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Watch Dogs: SIN-surrection Teaser :iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 1 0
Peerage Shenaigans: Swimsuit Conversations
Sin, Bell and Corrin were in the living room, looking through a magazine catalogue. It featured beautiful girls wearing swimsuits that hugged their curves quite nicely. They would only do this when the girls were out, not wanting risk being beaten to an inch of their lives.
"You know, after looking through all these pictures, I think this is the best," Sin announced, pointing to a girl wearing a one-piece swimsuit. "I can definitely see one of the girls wearing that."
"I don't know," Corrin replied, scratching his head. "It seems a little... tame."
"Tame?" Sin blinked for a moment before realizing where the Nohrian prince came from. "Don't tell me your sister has been glomping you again."
"I didn't know Miss Hinoka was into glomping," Bell said.
"Her other sister, Bell," Sin sighed. "You know, the one with the..."
It didn't take long for Bell to realize what Sin was talking about, judging from how quickly he blushed. "You mean Miss Camilla, don't you."
"Obviously, I mean her," Sin repl
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 2 0
Starforce DxD - Uzumaki Peerage
King: Naruto Uzumaki
    Race: Demigod
    Origin: Naruto (if it wasn't obvious enough)
Queen: Hinata Hyuga (who else?)
    Race: Devil
    Origin: Naruto
Bishop: Tamamo no Mae
    Race: Fox Spirit/Devil
    Origin: Fate/Extra
Bishop: Kii
    Race: Dryad/Devil
    Origin: Monster Musume
Knight: Mordred Pendragon
    Race: Devil
    Origin: Fate/Apocrypha
Knight: Haruko Amaya
    Race: Devil
    Origin: Maken-ki!
Rook: Bell Cranel
    Race: Devil
    Origin: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon?
Rook: Corrin (M)
    Race: Devil
    Origin: Fire Emblem
Pawn: Momo Yaoyorozu
    Race: Devil
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 4 0
Overwatch OC: Smoke
Name: Leon Strider
Alias: Smoke
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Nationality: Canadian
Affiliation: Talon
Role: Defense
Appearance: Smoke is a young man with short black hair and brown eyes. He wears a brown leather jacket over gray, faded body armor with matching pants and boots. He wears a red baseball cap with the Talon insignia on it. He carries a canister on his back, containing a heavy amount of smoke that he uses for increased mobility.
Personality: Due to his rough childhood, Smoke comes off as aloof and antisocial, but will make no effort to hide any biting remarks about things that displease him, such as Overwatch, believing the world is better off without the organization. However, he does have a soft spot
for Omnics, believing they deserve to live as humans do.
Background: Leon was an smokehouse bar employee who lived in a small town in Nova Scotia, which was hit hard by the Omnic Crisis. Since that day, people have been mistrustful of Omnics and hated their existance. Leon was not one
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 2 0
RWBY: Nature's Wrath - Phantom Yang
(Amity Arena)
Lilac: (dodges shots from Yang who is still mad) Hey, would you chill out for a minute?
Yang: (angry) How about you shut your face! Or better yet, I'll burn it right off!
Lilac: (sighs) This is ridiculous.
(Lilac flash steps behind Yang and kicks her in the back, knock her across the field)
Yang: (growls) Dirty trick, dude.
Lilac: Oh, you're lecturing me on dirty tricks? Right after you tripped me, attempted to poke my eyes out and spat in my face as a diversion. Like, actual spit.
Yang: Your point being?
Lilac: My point is, regardless of what social standing you have, there is literally no justification to fight or act like you were born without a moral compass.
Yang: My enemies probably won't have those. Why should I hang on to mine?
Lilac: Um... higher moral standing?
Yang: (scoff) To hell with that. I'm crushing anything and anyone who stands in my way.
Lilac: (sadly) Even your own sister?
Yang: (spitefully) She left me, just like everyone else in my life. Now, I've g
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 3 0
RWBY: Nature's Wrath - Phantom Blake
(Amity Arena)
Blake: (after some mandatory rest) Okay. Tell me why you brought me here.
Lilac: Are you rested?
Blake: (annoyed) Yes, I've been rested for a while now.
Lilac: Hmm... I think you need more rest.
Blake: I've had enough rest. Tell me what your purpose is.
Lilac: I'd like to tell you, but I don't think you're fully rested for what I am about to-
Blake: (rushes towards Lilac and presses her blade against his neck) Tell me now before I cut you.
Lilac: (raises hands defensively) Alright, chill out. I'll talk. (under his breath) Crazy bitch.
Blake: (ears twitch in annoyance) I heard that.
Lilac: Whatever. Anyway, you've been brought here to see if you are worthy.
Blake: Worthy of what?
Lilac: Of realizing the truth of this world. A truth that makes you question everything you've learned about it growing up.
Blake: And you think I'm worthy of learning the truth of the world?
Lilac: Condsidering how hard you've been fighting, I would think so.
Blake: (ears flatten in shame) Then y
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 4 0
RWBY: Nature's Wrath - Phantom Weiss
(Amity Arena)
Weiss: I suggest you explain yourself this instant. Why have you brought me here?
Lilac: A good question, one which will be answered in due time.
Weiss: (points Myrtenaster towards Lilac) No. I want an answer right now.
Lilac: (scoffs) I'll give you an answer if you quit pointing that glorified toothpick you've got.
Weiss: Has anyone told you that you're annoying?
Lilac: I don't know. I couldn't give less of a damn about what people say or think about me. Anyway, we've got somewhere to go and we can't delay it any longer.
Weiss: What do you mean?
Lilac: You'll see.
