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    “What will you tell them?”
    Petra looked at me, her green eyes rigidly locked on mine.
    “I — I — don’t know.”
    I stood in the stale, empty bedroom, at a loss for words.  I had come here in search of her, to see her one last time before she left.  But I had not expected this.  I had not expected what she would be, standing in this room for the last time herself.  I had not expected to find standing in her bedroom a girl attached to the body of a brown horse, her possessions sold, her room bare, everything that I knew of the girl I’d dated gone, and in its place a centaur.
    She adjusted her blue-checkered button-down shirt, loosing the top two buttons.
    “This is not how I wanted it to end,” she said.
    “What — are you?” I said.
    “My people used
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...let me explain in detail what it's like.  It's not that you don't have anything you can draw.  It's that:
  • Your ideas are meh.
  • All your old ideas were meh too.
  • Any new ideas you'll ever come up with are meh.
  • All ideas everywhere are meh.
  • Your art is meh.
  • Your skills are meh.
  • Everything you do is meh.
  • The world is meh.
  • Everything is meh.
  • You're meh.
  • Maybe you should move to a remote cabin and take up basket-weaving.

Muse — the weird crazy artistic part of my brain responsible for pretty much everything you've ever seen me draw — normally YELLS INTO MY EARS all the time.  ALL the time.  Things to draw.  Things she wants.  Things I need to DROP EVERYTHING AND START DRAWING YESTERDAY.  She's bratty and loud and insistent and impatient and that's why I have way, way more incomplete sketches than finished works.

But right now, she's laying back on her couch behind me, bored-scrolling through social media on her phone, popping her pink bubble-gum, isn't yelling, is barely even talking back to me, and is mostly answering "meh" and "whatever" whenever I try to engage her on anything.

Artist's block doesn't mean you don't have ideas.  Artist's block doesn't mean you've forgotten how to draw.  Artist's block just means that every idea seems dumb and boring and bad — and that makes it really hard to want to pick up your pencil (or mouse).
I found out today that :iconmavraster: passed away from complications of a stroke.…

I knew she'd been fighting cancer for a while, and now this.

I never knew Mavra as well as I wanted to, but I knew of her for more than 20 years. And every time I interacted with her, she was kind and caring, and had a ridiculous and delightful sense of humor. Finding people who have the centaurkin vibe is rare enough; finding one like Mavra is even rarer. She and Argon were the grand dam and sire, and now they're both gone.

I always hoped I'd eventually be good enough she'd one day request a drawing from me. That wasn't her style, of course, but I hoped. Sadly, it'll never happen.

Rest in peace, Mavra. You'll be missed.
For what it's worth, I've been hacking at my "roll for drawing" JavaScript — you know, the scripty thing I built that writes random character descriptions like this:
A pinup of a centaur girl.
She has wavy hair, tied back.
She is a dancer, and she is with another girl of the same species.
It has lots of new features, new ways to describe the characters, and even some little bits of worldbuilding in it now too.

Feel free to give it a spin, and as a reminder, you can do anything you want with the results!  If you get any descriptions you really love, you're welcome to share them here, too.

Linky -->


OMG ARMS AND LEGS WITH TOO MANY JOINTS IN THEM. DIGITIGRADE LEGS AND HOOVES AND SPIKY BODY PARTS. I was watching the first season of Trollhunters on Netflix, and Muse — suddenly woke up. O_o
I don't know which is worse: When Muse is yelling a thousand things to draw, or when she's gone completely silent. I've had art block twice this year, and never before it. Don't know how long it will be to shake it this time, but it might be awhile before I draw --- or post --- new art again.
Back in town again, for a while, but I don't know when next I'll be drawing. I'd like to, but life is busy right now.
I haven't had a lot of drawing time lately. And multiple trips and holidays and family events are coming up over the next few months. Don't expect much new content betwixt now and January.
There is a 750,000 kiriban coming, but at the current rate of progress, I might be at 7.5 million before it gets posted >_>

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Hi there! I'm your friendly neighborhood Phantom Inker!

I'm a 42-year-old happily-married software engineer from southeastern Pennsylvania. I draw anime-styled vector art, mostly of centaurs and other weird mythological creatures. I also wrote the online novel Caity's World.

I don't bite, and I like hearing from people who like my work, so if you like anything you see me draw, feel free to say hello via a note, an e-mail, or even IM.

You can also find me on FurAffinity, Picarto, Weasyl, Tumblr, and on my own!

Where are you from?

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Not especially.  The intarwebz has generally agreed that while the D&D drows-and-Lolth thing was the proper origin of the word "drider" (DRow + spIDER), for lack of any better term having been invented prior, any creature that's more-or-less a centauroid spider-person qualifies as a "drider."  Other names haven't really stuck in English (although in Japanese, アラクネ, "arachne," is now the preferred term).  So I follow the current usage of the word, rather than its origin, and many others do too.
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