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Guilty Gear Characters In a Nutshell
Introduced in Guilty Gear
Sol Badguy
 Mad genius turned superhuman bounty hunter.
Ky Kiske
Saber with electrokinetic sword.
Millia Rage
If Yukako Yamagishi was a blonde and not a yandere.
Axl Low
Indie-rock Doctor Who.
Beta Iron Tager.
Chipp Zanuff
Shinobi President.
Polpo if he wasn't overweight and was blindfolded.
She's a lot older than she looks.
Reformed killer looking for the truth behind his greatest failure.
Kliff Un
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PLZ accounts (WIP)
Since :iconBlackace70: and :iconAutobotHoneflash: made plz accounts of their own, I figured I give it a shot of my own. It's really fun, but I only had enough energy to make a few. Here is what I have done so far:
Guilty Gear
:icongg-axlplz: :icongg-baikenplz: :icongg-chippplz: :icongg-elpheltplz: :icongg-faustplz: :icongg-haehyunplz: :icongg-i-noplz: :icongg-johnnyplz: :icongg-kyplz: :icongg-leoplz: :icongg-mayplz: :icongg-milliaplz: :icongg-potemkinplz: :icongg-ramlethalplz: :icongg-ravenplz: :icongg-sinplz: :icongg-slayerplz: :icongg-venomplz: :icongg-zatoplz:
Fire Emblem
:iconfef-mcorrinplz: :iconfef-fcorrinplz: :iconfef-ryomaplz: :iconfef-hinokaplz: :iconfef-takumiplz: :iconfef-sakuraplz: :iconfef-xanderplz: :iconfef-camillaplz: :iconfef-leoplz: :iconfef-eliseplz:
Fate/Grand Order
:iconfgo-artoriaplz: :iconfgo-emiyaplz: :iconfgo-cuplz: :iconfgo-medusaplz: :iconfgo-gilgameshplz: :iconfgo-mordredplz: :iconfgo-astolfoplz: :iconfgo-jackplz: :iconfgo-jeanneplz: :iconfgo-
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 2 3
Watch Dogs: SIN-surrection Prologue
"Do you have the article finished?"
"Yeah, I'm posting it right now."
"Awesome. With this, we'll show the country just how flawed the Law for Public Morals and Healthy Child-Raising truly is. It's high time everyone got a wake up call."
In a dark room, multiple people were on computers, working on what appeared to be news articles. However, the articles were not about events, worldwide events or even the weather. They were written for the sole purpose of criticizing a law that was passed down 12 years ago. Many have accepted it as the norm, but these people were one of the few who would not let it stand. Obviously, they would be scorned or even arrested for making their thoughts public, so they created a blog that allowed them to question the law through the anonymity of the internet. This blog was known... as Deviant Nation.
"We're getting more followers everyday," a boy said. "And we just put up this site a few months ago."
"The government thinks they can control how we act and talk,
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 1 0
RWBY: Nature's Wrath - Sun Arcade
Part 1: Vs. Emerald
Mount Glenn
Sun: Okay, Sun, think. If you were a moody girl with severe guilt trips, where would you run off to? (thinks for a minute, then groans in frustration) At that rate, she could be anywhere.
Emerald: (walks up to him) Looking for someone?
Sun: Huh? Hey, you're the girl from Haven. I haven't seen you since Beacon. 
Emerald: Yeah, whatever. I'm wondering if you've seen Cinder anywhere.
Sun: Cinder? (scratches) I forgot who she was... what is she, blonde or something?
Emerald: (grits teeth) Her hair isn't important! Just tell me where you last saw her!
Sun: I... I hadn't seen her anywhere.
Emerald: Liar! You must have seen her somewhere!
Sun: I'm not lying! I haven't seen her around!
Emerald: (brings out her weapons) Fine. I'll beat it out of you!
Sun: (sighs and takes out his staff) This is going to be rough.
(After the battle)
Emerald: (pants heavily)
Sun: Now do you believe me?
Emerald: I'll... find out... one way or... another... (passes out)
Sun: Man
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 1 3
PSA - How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked By Girls
:iconGeo3-plz:: Have you ever encountered an angry girl and wondered: "is she about to kick my ass?" Well, wonder no more. If you follow those easy tips, you'll be fine. First: watch your mouth. This has been said for a reason. Think of it as a hint when speaking to a girl. You've often heard, "I wouldn't say that shit if I were you." Well, here's some of that shit:
commenting on a girl's bust sizecriticizing their attitudeimpolite pick-up linesspeaking ill of a girl when she is behind you and you don't realize itmentioning an embarrasing moment:iconGeo2-plz:: You know, you probably won't get your ass kicked if you just use common sense.
(Cuts to Akira tripping in front of the girls' changing room, where the door opens and reveals the girls glaring at him, where he chuckles nervously in response)
:iconGeo4-plz:: If you somehow find yourself in front of a girls' changing room, you may just get off with a warning from them. But if you fall down there holding any device used to tak
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 5 10
Watch Dogs: SIN-surrection Character Sheet
-Main Protagonists-
Hachiman Hikigaya: A gray hat hacker and a student at Tokioka Academy. He was a member of an underground newspaper that questioned and criticized the long-term effects of the Law for Public Order and Morals in Healthy Child-Raising. However, as the paper grew in popularity, the Decency Squad closed in on their locations and arrested all the members. In an act of desperation, the members outed Hachiman as the ringleader, adding that he blackmailed the others into doing their bidding. As a result, Hachiman was arrested, expelled from Sobu High and treated like an outcast among his family and peers.
