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Trophy Case


This amazing commission was drawn by ToniBabelony!

Make sure to comment and fave the original! Go tell Toni how awesome this pic is!


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Trophy Case [was: Heavy Tubing] by ToniBabelony

Her captors had stopped talking to her, but they still spoke near her. She could pick up snippets of their conversation. She knew that the maximum pleasure settings were blocked, but being slowly raised as she and her fellow prisoner were being 'trained.' They were pumped full of aromatics and aphrodisiacs. When they wanted, they could bring the both of them to climax after climax.

She could still squirm and move - her bonds weren't totally rigid, and that was intentional. She'd need to flex for her long-term confinement.
While the elf might eventually be sold off as a rubber-doll or statue,
she was doomed. Her original captors had paid quite a handsome sum of money to keep her here forever. Unless rescue arrived, or someone paid for her release... she was doomed to a very long imprisonment in thick rubber and the inescapable embrace of her tube.

Phantom laced her fingers with her cellmate. They clutched together tightly in solidarity before a painful electric shock forced them to twitch apart. She, along with her elven companion, were trapped - completely, utterly, and totally trapped. They were in a heavenly, horny nirvana - and they couldn't do a thing about it. Neither Phantom nor her compatriot could make a single coherent thought that wasn't solely centered around obedience, pain, or pleasure.

They could feel each other in the darkness, and see their fellow victim in the augmented-reality lenses of their helmets. It was almost shameful. Phantom knew that she'd been reduced to a hapless, helpless little rubberdoll. There was something
tangible about being able to see oneself all geared up.

From time to time, they'd both find their air supply cut. At times it was merely stifled, other times it'd be reduced entirely. Tiny plugs would fill their noses and pressure around their neck would increase. Phantom saw stars, her body growing warm and mind growing hazy in her panicked frenzy. This lack of air was supposed to remind her what she was - TOY, RUBBERSLUT, DRONE, DECORATION.

Watching the other's face was almost as bad - or good. It helped to work against every trace of free will, rebellion, and unwanted thought. Watching their partner's face change to orgiastic bliss was generating a powerful Pavlovian response. When any stimuli - pain, pleasure, torment or teasing - resulted in erotic thrills... well, it was difficult to resist. Just as one might see someone laughing and join in the crack-up, seeing someone horny and groaning beneath a delightful mask resulted in a similar response.

Conscious thought told Phantom to fight it, but her body said otherwise.

Featuring Rossem-Klyn's elf Rossem as Phantom's 'cellmate'.

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PinkRainbowRarity's avatar

Can’t fight it. Feels too good.

phantomdotexe's avatar
PinkRainbowRarity's avatar

I give in, it’s too much! I love it!

Great and sexy pic.:love:

phantomdotexe's avatar

Thanks kindly 🙏

Whoof. Squicky, 'specially with Lowprofile up there, but oh man, I love the eyes. It's sooo good when there's that tiny window into the person inside the suit.
phantomdotexe's avatar

Thank you kindly. :)

ArmaBiologica's avatar
It´s a really nice change of pace compared to how both you and him take turns taking on each other one story/drawing after another.

I wouldn´t mind having my own trophy Phantom haha.
phantomdotexe's avatar
:heart: You're too kind... :) 
Rossem-Klyn's avatar
A never ending jig, with one arm in the other. Spinning in circle while bitting each other ;)
lowprofile1's avatar
Obedience. Pain. Pleasure. Hello? Phantom? 
Obedience. Pain. Pleasure. Oh good, there you are. I know your mind is drifting in and out and all you can think about is--
Obedience. Pain. Pleasure. Hey, it's me...remember?
Obedience. Pain. Pleasure. I just wanted to say goodbye before........
Obedience. Pain. Pleasure. You didn't hear a word I just said did you? Here, let me turn down the happy gas for a minute.

Good, you're with me...for now at least. I can't tell if I'm talking to The Phantom or the drone whose replacing her. You look confused, Phantom probably seems like a strange name to you but if you think really hard I'm sure you'll come across a woman inside of you that may seem familiar. She'll be gone completely in a minute or two. Your mind is about to be carried off and there's no going back. 

What's this? Ah, there's those lovely green eyes again, it is you, I'd better make this quick. I want to thank you for all those years of enjoyment as an "executive". All those cute games and cute outfits were great, they really were, but it's over now. The jig is up, time’s run out, the music stopped and you’ve been left without a chair even though you’re about to become one. It's okay. It’ll be so much easier for you; you’ll make a fine rubber doll. You just weren't fooling anyone anymore, your act grew tired, I can see right through you, your villain days are gone and now you’re a drone. Welcome to your new life of inescapable servitude.

You. Love. This.
LordOmegaZ's avatar
well, was nice knowing you phantom =3

judging by your eyes in the pic you look properly terrified and no escape plan ;p

guess Omega Inc. can fill the power vacuum you have left *smirk*
phantomdotexe's avatar
Hahaha. No greater torment, clearly. Are you the one paying to keep her on display? :P 
LordOmegaZ's avatar
sso you really ARE in actual proper peril here? like.... legit no smartass plan of escape? :D
LordOmegaZ's avatar
maybe =3

*hugs encased you with a warm hug*
phantomdotexe's avatar
I'd be a lucky trophy! 
LordOmegaZ's avatar
=//A//= you're too kind
Kinkifun's avatar
You have such good taste in commissioned artists.
phantomdotexe's avatar
Nah, I'm just a lucky bum.
CD-B2's avatar
Dang! That's too good!
phantomdotexe's avatar
Oh yeah, thanks. This one turned out really good, Toni did a damn good job. 
phantomdotexe's avatar
It's a pretty gorgeous pic :> 
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