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Here is a MacGyver Wallpaper I made up in about 3 minutes, because there is no good MacGyver wallpaper least none that Google can find. No one has previously bothered to make a non-low res version of the logo either, much to my disappointment, so I whipped one up of those too (you can tell it's rushed though, what with the jaggies and all).

The most important thing is how to do the light bloom effect, which I learned from the guys from Penny Arcade. Throw a new layer on top of whatever is getting the bloom, then fill it with black. Set this layer property to screen. Now, grab a brush and set it's color to something to sunlight-y, blow up the circle then start "dabbing" wherever you want the sun to break around them.

First time doing it, and again it's rushed, but it hella works yo.


P.S. And yes, for all those wondering, the MacGyver theme song does play whenever my version of windows starts up:)
I also was originally considering titling the piece "A mind for adventure", or "MacGyver-ing up a wallpaper", but chose to simplify it in the rare occasion Google might find it for the next person searching for some "MacGyver wallpaper"
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