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Name: Lono Pogo
Gender: Male
Race: Arificial Human
Date of Birth: May 22
Height: 157cm
Weight: 199lbs
Blood Type: N/A
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Purple, Black
Weapon: Skateboard

-Professional Status-
Affiliation: Sector Seven

-Material Collection Information-
Hobbies: Doing tricks, tagging
Likes: Skateboarding
Dislikes: Standing still

-Move List-
Drive: Freestyle
Overdrive: Killer 360
Distortion Drive: Malicious Manual, Lethal Comply
Astral Heat: Kagutsuchi Flip

-Musical Themes-

-Voice Actor-
Troy Baker

Appearance: Lono has a medium build with light skin, yellow eyes and purple and black hair. He is shirtless and has blue and orange board shorts, along with matching shoes. He has tattoos of flames, skulls, reapers and stars all over his body.

Personality: Lono is a free spirit who always acts like the word "fear" never existed. He is enthusiastic, adventurous, and won't let anyone stop him. He likes to have fun and not bother with work, which often leads to conflicts with Kokonoe, who often tells him to "act professional" when on a mission. But he always does what he does, which is to enjoy himself regardless of what others say to him.
Story: Sector Seven thought it would be a good idea to create artificial soldiers to aid in their fight against the NOL. They started off with one hundred of them, each capable of various combat techniques, be it kickboxing or swordplay. But out of all them, one stood out the most. Subject LP-47 was his title. Unlike all the others, 47 was incapabable of any fighting style and unable to fully utilize whatever weapon was given to him. As a joke, the scientists gave 47 an item that no one thought would be considered a weapon: a skateboard. But to their surprise, 47 was able to use the skateboard to defeat the other subjects. And looked to be having fun while doing it. The other subjects were desposed of and 47 became the golden boy. This was a problem, because he started to become more defiant towards his makers. Not wanting to put up with him, the higher-ups demanded that Kokonoe deal with 47. When they first met, 47 demanded that he should have his named changed because he didn't want to be treated like an object. Kokonoe asked him what he wanted his name to be and he said: "From this day forward, my name... is Lono Pogo."

Etymology: Lono is the name of a Hawaiian deity associated with fertility, agriculture, rainfall, music and peace.

Pogo is a skateboarding trick with the board straight up against one's legs, as if it were a pogo stick.
Look at that. Someone who uses a skateboard as a weapon. Go figure.

EDIT: Added story and the new them from CLE.
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March 8, 2016
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