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Animal Farm: Squealer

Okay. Squealer, the master of barnyard propaganda, is without a doubt my favorite character from George Orwell's "Animal Farm". If you haven't read this book, you definitely should. It's a 139-page allegory to Stalinist Russia (yes... with talking animals). It's also fucking amazing.
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In my English lesson last year, my teacher (who left btw) printed off pictures of the characters for us to annotate underneath. She printed off your drawing (this one!) OMG I remember thinking 'I love this drawing!!' and now i find it on DA!
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The book is good
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I read it, watched the live action movie, and I interpreted him like a tamworth pig like in the movie, the movie was inaccurate but it was such an amazinng squealer
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so cute yet so darn evil D:
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I remember this book! It was disturbed but still very good
Great picture by the way
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Cutest sociopath ever to infect literature.
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best squealer i have seen so far great work!
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squealer all the way!
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Tag Your IT!!!!!! Read my journal to find out the rules to the game!!
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Sper Awesome!! :D I love Animal Farm.
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That's pretty much how I saw Squealer in the book. A bit sly looking.
And agreed, Animal Farm is amazing
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i've read the book twice lol
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Excellent drawing, but I fucking hate Squealer.
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This what they should have made Squealer look like in the movie.
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Yay Squealer! =)
I like this book~
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We read this book in school. I didn't like it but this is an awesome drawing.
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Nice drawing...


... comrade. ;P
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Squealer is win. I don't care how much "bad" stuff he does, he's still win. More propaganda, food and squishy piggies for everyone!!
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He reminds me of Himmler for some reason. XD

Nice drawing.
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hahaha. yeah, I can kinda see that.

it's probably the hat. XD
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Animal Farm is a timeless classic
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