(Lilac snaps his fingers his fingers and he and Weiss disappear from the Arena) Bonus Stage: Demon Mirror Realm
Vs. Phantom Weiss
(Weiss and Lilac are transported to a dark, ominous dimension surrounded by sinister archictecture)
Weiss: (dryly) Oh, well this is just lovely.
Lilac: (equally dry) Oh, I figured you had an eye for classic archictecture.
Weiss: I was being sarcastic.
Lilac: (bows down) An astut
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 3 0
RWBY: Nature's Wrath - Phantom Ruby
(Amity Arena)
Lilac: You've got potential, kid. I like that. But there's one more opponent that must be fought before I can send you back.
Ruby: Really? Who's that?
Lilac: I'll take you to them. But we need to make a change of scenery.
(Lilac snaps his fingers, causing him and Ruby to disappear from the arena)Bonus Stage: Demon Mirror Realm
Vs. Phantom Ruby
(Ruby and Lilac are transported to a dark, ominous dimension surrounded by sinister archictecture)
Ruby: (looks around) Where... are we?
Lilac: This is the stage of the final trial you must overcome, Ruby. Otherwise, you will be unable to return to your body.
Ruby: (looks at him in shock) What?! Are you saying that-
Lilac: No, you aren't dead or anything. I just brought your consciousness to this dimension to test your fighting abilities.
Ruby: (blinks) I have no idea what any of that meant.
Lilac: (sighs) Forget it. Let's just get to the reason as to why we're here. (points to the mirror in the center of the room) Do you see that m
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 3 8
Far Cry Dusk
Plot: Jacob Hopper, a young man from Canada, is visiting a friend of his in Mikentendō, a mountainous country in Japan. His friend, Akira Sumikawa, shows him around the village he lives in. There are rivers with fresh water, monuments with ancient history and plenty of friendly people. But there is one part that puts all the other features to shame: the Tasatsukami Shrine. Akira takes Jacob to the Shrine and are immediately greeted by the shrine maiden, Sakuya Tasatsukami. While on a tour around the shrine, Jacob is distracted by the scenery and wanders off. Hoping to get back with the group, he finds himself in an unfamiliar room with strange letters, maps of the country with certain parts marked with an "X" and most surprising of all, a dead body. Before he could figured out what was happening, he finds himself surrounded by armored men and is shortly incapacitated by them. Jacob wakes up to find himself in a cell and is greeted by Sakuya, who has a neutral, yet sour expres
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 1 0
Name: Jadal
Height: 210cm
Weight: 201lbs
Blood Type: B
Eye Colour: Red
Origin: Saudi Arabia
Birthday: June 3
Hobbies: Making tea
Likes: Beautiful women
Dislikes: Beautiful women who are shallow and cruel
Gender: Male
Race: Human
-Powers & Abilities-
Magic: Storytelling
-Voice Actor-
Jadal is a young man with dark skin, long black hair and red eyes. He wears a red and black Arabian ensemble with a golden sash around his waist and black and red pointed shoes. 
Personality: Jadal is a playful sort who enjoys taking life one step at a time, and occasionally flirt with pretty women.
References & Allusions: Jadal gets his name from the Jordanian Arabic Rock band JadaL.
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 3 5
Injustice 2 - Archer of Red
Name: Atalanta
Series: Fate/Apocrypha
Character Type: Arcane
Voice Actor: Allegra Clark
Intro (Offense): Atalanta drops onto the stage. When her opponent finishes talking, she draws an arrow.
Intro (Defense): Atalanta appears in front of her opponent, readying an arrow.
Victory Animation: Atalanta tosses an arrow into the air and draws it back shooting it towards the camera.
Super Move: Phoebus Catastrophe
vs. Atrocitus
Atalanta: Even this world has Berserkers.
Atrocitus: You'll die in agony for that. 
Atalanta: And they're just as arrogant too.
vs. Black Manta
Atalanta: Your head is most unusual.
Black Manta: It's a helmet, you idiot.
Atalanta: Oh. Forget what I said, then.
vs. Cheetah
Atalanta: There's a difference between a huntress and a killer.
Cheetah: Don't think you're above me, archer.
Atalanta: Clearly, the
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 5 16
Mature content
Assassin's Creed: Defiance Trailer :iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 1 0
Injustice 2 - Saber of Black
Name: Siegfried
Series: Fate/Apocrypha
Character Type: Arcane
Voice Actor: Ben Pronsky
Intro (Offense): Siegfried pulls his sword from the ground. After the opponent finishes talking, he points it towards them.
Intro (Defense): Siegfried stands still, holding his sword in front of his face. Once the opponent has finished talking, he swings it around.
Victory Animation: Siegfried activates his sword, releasing energy into the air.
Super Move: Balmung
vs. Aquaman
Siegfried: Greetings, King of Atlantis.
Aquaman: I would never have expect to face the dragon slayer.
Siegfried: I'll show you why I earned the title.
vs. Black Adam
Siegfried: Don't expect me go easy on you, Caster.
Black Adam: The same goes to you, dragon slayer.
Siegfried: Then we are in agreement.
vs. Black Canary
Siegfried: Have you come to fight me?
Black Can
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 5 0
Accident by phantomblade88 Accident :iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 3 0
Injustice 2 - Rider of Black
Name: Astolfo
Series: Fate/Apocrypha
Character Type: Arcane
Voice Actor: Faye Mata
Intro (Offense): Astolfo flies down to the field on his hippogriff. When the opponent finishes talking, he hops down and the creature flies off.
Intro (Defense): Astolfo stands in front his opponent, twirling his lance. When they finish speaking, he points it at them.
Victory Animation: Grinning widely, Astolfo flips into the air and drives his spear into the ground.
Super Move: Trap of Argalia

