" I thought desperately. No! What was he saying. But then an image flashed in my head. It was Twilight standing in the middle of the library with a book and quill in her magic grasp. She was saying that spell. The last words I'll ever hear her say. Then colors flashed toward her from all directions. I remembered having to dig my hooves at the floor to stop being thrown forward by the power coming from.. from.. my element. My element was blasting beams at Twilight. I looked around the room and everyone else's element was doing the same thing. Then there was a large light around Twilight and when it disappeared all was left was the black spot on the library floor. I finally understood. I jumped to my feet and dropped back down in a dizzy heap. Scuttering backwards, my legs flailing at the ground, not remembering how to work properly I felt another scream exit my body. "WE DID IT! WE KILLED HER!! NO! I DIDN'T MEAN TO!" Everypony turned in my direction and Rarity raised a hoof toward me, water spilling down her pure white face.
"No darling, no." She said shakily, barely reaching a volume louder than a whisper. Fluttershy moaned a sob next to her and buried her face in her hooves. "We didn't murderer her. It was an accident. It was involuntary. It was the spell Twilight recited not us." But the whole world was spinning and I just couldn't listen. With a wail that frightens me to think about, I finally remembered how to use my hooves as I turned around and ran from the cemetery and from the tombstone of my bestest friend in the whole world.

Chapter 5: [link]
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