Ayame Kajo: The vice-president of Tokioka Academy's student council and the daughter of a renowed politician who was arrested for having innappropriate relations with a high school girl. However, beneath her professional facade, she is the ero-terrorist known as Blue Snow and leader of the organization SOX. She runs into Hachiman while on her exploits an
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BlazBlue OC: Vanitas
Name: Vanitas
Nickname: Vanity
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: June 9
Height: 144 cm
Blood Type: B-
Eyes: Saphire
Hair: Black
Weapon: Robots
-Material Collection Information-
Hobbies: Building robots
Likes: Warmth, soft things, Kokonoe
Dislikes: Being alone
-Move List-
Drive: Power-Up
Overdrive: Robot Attack
Distortion Drive: Assault No. 7: Rush, Assault No. 15: Link Toss
Astral Heat: Mega Vanity Robo 
Appearance: Vanity is a young boy with black hair and blue eyes. He wears a blue shirt with gold floral patterns, black shorts and yellow sneakers.
Personality: Despite his innocent appearance, Vanity is very intelligent and quick on the uptake, always finding the solution to any problem presented to him. In addition, he is able to create robots and control a wide variety of them.
Etymology: A vanitas is a symbolic work of art showing the transience of life, the futility of pleasure, and the certainty of death, often contrasting symbols of wealth and symbols
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 4 4
Watch Dogs: SIN-surrection Official Trailer
Hachiman (narrating): It's been said that no one is created equal.
(cuts to Decency Squad officers breaking into an abandoned warehouse)
Hachiman (narrating): It's been said that there's no such thing as freedom of speech.
(the Decency Squad swarms the interior)
Hachiman (narrating): And it's also been said...
(a group of students jump in surprise when the Decency Squad breaks into the room, guns aimed at them)
DS Officer: Hands up!
Student #1: (points to Hachiman) It was him!
Student #2: He threatened to flood our inboxes with spam if we didn't help him!
(cuts to the DS throwing Hachiman onto a squad car as they handcuff him)
Hachiman (narrating): Unintelligent people always look for a scapegoat.
(Hachiman sees his classmates, especially Yukino and Yui, who look at him with either shock or disappointment)
Hachiman (narrating): And I was unfortunate to have that role handed to me.
(Ubisoft logo appears digitally)
(Song: Run This Town by Jay-Z)
(scene shifts to a cafe where Hachi
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 1 0
RWBY: Nature's Wrath Intro V2
(Theme: Out of Control by MAN WITH A MISSION and Zebrahead)
(Opening instrumental) Ruby stares at the sky while standing on a cliff as it turns dark.
(I’m a mad man with a mission) The scene shifts to Weiss pointing Myrtenaster forwards, then cuts to Blake holding Gambol Shroud in a defensive stance.
(Like a nightmare, double vision) Yang grips her mechanical arm with an angy look, then cuts to Jaune preparing to draw out his sword.
(This is warfare, feel the kick drum) Pyrrha leans against a wall with Fukkatsu sitting next to her, then cuts to Sun gripping his staff while looking up to the dark sky.
(We be shining, killin’ redrum) Penny walks down a star with her blades spinning behind her, then cuts to Glynda sitting on a ledge as she grips her crop.
(Lock and loaded, pull the trigger) Roman leans against a pole while smoking, then cuts to Emerald laying on the ground.
(In this movement, growin’ bigger) Me
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 1 0
Pyrrha x Fukkatsu by phantomblade88 Pyrrha x Fukkatsu :iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 5 0
RWBY OC: Christian Lilac
Name: Christian Lilac
Alias: Chris Lake
Age: 24
Color Reference: Lilac is a color that is a pale violet tone representing the average color of most lilac flowers. It might also be described as dark mauve or light purple.
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Bodyguard
Affiliation: Ars Goetia
Appearance: Lilac is a young man with a moderate build. He has pale skin, long violet hair and purple eyes. His attire consists of a gray jacket over a purple shirt with a lilac blossom insignia, black pants and gray boots. In addition, he has three earrings on both of his ears.
Personality: Upon first glance, Lilac appears to be indifferent to the world around him, not caring what happens or who is affected. To him, there are only three things that mat
Weapon: Galatine Sigma
Weapon Formation: Four pistols that create a longsword when brought together. He holds two of the guns in his hands and the remaining two are latched to the back of his shoes.
Skills and Abilities: Lila
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RWBY: Nature's Wrath Ch. 2
"Ahh... this feels so wonderful," Nora sighed as as flopped onto the bed. "After days of walking and sleeping on the ground, I'm glad we get to sleep in an actual room."
"I can agree with that," Ruby said, laying down in her own bed. "I haven't been on an actual bed since... Beacon."