vs. Atom
Astolfo: How do you turn yourself so little?
Atom: Through science, anything is possible.
Astolfo: What kind of magic is that?
vs. Black Adam
Astolfo: Wow, I didn't Casters could control lightning!
Black Adam: You dare mock me, child?
Astolfo: Sheesh, take a compliment, pal.
vs. Catwoman
Astolfo: Uh... what's w
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 7 0
RWBY: Nature's Wrath - Pyrrha Arcade
Part 1: Vs. Mercury
Vale Ruins
Fukkatsu: Alright, Pyrrha. This body I've placed you in is an exact replica of your old one. While it still has your athletic abilities, your soul may not be able to synch with it right away. We may have to give it a beta run.
Pyrrha: (tilts head) Beta run?
Fukkatsu: It's kind of like training, but we're getting you to recalibrate your soul with your body. All we need is some sucker who wants to fight you.
Pyrrha: A sucker, you say? (she looks around the area until she see Mercury) You mean, like him?
Fukkatsu: (sees Mercury and smirks) Yeah, he'll do. Hey! You over there!
Mercury: Hmm? (looks towards Pyrrha and Fukkatsu) Are you talking to me?
Fukkatsu: Who else is here in this dump other than the three of us?
Mercury: Three? (looks at Pyrrha, then laughs) Hey, didn't Cinder do away with you? I guess she didn't do a good job, seeing how you're standing in front of me.
Pyrrha: Did away...?
Fukkatsu: Oh, don't worry about that. Whoever this Cinder is, she
:iconphantomblade88:phantomblade88 1 0


