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Love never dies, love will continue... by HARLEYQUINN81
Christine Hannibal Slave cosplay by Elfsire
Hannibal Slave Girl - #3 by enchantedsea
Hannibal Slave Girl #1 by enchantedsea
Dressing Gown and Phantom's Lair
Phantom Waistcoat #2 by enchantedsea
Dressing Gown #15 by enchantedsea
Dressing Gown #14 by enchantedsea
Il Muto
Serafimo's Maid Disguise by enchantedsea
Christine in the Garden by enchantedsea
Christine's Rooftop Cloak by enchantedsea
Red Death: Cape Feature by enchantedsea
Star Princess #5 - UK / Royal Albert Hall Version by enchantedsea
Red Death: Details by enchantedsea
Notes II - Rehearsal - WYWSHA
Wishing Cloak #4 by enchantedsea
Wishing Cloak #3 by enchantedsea
Wishing Gown #3 by enchantedsea
Don Juan
Aminta #1 by enchantedsea
Don Juan Triumphant Cloak - #2 by enchantedsea
Don Juan Triumphant Cloak - #1 by enchantedsea
Wedding Gown
The Pensive Bride by enchantedsea
Christine Daae's Wedding Dress #1 by enchantedsea
The Mirror Bride by enchantedsea
Ballet Chorus
Jewelry, Masks, Headpieces
Phantom Hannibal-inspired Tiara by enchantedsea
Christine Daae Crown - Phantom of the Opera by ErikAngelofMusic
CDHannibalCrownFull01 by ErikAngelofMusic
European Star Princess Mask by enchantedsea
Accessories, Dolls, Crafts
Enchanted Sea's Little Lotte Scarf by enchantedsea
Drawings and Sketches of the Costumes
Phantom of the opera drawing ramin and sierra by stephantom53
Costume Redesigns
Modern Day Aminta by Viscountess-Vesper
The Phantom
Phantom and Phantom (Sock) Monkey by ErikAngelofMusic
Halloween Costume Test 2010 -4 by GhostGal5

Welcome! / Rules


Please read before submitting to a folder. If you need help, simply message one of the admins and we will help you! :)


Submit costumes from the Hannibal scene and Think of Me scene. (Examples: Slave Girl, Carlotta's Elissa gown, Christine's Elissa gown, Hannibal Princess, etc).

Dressing Gown & Phantom's Lair
Submit costumes of Christine's dressing gown, The Phantom's regular costume, or The Phantom's Stranger Than You Dreamt It costume.

Il Muto & All I Ask Of You
Submit costumes from Il Muto & AIAOY (Examples: Count, Maid, Pageboy, Fops, Countess/Carlotta, Countess/Christine, Raoul, Christine's Rooftop Cape, etc).

Submit one of the many costumes from Masquerade. (Examples: Red Death, Star Princess, Raoul's Soldier Costume, Meg's Costume, Queen of Night, Sun God, The Monkey Girl, etc. For a full list visit here: )

Notes, Rehearsal & WYWSHA
Submit costumes from any of the Notes scenes (Managers, Carlotta's gowns, etc) - or from the Don Juan Rehearsal (The Wishing Gown, Piangi's Suits, etc) - or from Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again and Wandering Child (Wishing Gown with Cloak, Phantom's W.C. Costume).

Don Juan
Submit costumes from Don Juan and Point of No Return. (Examples: Gyspy girl, Donnas, Aminta Dress, Passarino, Don Juan, The Phantom's Cloak, etc).

Wedding Gown & Final Lair
Submit Christine's Wedding Dress, Meg's Boy Costume, or Raoul's Costume here.

Ballet Chorus
Submit costumes of the Ballet Chorus, including their plain white tutus & Il Muto ballet costumes. Meg costumes are more prominent and go in the other categories by scene.

Jewelry, Masks, & Headpieces
Replica items or items inspired by Phantom! Jewelry (necklaces, earrings, rings), masks, or headpieces (tiaras, hats, crowns, etc) can go here!

Accessories, Dolls, Crafts
Accessories, dolls, & crafty things inspired by Phantom!

Drawings & Sketches of the Costumes
PLEASE DO NOT submit any old phantom-related drawing here. Use this folder ONLY for drawings/sketches that have a BIG EMPHASIS on the costume design. This includes personal sketches of the costumes, or drawings/paintings that feature one of the costumes in detail.

Costume RedesignsSince we've gotten quite a few submissions of sketches/artwork that are deviants' own interpretations of the costume design, we've created a new folder for these works. Non-replica cosplays should still go into their respective folders while drawings go here.


The Phantom, Non-ALW
Submit Non-ALW Phantom costumes here (Example include but are not limited to Yeston/Kopit, Leroux, Lon Chaney, etc).

Christine, Non-ALW
Submit Non-ALW Christine costumes here (Example include but are not limited to Yeston/Kopit, Leroux, Lon Chaney, etc).

Raoul, Non-ALW
Submit Non-ALW Raoul costumes here (Example include but are not limited to Yeston/Kopit, Leroux, Lon Chaney, etc).



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