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Mature content
The Most Toys :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 66 6
Phantom Taunting and Tantalizing Aria by phantomdotexe
Mature content
Phantom Taunting and Tantalizing Aria :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 130 14
Isolated Together by phantomdotexe Isolated Together :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 317 4
Captured and Coated in the Forgotten Copse
The kidnappers had spent a few minutes arguing in the car. The cruel glances they’d cast at her made her feel like a child. Keep your mouth shut, kiddo - the adults are talking.
A silver strip of duct tape was used to make sure she’d stay quiet. It had failed, but it had at least rendered her grunts and gags unintelligible.
One of the two kidnappers flashed her a cruel look. Her olive skin showed signs of a little bruising (the result of her kidnapping Emily) and a bandage over her nose (the results from kidnapping Jasmine). Both of them had resisted as best they could, but weapons and threats had forced the two of them into compliance.
The arguing had gone on for several minutes.
“Let’s just stash them in the trunk. We shouldn’t be in these woods tonight. My uncle went missing in these woods. They’re cursed.”
“What, do you think there’s a Bigfoot out here? Shut up and grab the one with th
:iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 58 10
Joy Ride (Masked Alt) by phantomdotexe Joy Ride (Masked Alt) :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 151 0 Joy Ride (by StudentOfRubber) by phantomdotexe Joy Ride (by StudentOfRubber) :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 128 8
The Church of the Ebon Vault
"Please, we don't like to use the word cult. It has so many nasty implications. We are a faith, one that likes to keep to itself without outsiders constantly poking and prodding and nosing around our business. It's... inconvenient, to say the least.
Ah. I know what you're thinking. No, not everyone who tries to poke around disappears - most of them are sent away with bribes, threats, information false or true, or disappointment. I can't begin to tell you how many good-for-nothings come, expecting us to lavish them with attention and praise and youth. Feh! 
I will say... the rumors are true. We, the Church of the Ebon Vault, commune with an ancient creature. We are his apostles, protected and guided by his power. Deep within the vault, he still lives. The first members of the church entombed him alive so that he could protect us for all time. Mahgdi Zaguri has, since then, assisted us with the preparation and encasement of both the O
:iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 130 43
Silent Partner by phantomdotexe Silent Partner :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 168 11
Space Angel Zanthie
"This is for your own good, Cynthia." 
Considering how she was bound and gagged, it didn't feel like the sort of thing a friend would do. Zanthie kept on saying how she was "looking out for Cyn." The denigrating tone didn't sound at all friendly advice. Combined with Zanthie's snarky smile,
"Zanthie, I'm your friend!"
"I know," responded Zanthie. "That's why I'm doing this. If you were Nariko, I wouldn't be so nice."
Cynthia lay on a long briefing room table while Zanthie made sure she was properly bound. Zanthie was wielding bright blue ultra-tensile carbon cable. It was the same type that they used to tether spacecraft or to stow dangerous cargo. Brute-forcing her way out of it was not an option, unless she could learn how to undo cables and locks with her mind. Unfortunately, that wasn't in her training.
The cables wrapped snug around her ankles, mating with extra mag-locked buckles. A very wide pair of blue steel cuffs locked her ankles together, and a mat
:iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 68 8
Playtime by phantomdotexe
Mature content
Playtime :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 203 39
The Hound by phantomdotexe The Hound :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 81 6
Mature content
Vignette 13 - Rossem's Rubber Reconstruction :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 44 10
Dolls on Display (Edited) by phantomdotexe
Mature content
Dolls on Display (Edited) :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 269 31
I will make you talk, filthy rebel.... by phantomdotexe I will make you talk, filthy rebel.... :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 92 19
Captives Caught in the Country
Rachel had hated the boots at first, but was now very glad for them. They had taunted her with the possibility of cruel en pointe heels, of tall, scene-y cosplay boots, and of alluring stilettos. Eventually, they had settled on thick, heavy boots. They were waterproofed, somewhat comfortable, and laced (and locked!) around her ankles. They weren’t ideal for running, but they felt as ‘all terrain’ as boots could be.
They came at a price.
Matching her heavy leather boots was a heavy leather outfit. She was clad in a leather bodysuit that covered her from her ankles to her neck. Surely, it had been custom-made; it fit as well as the leather gloves that her fingers and arms were trapped in. The amount of work that must have gone into it made her curious about her captors’ resources.
They were flaunting their powers as soon as they had Rachel geared up. They’d taken their time getting her into the hobble-skirt and zipping it up, threatening that if she d
:iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 54 7
Interview at MirageCorp
All five applicants had been issued the same spy suit. The first three were not fans of the sleek, rubbery look. It left very little to the imagination.
#1, whose outfit was black with gold trim, kept running her hands down her body and grinning. She’d chuckle every now and then as she stroked her thighs. “I can’t quite remember where I’ve seen this design before, but I know I've seen it."
#2, who was much younger than the middle-aged #1, wore black with green. She furrowed her brow and nodded vigorously. He covered his mouth and chin while speaking, giving #1 the impression of being very deep in thought. “Hmm, UNITY issue, maybe? 1960s design? Maybe surplus?”
The older woman chuckled. “No. No, I’m pretty sure it was on the cover of a DVD with three Xs on it.” She continued to laugh to herself as #2 raised an eyebrow, confused.
#3 wasn’t a fan either, but she didn’t complain. It was made of th
:iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 65 15
DeviantArt is the original home for my kinky creativity, so I'm still here.

