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Name: Will Talent
Height: 187cm
Weight: 230lbs
Blood Type: A
Eye Colour: Gray
Origin: Canada
Birthday: June 3
Hobbies: Playing poker
Likes: His chastity
Dislikes: Disrespect towards women

Gender: Male
Race: Human

-Professional Status-
Affilation: United Kingdom of Illyria
Occupation: Third King of Illyria

-Powers & Abilities-
Weapon: Tarot Cards

-Voice Actor-
Chris Violette

Appearance: Will is a young man with light skin, gray eyes and orange spiky hair. He wears a blue uniform with gold lining and buttons, a red tie, blue pants, black shoes with skull decals, gray gloves, black headphones and black glasses.

Personality: In spite of his age, Will is has intelligence that triumphs over even the most educated of minds. He also is a patient individual, seeing how he is find a decent woman before performing intimacy. Of course, he has recieved taunts about how he hasn't been relieved of his chastity yet. It also explains why he hides explicit magazines in his quarters.

References & Allusions: Will's name is alluded from Canadian rock band Billy Talent.
The Third King looks like he's fresh out of high school, doesn't he? Well, those who underestimate him because of his age are in for a shock.
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December 26, 2015
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