The moment she mentioned the academy's name, Ruby's face grew sullen. A lot happened since it's downfall, including Weiss being taken by her father, Blake disappearing to who knows where and Yang having her arm cut off. But the worst part was something Ruby could never unsee, no matter how hard she tried. She witnessed Pyrrha's death firsthand. The image was burned into her mind, just like Pyrrha was burned to ashes right before her eyes.
"Yeah, it's been a long time since that went down," Nora said solemly. "We've lost so much, lost so many people... and Pyrrha." She began to tear up, thinking back to when she and her teammates heard about Pyrrha's death from Qrow. It was very horrifying to hear about a t
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 3 0
RWBY: Nature's Wrath Ch. 1
The blonde looked up to see Ruby staring at him, concern drawn all over her face. And for good reason, too. At least six months has passed since the fall of Beacon and he barely said much since... since he heard of Pyrrha. All that was left of her was the circlet that was hooked to his belt. They were travelling to Mistral to find out anything about the "transfer students" that were the cause of Beacon's fall... and the demise of Pyrrha. The blonde had not said a word regarding his partner, and just the mere mention of her is enough to send him into depression.
"If you want to talk anything, don't be afraid to ask," she said, forcing a smile.
Jaune sighed and walked past her, much to her disappointment.
"I just wanted him to know that what happened wasn't his fault," she muttered solemnly.
Trailing close behind them, Ren and Nora watched as their leader sulked on ahead. They were affected by Pyrrha's death just as Jaune was, but he took it the worst. So many things unsaid, so
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 1 0
Injustice 2 - Slayer
Name: Slayer
Series: Guilty Gear
Character Type: Might
Voice Actor: J.B. Blanc
Intro (Offense): Slayer walks onto the field along with Sharon. Slayer bites into her neck and drains her as the opponent speaks, and once they finish, Slayer delivers his response as his deflated wife wife floats away.
Intro (Defense): Slayer decends on the ground. After the the opponent finishes speaking, Slayer gets into a battle stance.
Post-Round Taunt: Slayer polishes his pipe.
Victory Animation: Slayer removes his cloak, revealing Sharon sitting down while drinking tea. Slayer salutes the fallen opponent and he and his wife sink into the cloak where it turns into a bat and flies off.
Ability: Dandyism
Special Moves:
-Dead on Time
-Eternal Wings
-Up and Close Dandy
Super Move: All Dead - Slayer launches his opponent into the atmosphere with an uppercut, where he recites haiku that makes t
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Mature content
Watch Dogs: SIN-surrection Teaser :iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 2 0
Peerage Shenaigans: Swimsuit Conversations
Sin, Bell and Corrin were in the living room, looking through a magazine catalogue. It featured beautiful girls wearing swimsuits that hugged their curves quite nicely. They would only do this when the girls were out, not wanting risk being beaten to an inch of their lives.
"You know, after looking through all these pictures, I think this is the best," Sin announced, pointing to a girl wearing a one-piece swimsuit. "I can definitely see one of the girls wearing that."
"I don't know," Corrin replied, scratching his head. "It seems a little... tame."
"Tame?" Sin blinked for a moment before realizing where the Nohrian prince came from. "Don't tell me your sister has been glomping you again."
"I didn't know Miss Hinoka was into glomping," Bell said.
"Her other sister, Bell," Sin sighed. "You know, the one with the..."
It didn't take long for Bell to realize what Sin was talking about, judging from how quickly he blushed. "You mean Miss Camilla, don't you."
"Obviously, I mean her," Sin repl
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Yatsuhashi 3.0 by dishwasher1910 Yatsuhashi 3.0 :icondishwasher1910:dishwasher1910 564 34 The Night Is Still Young by Mastergodai The Night Is Still Young :iconmastergodai:Mastergodai 230 7 Chump Booty by KingJion Chump Booty :iconkingjion:KingJion 47 10 WARRIOR PRINCESS OF NOHR: Camilla by jadenkaiba
Mature content
WARRIOR PRINCESS OF NOHR: Camilla :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 380 13
[Azur Lane] Sirius by sumisumii
Mature content
[Azur Lane] Sirius :iconsumisumii:sumisumii 116 3
Midori Gurin by SRealms Midori Gurin :iconsrealms:SRealms 1,001 114 Slime Kitsune Fusion by MeltyVixen
Mature content
Slime Kitsune Fusion :iconmeltyvixen:MeltyVixen 271 9
Marie rose by sakimichan Marie rose :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 2,157 38 Shinji Older Version by TataBanchou Shinji Older Version :icontatabanchou:TataBanchou 13 3 Commission - Aoi Asahina by NidavellirStudios
Mature content
Commission - Aoi Asahina :iconnidavellirstudios:NidavellirStudios 95 5
OC Yui by Kuuki03 OC Yui :iconkuuki03:Kuuki03 125 4 Kyuboobmon by DoomXWolf
Mature content
Kyuboobmon :icondoomxwolf:DoomXWolf 610 54
|CM| Velleda by GigaMessy |CM| Velleda :icongigamessy:GigaMessy 933 66 Lili by mesiasart Lili :iconmesiasart:mesiasart 103 9 32019 by Jo3mm 32019 :iconjo3mm:Jo3mm 99 1