None of the visual art was drawn by me. All of it was done on commission, trade, or was a gift.

All of the literature and written work is mine. I strongly recommend you give it a read. You won't want to leave once you start reading.



How do you most often read my stories? 

238 deviants said Desktop / laptop
147 deviants said Touch device (tablet, smartphone)
5 deviants said Other????


I got to try a vacbed tonight. Absolutely would recommend. The closest you’ll get to my fantasy stories in real life.

Relatively inexpensive to make (assuming you use pvc sheets instead of fancy black latex) and incredibly tight. 💯💯

Mature Content

Mirage Drone - 01 by Chibi-Evee

Mature Content

Mirage Drone - 04 by Chibi-Evee

Mature Content

Mirage Drone - 05 by Chibi-Evee

Chibi-Evee and Rosvo  were showing off some very nice MirageCorp drones... :> Make sure to take a look! 😵
2018 Halloween Surprise! by LordOmegaZ Sassy Phantom Gurl by LordOmegaZ

A while ago, LordOmegaZ  did some lovely fanart of Phantom. Go take a look! : ) 

Mature Content

Vacuum packed on the edge by Plasma-dragon

Mature Content

Phantom's new conditioning method by Plasma-dragon

A seriously awesome pair of images featuring some ultra-heavy gear, sensual fun, edging, and yours truly. Plasma-dragon  is absolutely deserving of your views and watches. 
Although technically it's only 3 slots... 

I'm opening up writing commissions. There will be 3 new slots open. If there isn't enough interest, that's fine too. 


1. LordFoot-in-Mouth 
2. CannibalX
3. AmoreIncorporated
5. danteshadow1
6. gatorbackradial 
7. aidenke 

NOTE : If I already owe you something, shoot me a note. 

I want to help facilitate your ideas. I get it - you've got ideas, and you want to bring them to life. I want to help bring those stories, scenarios, fetishes, and characters into being. If you have something else - a writer for a longer project - I'm copasetic and interested in discussing it. 

For a limited time, I'm offering writing commissions or ghost-writing services. My time is important to me, so prices have increased slightly. I am of the opinion that the quality of my work is worth it. If you have concerns about the quality for price, read on; there are options to defer payment until you have a satisfactory sample. 

I get it - you want that fancy image from the big-name artist. That's fine, and I've done the same. I'm a visual person myself. However, there is something unforgettable about a story. You can flip through a hundred images, but a story? That takes time and energy to absorb. In its own way, it is rewarding. 

Read over some of my work. Decide if you want to commission me. Then, if you're legitimately interested, send me a note or e-mail detailing some of your ideas. I'll work with you to come up with an outline or come up with some story information. Then, I'll send you a 'preview' of what the work might be. Like what you see? Send me the payment, and I deliver the rest of the work within a week or two. 

I have wide variety of writing strengths, and my work speaks for itself. I generally avoid licensed or copyrighted characters and certain fringe kinks, but I'm open to negotiation. Don't be afraid to ask for something different

I am not responsible if your commission doesn't turn out how you wanted it and I stated that it was not my strong point. I think that's fair to both of us.

Sometimes, things come up. I'm not the best with trades' punctuality, but with a deadline I'm happy to work for you.

If I cancel, I'll send you a full refund. If you cancel, I'll send you a refund, or a partial one if I've already started work. 

Commission Prices

I will never charge you if I end up writing more than you paid for. Your decision to support me as a writer is greatly appreciated! 

Paragraphs and flash fiction - $5 or less
100-500 word stories are quick, fun, and get to the meat of the matter. They're snappy and punchy, and they're also easy to read! There is no limit to the number of quick commissions I will do. :P 

Quick Story Commission - $15
500 words to 1500 words. Seems reasonable; at least a several pages These stories allow room for emotion, depth, dialogue - and if it's kink you want, they can be an intense and intimate scene. Better yet, they can be more than one scene!

Full Story Commission - $35
If it's a lengthy story you want, I'll do it. Seriously, I will. 2500-3500 words might not seem like a lot, but it's a decent length, equivalent to multiple chapters in an adult novel, or maybe one very long chapter - it graduates all the way into actual 'short story' territory. I love writing. I think that this is a bargain. 

Are my prices reasonable? I think so. My time is important - I have a lot of projects going on. But that doesn't mean I can't offer my services. When you buy with me, you know my work - it varies greatly in style and content, and I'm a flexible, dedicated writer. Buying with Phantom means paying for the services of a top-notch writer.

Interested? Comment. Note. Or e-mail me at (which is also my paypal account.)


Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Supervillain, CEO, Kinky kunoichi


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