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Did you ever know that when you were born, you are not alone? It was once said that "something else" are born with you as your shadow, and it will follow you till the day you die...or so you thought.

What if that "something" is more than just a shadow? What if maybe, just maybe, it feeds on your negativity as you enjoy your life's simple pleasures?
What if it devours not only your emotional baggage but your whole being and existence???

Yes, this beings are Nightmares. Dark shadows of ignorant humans that never sees them but felt them. They feed on your anger, sadness, and any darkness in your hearts. These Nightmares have no soul, and they only act upon instinct, not intellect. Over time, when their hosts no longer have enough happiness or "light" within their hearts, the Nightmares will devour their hosts. They will replace the host and continue it's fake existence, continue devouring human souls to achieve PHANTOM SOUL, an entity of absolute power over the world of humans and shadows.

When all hope is lost, a new generation is born. They are the Dreamers, humans born without Nightmares and their hearts are filled with lights to oppose the Nightmares. The only question is, will these Dreamers able to stop the Nightmares from achieving PHANTOM SOUL???

NIGHTMARES - 7 Prince of Hell

:iconleftbatwingplz:7 Prince of Hell:iconrightbatwingplz: -

1) Lucifer (Pride) - SHIKI :thumb375801851:
2) Mammon (Greed) - Tomiyoku Phantom Souls Nightmare : Tomiyoku the Greed by RitterZaki
3) Asmodeus (Lust) - Callysta Orelia Cally by xPockyKissx
4) Leviathan (Envy) - Rouge PS: Rouge (Nightmare) by temiji
5) Beelzebub (Gluttony) - Maize PS: Maize Malheur by Slinth
6) Satan (Wrath) - Raira PS Raira's Hello by IkuRyo (I noticed that Wrath in Latin is ira, part or Raira's name XDDD)
7) Belphegor (Sloth) - Narl

DREAMERS - 7 Archangels

:iconleftangelwingplz:7 Archangels:iconrightangelwingplz:

1) Michael (Head of all angels) - Shiki :thumb369789447:
2) Gabriel (Angel of Revelation) - Akira Phantom Soul OC by KagayakiTsuki
3) Raphael (Angel of Healing) - Eclaire PS: (OC) Eclaire by Haxelo
4) Uriel (Angel of Wisdom) - Hikari/Ruki :thumb378880888:
5) Selaphiel (Angel of Prayer) - Avelinn Dreamer Completed by ShioyaLarissaElara
6) Raguel (Angel of Justice and Harmony) - Tsuki
7) Barachiel (Angel of Blessings) - Mered Phantom Soul OC: MeRED by SPINNY-chair-HERO



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Go ahead.
Pffshh the way I post this journal sounded like I'm gonna have a booth there but truthfully, I won't. Because why? Because I'm still amateur on these art selling things I'm so sorry :iconminghideplz:

After all I'm not yet pro and noticeable to have my own booth or the least be recruited into Yukkuri or any booth

However I do have intentions on having own booth, and Chokinis is gonna be my partner. That means it's gonna be artist duo booth or anything like that :v
When will I have that intentions achieved? 
I dunno _(:3 JL)_

Choki and I had discussed this and maybe we'll achieve this ambitious dream when we're older - somewhat 18 y old liddat . We're old enough, we're matured enough, we're independent enough and dont forget we're might be pro enough to sell our artworks ^^

Rite now we're both just a couple of 15 year old teens, and not gonna do in between the time we're being 16-17 year olds cuz Choki might go to a boarding school next year while I'm here staying-remaining as a rebellious little shet ><

But that's not what this journal is all about =w=
Hey hey gonna say how I look like in both days Now feeling sick. Damn fever, not allowing me to draw much QwQ Now go jot this description down in your notebook under the title "how to find Ritterzaki T" ppfft  :
>>>> I am a girl //slapped , my height is about 145cm I guess , shoulder length black hair , black piercings on the ears and panda eyes

First Day Attire :-
I'll be wearing Shingeki No Kyojin Green Hoodie of Scouting Legion *Gold ver. If you never seen it yet, refer here >…
Inside the hoodie will be a green+blue+white lines plaid shirt (cuz I love plaid shirts aaaah)
Gonna wear black skinny jeans with grey sneakers. 

Second Day Attire :-
I'll be wearing a *black turtle neck coat. If you never seen how it looks like, see here >…
Inside the coat will be a soft red + soft orange + peach-yellow plaid shirt (again, a plaid shirt)
Gonna wear the same black skinny jeans and grey sneakers.

Note :-
Maybe I will be taking off my jackets (since it's gonna be hot and I'll be sweating ^^lll ) so if you can't see me, refer me by my plaid shirts okay?? owo/

** I bold these words meaning this description is specific. There might be many SNK hoodies but mine is with golden symbol of scouting legion badge. turtle neck coat is DARK BLACK. 
Just wanna ask you guys,
Who's going to CF 2013 yoooooo??
Comment below cuz I wanna meet ya guys so damn bad aaaaaaaa

You greet me nicely and introduce me who you are as in, your real name and dA name! So I will know which and which! ^^

Thanks for reading this crappy long journal! Hope we can meet~~ OwO

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Hiki and Itoshi by Fantashii

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The universe where Dreamers and Nightmares clash...To protect the Humans, Phantom Soul must never be achieved!
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Jun 4, 2013

Southeast Asia

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Role-playing group

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