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Meet Corinne the centauress. Ain't she cute?

I've been working on this picture for what seems like ages now, and today I finished off the last few details, mostly involving the shading on her lower half. I started this picture because I wanted to show a modern-day centaur girl in a dress, all cute and spunky, looking back over her shoulder at the camera, and I wanted it to be a good enough picture that it'd work well on my front page. So here she is.

I have no idea how much time was involved in this (40 hours? 50 hours?), but it's 100% vector-art-with-a-mouse from start to finish: No bitmaps were harmed in the drawing of this picture ;)

This was loosely inspired by Akino Arai's song Follow Me, for those who are curious, and inspired more by the sound and feel of the song than by the words (though the title obviously was involved).

(This is the G-rated Disney-fied version; if you want the anatomically-correct version, there's one posted in my private gallery.)

You can see a closeup of this picture here, which shows all the detail in the print.

High-quality prints of this are available in the store!
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I’m bad at keeping up with centaurs so... the only way to keep up with you, is to ride astride you. Hold on.
*places saddle on centauress, and mounts*
Let’s ride, milady.
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Such a cute centaur! Would follow her anywhere~ Love your art!
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Corinne: Oh, you like what you see? How about you follow me? But I must let you know, you're gonna have to...*flicks tail*...keep up.
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cute I love this. could you make a story of it? plesea
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Where are we going?
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could you make another one of this only it has connie as a full human and it doesn't say follow me
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First, her name is Corinne. Second, why would I do that? She likes what she is, and so do I.
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okay i mean like she probobly could have a backstory where she used to be human and got turned into a centaur
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She's too cute to say no to. Of course, you'd have to be able to keep up!
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Follow you anywhere ma'am...lmao
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I would like to follow her.
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I don't know, it could be a trap, to centaur women rape men? I mean according to Greek Legend that's what the men do to women.
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So would we all ;)
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I just broke in my new shoes. Sure I'll follow!
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Unless your shoes are made of metal, she's probably not going to be interested ;)
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Great. I ruined the joke. They're not blue. I'll still try to follow her.
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rest assured; I WILL follow her...
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I like how u made her tail color match her hair
Ever played Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder? Dora was my favorite character. She brings back some good memories.......PG 13 of course! :)
Great pic!
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I did, in the arcades: Sadly, the home-console version didn't include her. But yes, I rather liked Dora myself ;)
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I read some of the comments above... I agree with you. We use to think on centaurs as distant creatures, but they could be like us... An excellent pallette of colors, I must say. Also the pattern of the background.
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