You know, this artist never ceases to blow my mind into little bits that can't be seen even if one had a microscope. I don't know how h...

I got to say here... Actually, I don't know what to say here. After seeing the latest episode, I thought to myself: "Have I seen this b...

by EVOV1

I'm speechless. I've seen a lot of booty animations before, but this one... it really wants me to download Baby Got Back. That's pretty...

This is piqued my interest a while back, but I don't completely love it. I like it, but could use a little more detail. Don't get me wr...



I have a Discord server that allows 18+ roleplaying. If anyone is interested, follow this invite. Be quick, though, it expires in a day:
For those anticipating the western release of Judgement, there may be some complications due to this reveal:…



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Tagged by: :iconblackace70:

1. Choose your Favorite character
2. Name 10 boys/girls you ship with them from different series. (No Repeats)

Favorite character: :iconfef-mcorrinplz:

1. CorrinxErza (Fairy Tail)
2. CorrinxBayonetta (Bayonetta)
3. CorrinxNoelle (Black Clover)
4. CorrinxAkane (SSSS.Gridman)
5. CorrinxXenovia (High School DxD)
6. CorrinxDoppel (Monster Musume)
7. CorrinxKiyohime (Fate/Grand Order)
8. CorrinxElma (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)
9. CorrinxMiyabi (Senran Kagura)
10. CorrinxSatsuki (Kill la Kill)



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Short Fate GO Fic
Alright, I'm going to make this my first commission. For 200 points, I will write a short Fate GO story with the characters of your choice. Now, I'm in the mood for some fluff pieces, with a lot of heartwarming content. I won't do anything that has violence or sexual content in them, so keep that in mind. Thank you.


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