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When She's Gone Chapter 1 (Rainbow's POV)



The quill hit the paper and everything seemed to happened so fast, yet still somehow slow. Suddenly Twilight started to glow and then huge beams of different colored light flung out from our elements. The beams were there for seconds but it seemed more like hours and then they vanished! I looked around at my fellow pony friends and noticed they were looking at me too. I glanced at each one trying to make sure that they were all okay. Someone was missing but I was so confused as to what just happened it didn't register that someone wasn't there. Applejack suddenly gasped and her eyes zeroed in on the center of our circle.

"Where's Twilight??!"

All of a sudden it all seemed to hit us at once. There was a dark spot in the floor where our former friend used to be! At that point everypony panicked. We started screaming and looking frantic. We tore apart the library to no avail. Twilight was no where to be found. It was then I realized things couldn't go on like this. If we were going to find our friend we needed some organization and we needed everypony we could find. So I decided for now to try to swallow the rising panic inside of me and get everypony in a search party.

"EVERYPONY calm down! We aren't going to find her if we go into a panic and tear apart Ponyville! We're going to have to calm down so we can get organized, if we don't we'll overlook places. So here's what I say we do: Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie; you three go around Ponyville ask everypony you can if they've seen Twilight and then see if you can round up as many ponies as you can to scope out every place on the ground you can. Fluttershy, you and I will fly back to Cloudsdale and round as many ponies in the air that we can. We're not going to stop till we've gone over EVERY inch of Ponyville that we can! Spike you're going to go with Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie. Oh and spike?? Contact the Princess, tell her we have an emergency in Ponyville.."

I stood looking at the other four sad, heartbroken ponies as the words I spoke seemed to take a minute to sink in. Fluttershy, with tears already streaming down her face. Pinkie Pie seeming very confused and much like it hadn't quite hit her yet. Applejack and rarity looking as though they were trying to prepare themselves for what I couldn't ever face. I felt a pang of anger at them for even considering that our pony friend, that had very much held us together for so long.... could ever be gone forever. But I decided to swallow it for now as I noticed everypony nodding slowly at my plan. Flutter and I watched our earth ponies walk away and a second later we took off towards Cloudsdale to begin a very long search for the one friend that brought to light just how important it was to have a friend.


Prologue link: [link]

chapter two link: [link]
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Beautiful use of colour :) I love her hair! Poor Twilight though O_o~