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Published: June 13, 2008
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The downside of the Change is that people often end up something they don't expect, and often, initially don't like, either. But the upside is that many needs have new and unusual solutions that weren't available before. So goes the U.S. Department of Transporation's Drider Bridge Corps, for example. Spider silk is significantly stronger than steel, and any bridge built by driders would likely outlast the mountains it was built on. Suddenly driders went from scary to highly valued, almost overnight.

Jacqueline here was a secretary before the Change, but after, the USDOT DBC offered her six figures a year, free food and water, and all the sunshine and fresh air she could ever want. How could anyone turn down an offer like that? And even when a bridge needs repairs, like this one does, it's not exactly terrible work.


This was an old sketch that was too incomplete to ever quite make it into the Incompleted Projects Bin. I had... well, I had a lot of time to kill today, so I took it from a sketch to what you see here. Jacqueline's colors were chosen by my fiancée, right down to the freckles.

This probably needs more shading and detail work (where are the cars?), but it's done enough that it's worth posting. This is... I dunno, maybe ten hours of work total, and, as usual, all vector art in CorelDRAW.
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GrendelkinHobbyist General Artist
This is great. :D
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I think she is simply lovely!
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phantom-inkerHobbyist Digital Artist
Not intentionally.  I drew this picture long before that show was even a glimmer in Lauren Faust's eye.  The colors just work well together.
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Yeah, I knew this was made in 2008, but gotta admit, when viewed in a 2015 lens, the coincidence of her color scheme, eye color, and hairstyle together matching a certain apple pone is quite funny.

Of course, it IS just coincidence. We don't have time travel just yet... Applejack liar

Also, spider silk bridges would be friggin' awesome to have. Cheap to maintain, and as you said, ridiculously strong and durable.
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AwesomeAlex2001Professional General Artist
Hey uhh does she spin webs and Cocoon her victims?
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AwesomeAlex2001Professional General Artist
Uhhhhhh whats that area where theres a hole that the webs come out?
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phantom-inkerHobbyist Digital Artist
It's not really a hole.  There are organs there that produce silk, called spinnerets.…
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AwesomeAlex2001Professional General Artist
Ahh it looks kinda cute
Like its very detailed
So does she cocoon stuff
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Moonbow69Student Artist
Possibly. Also, if I had a stack of hundreds for every Bill Cipher I've seen, I'd be pretty damn rich.
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AwesomeAlex2001Professional General Artist
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PatricktheHenchmanHobbyist General Artist
I guess she gets assigned to repair the Golden Gate bridge a lot, seeing how many times we that bridge getting destroyed.
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I love her! She's so cute and looks happy >A<
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GuesssWho9Hobbyist General Artist
You should write a whole story.
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Reminds me of how biotechnologists are still trying to produce spider silk for applications such as this. Since spider silk is such a big protein, they're using goat mammary glands. They've created genetically engineered goats that produce it in their milk. (They're only 0.0000001% spider...but technically they ARE "spider-goats".) They got the protein isolated, but, unfortunately, it fell through for one major reason: producing the protein is only "half" of the equation. Apparently the "spinneret" organ is just as essential to properly assemble the proteins into strands that make high quality silk that has the desired properties. Attempts to "replicate" the spinneret so far have yielded product inferior to steel... We'll have to actually make a synthetic spinneret itself to get it to work, which is a problem because biologists don't really understand how the spinneret works yet.
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I think she needs to be an internet specialist; she's good working on the WEB *rimshot*
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Interesting universe. Also love the art.
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I've noticed you keep referring to "the change" in your descriptions. Is it some kind of widespread medical condition in this setting?
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phantom-inkerHobbyist Digital Artist
Go read "Caity's World" [link] :)
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...Hoo boy, this could take a while.
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Interesting work here. Good to see that a 'monster' has been allowed to do something useful for society, instead of eating derelects in some dark alley. Good job, decent taste.

As for the lack of cars, maybe they closed the bridge for repairs?
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laughingvulcanHobbyist General Artist
SUCH a cool use of a Drider! Very much a fave!
For some reason, I want to toss her a bottled Ice Tea and then talk to her on her break...

*Adds 'Drider' to list of beings he wants to sketch* :) :squee:
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a asewome edie to yous spider silk and it will by easy for her two clim hi playsis asewome job
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