5th Mizukage Sexy by joaomarcosseguramill 5th Mizukage Sexy :iconjoaomarcosseguramill:joaomarcosseguramill 159 3 Konan Sexy by joaomarcosseguramill Konan Sexy :iconjoaomarcosseguramill:joaomarcosseguramill 130 6 Feel The Pain 2.0 - Page 7 by Reit-9
Mature content
Feel The Pain 2.0 - Page 7 :iconreit-9:Reit-9 29 8
Fire Emblem: Unity - Caduceus by NaijMizuho Fire Emblem: Unity - Caduceus :iconnaijmizuho:NaijMizuho 9 1 Fire Emblem: Shields of Magvel - Ellie by NaijMizuho Fire Emblem: Shields of Magvel - Ellie :iconnaijmizuho:NaijMizuho 9 0 Fire Emblem: Shields of Magvel - Reyna by NaijMizuho Fire Emblem: Shields of Magvel - Reyna :iconnaijmizuho:NaijMizuho 8 0 Fire Emblem: Shields of Magvel - Freya by NaijMizuho Fire Emblem: Shields of Magvel - Freya :iconnaijmizuho:NaijMizuho 8 0 Yamaki Fujimoto v2 by I-Spoks
Mature content
Yamaki Fujimoto v2 :iconi-spoks:I-Spoks 125 11
Yamaki Fujimoto v1 by I-Spoks Yamaki Fujimoto v1 :iconi-spoks:I-Spoks 110 5 Commission: Orie ballardiae by keshi-gomu Commission: Orie ballardiae :iconkeshi-gomu:keshi-gomu 93 2 [CM] Solara by Ateliae [CM] Solara :iconateliae:Ateliae 17 0 Raven by VSasha Raven :iconvsasha:VSasha 62 5 [Animated Adoptables] #7 (Closed) by svikey02
Mature content
[Animated Adoptables] #7 (Closed) :iconsvikey02:svikey02 18 0
Bowsette NSFW teaser by Kainkout
Mature content
Bowsette NSFW teaser :iconkainkout:Kainkout 171 7
Metroid, Halloween by SplashBrush Metroid, Halloween :iconsplashbrush:SplashBrush 464 9 Sunflower by Ateliae Sunflower :iconateliae:Ateliae 20 0


You know, this artist never ceases to blow my mind into little bits that can't be seen even if one had a microscope. I don't know how h...

I got to say here... Actually, I don't know what to say here. After seeing the latest episode, I thought to myself: "Have I seen this b...

by EVOV1

I'm speechless. I've seen a lot of booty animations before, but this one... it really wants me to download Baby Got Back. That's pretty...

This is piqued my interest a while back, but I don't completely love it. I like it, but could use a little more detail. Don't get me wr...




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Short Fate GO Fic
Alright, I'm going to make this my first commission. For 200 points, I will write a short Fate GO story with the characters of your choice. Now, I'm in the mood for some fluff pieces, with a lot of heartwarming content. I won't do anything that has violence or sexual content in them, so keep that in mind. Thank you.


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