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Freedom Wars OC: Kole 'Lightning' Scorpio by phantomblade88 Freedom Wars OC: Kole 'Lightning' Scorpio by phantomblade88
Kole 'Lightning' Scorpio is the secondary protagonist of Freedom Wars and a former soldier of On High.

Name: Kole Scorpio (aka On High Infiltration Unit 36)

Age: ??

Family: Kayla Scorpio

Uwe 'Sakamoto' Cabrera
Mattias 'Leo' Bruno
Carlos 'Theo' Jinnah (formerly)
Beatrice 'Lilium' Anastasi 
Elfriede 'Sakamoto' Cabrera
Natalia '9' Woo
Nina 'Regina' Diaz
Ann 'Charm' Vittoz
Hal 'Babe' Vittoz
Sergio 'Hellgate' Cocteau
Kai 'Wolf' Silva
Marie 'Alma' Milan
Billy 'Leopard' Koller
Shizuka 'Faker' Roland
Julien Sadat
Sylvia Anastasi (love interest)

Primary Weapon: Hawkshadow
Secondary Weapon: EZ Nashorn III
Accessory Weapon: Holy Lance

Thorn: Binding Type

Personallity: Kole is a real wiseguy, not willing to go five minutes without making a snarky comment, no matter if it's a fellow Sinner or an OPS agent.  He tends to point out people's nervous habits via the augments he received, and it tends to bother people a little. But he is sympathetic toward Beatrice regarding her arguement with Sylvia. He also loves Sylvia with all of his mechanical heart.

Biography: Unit 36 was the result of a highly-classified experiment conducted by On High scientists. He was originally created to gather information on the surface and eliminate anyone deemed to be a threat to On High, but he was given a new type of program that allowed him to be more... human. Because of his recent upgrade, he began to crack jokes at those around him and make rude gestures, but he also began to have affections for Sylvia Anastasi, a fellow soldier. When witnessing the Retribution, 36 began to question his creator about what grudge they have against the surface dwellers. Being told that those who live on the surface are a plague, 36 left off in anger and decided to go down to the surface to see the truth for himself. But as soon as he landed, he got ambushed by a group of OPS agents and was instantly overpowered. Before the final blow could be landed on him, 36 was able give out information about On High and their Abductors, but the shock from the assault overloaded his systems and he shut down before he could reveal anymore information. When he woke up, he noticed that he was wearing a suit of armor and was now registered as a Sinner. Although, he doesn't like to be refered to as '36' anymore. When he was on an operation, he came across a Sinner by the name of Kayla Scorpio and asked her if she could give him a name for him. Without a second thought, Kayla called the cyborg 'Kole' and treated him like an older brother.
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