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Favourite Visual Artist
Too many good ones to pick just one
Favourite Movies
Well, I can quote every line from Spaceballs! ^_^
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Arai Akino & Ikimono Gakari
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy VII, Zelda: Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Super Mario 3, and Super Mario World
Favourite Gaming Platform
SNES+++, Switch++, NES++, GBA+, N64+, PS+, Wii, WiiU, 3DS, PS2
Tools of the Trade
CorelDRAW and a mouse

Bio & Stuff

He/him | Married | Professional coder | Amateur artist & writer

🇺🇦 Support Ukraine | #NeverTrump

Hi there! I'm your friendly neighborhood Phantom Inker!

About Me: I'm a happily-married software engineer from southeastern Pennsylvania. I draw anime-styled vector art, mostly of centaurs and other weird mythological creatures. I also wrote the online novel Caity's World, and I currently draw and write Day Two.

I don't bite, and I like hearing from people who like my work, so if you like anything you see me draw, feel free to say hello via a note, an e-mail, or drop by one of my Picarto drawing streams.

Sharing policy: I'm hugely flattered whenever anyone shares my art. Seriously! You can post it on other websites for others to see as long as you follow just two small rules: Please don't claim you drew it, and please don't cut off my name in the bottom corner. (And I'd love it if you sent me a Note showing me where you posted it!)

AI art policy: Yes, you may use my art to train AIs. Honestly, I can barely draw like me, so good luck teaching a computer to do it 😁 But seriously, just make sure you tag any of my art appropriately in your training dataset with a keyword like "phantom-inker" or "phantom_inker" or "phantominker".

NFTs: I do not now and will not ever participate in NFTs. I have never issued an NFT of my artwork and never will. If you bought an NFT of my artwork, you were scammed.

Contact Links: You can also find me on FurAffinity, Pixiv, Patreon, Picarto, Discord and on my own!

Day Two Status

>> Day Two is now available on Tapas too, and the app! <<

Chapter 1: It Begins: Finished

Chapter 2: Zia's Poker Night: Finished

Chapter 3: The Third Roommate: Finished

Chapter 4: Me, Myself, and Yikes: Finished

Chapter 5: My Lunch with Lynne: Finished

Chapter 6: Angel's Among Us: coming soon!

Reader Mail Month (2019): Finished

FAQ Month (2023) Finished

Infomercial Month (2023) coming soon!

Chapter 6: Angel's Among Us

- Story Outline: ██████████

- Full Script: ██████████

- Scenery & Props: ████░░░░░░

- Drawn Pages: ██████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

Chapter 7: Time Out

- Story Outline: ██████████

- Full Script: ████████░░

- Scenery & Props: ░░░░░░░░░░

- Drawn Pages: ░░░░░░░░░░

Chapter 8: Date Night

Chapter 9: The Fox and the Snake

Chapter 10: Day One

Chapter 11: Everything Goes Sideways
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An Answer

2 min read
Well... we have at least the beginnings of an answer on my health. I spoke with my doctor this morning. We've done test after test throughout June. And one of the tests (a renal ultrasound) has identified that the arteries leading to my kidneys are damaged: The kidneys are fine, but blood can't get to them. This explains a lot of the symptoms, especially the crazy high blood pressure. Next up is a specialized CAT scan to better locate exactly where and how the arteries are damaged (no, it's not from cholesterol). Then, likely in August or September, some kind of surgery to fix them. I have an appointment with a kidney specialist next week, and a vascular surgeon at the end of this month. So... on the plus side, yay, finally an answer for why I feel like garbage all the time and my blood pressure is through the roof: It's not salt, it's not coffee or sunlight, it's not diet, it's not exercise, it's not vitamins, it's not allergies, it's not sleep or stress, it's not
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2 min read
It&#8217;s been a little while since the last update. I&#8217;m not dying&#8230; probably. But we still don&#8217;t know the cause. I&#8217;ve found that if I guzzle protein shakes like they&#8217;re the last food on Earth &#8212; every meal I normally eat every day, plus the equivalent of a 12 oz steak every day &#8212; I can sometimes operate at half of normal, with less chest pain and headaches and fuzziness and weakness. Not zero, but less. I&#8217;ve seen lots of doctors over the last month or so, and had lots of blood work, a CAT scan, and an echo of my heart. The current running theory among the doctors is that maybe it&#8217;s kidneys or adrenal glands. I see lots more doctors this week, and next week, and tests and tests and tests. Those of you who had money on a stroke or heart attack can change your bets, at least. I&#8217;m arting very slowly, when I can. I have a few pages of Day Two chapter 6 drawn. WhenI can do a page, it takes the usual time, a half hour or so per panel. But I don&#8217;t have the constitution for the character portraits I used to do; sitting for even a few hours and focusing is almost impossible right now. I wrote even this on my phone in bed, after one of my regular daily naps. Schedule-wise, I won&#8217;t start posting chapter 6 here until I can be sure there won&#8217;t be any interruptions in it &#8212; it needs to be posted weekly or not at all. That said, I&#8217;m going to start posting pages on the Patreon as I draw them, so there&#8217;s at least some content that appears there. You can decide for yourself if you want to wait for it all at once however far in the future, or have a slow trickle now for a little cash. &#8230;which sadly is likely to be spent on medical bills instead of art tools, but that&#8217;s life now for a while. Anyway, there you go. Content, of a sort. Less than usual, but more than nothing.
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Thank you for fav!

Thank you for the fav!

Thanks for the favs! I’ve been a fan of your work for a long time! I’ll be posting more centaurs soon, so I hope you check them out.

Thank you very much for the fav! It means a lot to me!

Well-deserved! You have a neat art style and draw good stuff; you deserve a lot more +favs than you currently have :)

Wait what?!?!? Seriously! You added my ai generated junk? I've been a fan for a very long time. I greatly respect you! Your day 2 comic is fantastic!

Thank you! I’m glad you like my art and my comic!

As for Chelsea, I like good centaur artwork no matter its origin, so I’m happy to add the +favs. She’s an interesting-looking character, and you should post some backstory for her if you have it 😁