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Invisible (Ghost Shelled Complete)

Art by :iconmaterclaws: whose style and talent never ceases to amaze me! 

For those curious: I stored the four individual images. It seemed right to splice them together, especially since I'm channeling such over-the-top sci-fi bondage as seen in Arnie' work - and it would sometimes link together to form a coherent series. 

Should you require the individual images for scientific purposes or more close observation, you can check out the high-res images.


She was pounding on the glass, but nobody heard her. There wasn't anyone to listen; only dark lines that traced into terminal points as the corners of the room. Her breathing and sound was reflected through the tube.

It made for a peculiar auditory sensation. Every exhalation and exortation was echoed and filtered, the way light traveled through a prism. Sound came from everywhere.

A tiny squeak of trepidation came from her throat. She heard it, forced to confront with the fact that she had squeaked - like a pet - with unease.

When the black bands began to snake their way around her body, she was hardly surprised. She'd seen this a dozen times, fantasized about it a hundred more.

"Do you want something!?" She hoped her captors did. Maybe this was posturing.

"I'll give you what you want." She furrowed her brow, realizing that she'd just given away any hope of bargaining with some stupid slip-up. She swore to herself as the warm sensations began to wrap further.

"What if..."

She pounded on the glass.

"What if I said I wasn't Phantom? What if you have the wrong person?"

Nobody answered, and nothing changed. She was trapped. Being in her bathing suit made her feel particularly vulnerable. Obviously, it would've been a tragic, terrible, and highly charged thing to be captured and dumped into the tube were she fully clothed... but in her swimwear? It must've been intentional. She could've been stripped nude or dressed in anything at all, but she was left nearly naked - which somehow was way worse than being naked.

The latex smelled familiar, but it didn't behave like anything found in the wild . It wrapped aorund her legs, heated, and glued itself together. Then, it did it again.

The layer around her knees was already hardening. Thick, viscuous globs snaked its way up her legs to provide a second film over the first.

Her arms were snagged and placed at her sides. Each palm was forced to her rear. It made her more compact. Only the obvious curves of her female figure were visible; no arms to get in the way.

The second layer raced against the tape, but the tape won - slipping past her mouth. Globs of rubber filled her maw, and she felt it snaking deeper inside her. She felt it coat her gums. She tried to close up her throat, fearful that it would go further.

Her hair was now matted with sweat. The tube was so warm with all her exerted heat and the industrial machinery operating beneath her.

Everywhere the second layer passed became less human and more object. Identity was for people. Curves were for mummiforms.

She couldn't even fall down or bang against the glass. The platform to which her feet were now glued seemd to move in accordance with her body, keeping her from falling or disrupting the process further. A shiver went down her spine. It was automated. There was no negotiating with a machine that existed solely to keep you mummified and entombed away.

The gooey second layer  was subsumed by a third. Beneath the outer shellac was a layered, rubbery little doll. Wiggle room was at a premium. Escape became a fantasy.

Of course, this was a fantasy as well. It was one she had rehearsed in her head countless times. She felt a tear well up as the rubber encased her face. Only the tiniest of perforations remained to allow the gas pumped through the mask into her lungs. It was hardly necessary, but it helped to remind her that she was totally and completely encased.

Ten minutes more, and her outer shell was shiny and smooth. There was no evidence of a woman inside. In that thick rubber tomb, she became an icon that represented something inside. She was invisible.
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Good fucking god

It's amazing but

Wow... you had quite a monologue to explain the plot.

phantomdotexe's avatar

I think that context makes a pic even better.

PinkRainbowRarity's avatar

Don’t cry, unless that is a tear of pleasure. That looks pretty fun~ I’ll have to try it sometime~

lowprofile1's avatar
How did I never see this one before? Simply marvelous! Love it.
phantomdotexe's avatar

So glad you like and apporove :D

Denver50's avatar
Fantastic! More please
phantomdotexe's avatar
Money, time, finding the right artist - things get in the way. Simply making free porn isn't free. :P 
Damselbinder's avatar
DAMN. That's intense! I love the semi-panel at the end: it's delicious, and it really emphasises what's happening to her.
phantomdotexe's avatar
I know! It's intense, spooky, and that little picture-in-picture is such a delight ;) 
ms-fishnet's avatar
😍😍😍 me next. For a week or two please?? Hate my job.😑 I need a long term mummification sesh
phantomdotexe's avatar
Looks like we'll need more storage space. ; P 
japanis's avatar
What for a lovly rubber encasement=)
Would it be for eternity?
phantomdotexe's avatar
I'm glad you think so! It's tight, thick, and inescapable.

 Now there certainly is the possibility she'll escape. Nothing is stopping someone from pushing the buttons and decanting her. But unfortunately, I don't know if anyone is coming to her aid. So she might be stuck for a very long time. ;) 
japanis's avatar
But depending on her entertainment, will she accepts her fate and she wishs, that it will be for eternity;-)
nemedeus's avatar
> Art by :iconmaterclaws: whose style and talent never ceases to disappoint

I think you meant "never ceases to amaze"?
phantomdotexe's avatar
Ah! Thanks. I fixed that! 
Aria-Warden's avatar
This didn't show up in my watch list for some reason! Thats a crime, this is too nommable!
phantomdotexe's avatar
Indeed, it was a big commission, but drawing on the likes of Arnie and other artists was something I'd wanted to do for a long time. 
phantomdotexe's avatar
Make sure to download for a jaw-droppingly hi-res version! 
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