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Blind Master of the Dremora by PhantasyPen Blind Master of the Dremora :iconphantasypen:PhantasyPen 1 0
To Steal his Heart, part One
It was a dark night, a moonless night that could easily hide a thief from his pursuer, or she from him, and both the pursuer and the pursued knew that. With a laugh that could only be described as joyous and light a black-clothed form leapt across the rooftops of the capital, his feet were a cross between human and lupine, sporting strong black claws instead of nails and possessing tough pads on the soles of his feet.
  "Get back here you damned thief!" A feminine voice screams, the owner's long blonde hair streaming behind her as the woman chases her target. The woman was dressed in a simple tunic and brown leggings that seemed unbecoming on the eldest princess of the Kingdom of Swords, yet there she was, pursuing a thief on the rooftops of her nation's capital, a strong whip in hand as she tries to catch him.
  "Hey now, won't your guards have a heart-attack if they hear you using such coarse language Andy?" The lupine male asks teasingly, his golden eyes shining in the bla
:iconphantasypen:PhantasyPen 0 0
The Ice Lord by PhantasyPen The Ice Lord :iconphantasypen:PhantasyPen 1 1 Adolf Wulfsson by PhantasyPen Adolf Wulfsson :iconphantasypen:PhantasyPen 0 0
Monstergirl Madness Part One
Part I: What, My Roommate is a Centaur?!
"Hi-yah!" A tall girl shouts eagerly, her wooden claymore held easily in one hand as she slashes diagonally at her opponent, a comparatively shorter male with black hair and olive skin.
"Not this time!" The male replies, bringing his right forearm up as a block, the thick leather bracer on his arm absorbing the blow as the male replies in kind, his bokken* flying horizontally and catching the girl in her ribs.
"Ouch!" The girl says as she gets hits, her opponent stopping and dropping his practice weapon. "Sorry Agaue," I say quickly, automatically stopping my attack to check her injury.
"An opening!" My centauress roommate shouts eagerly, taking the opportunity to kick me squarely in the stomach, my abdominals tensing automatically to absorb the blow but it doesn't really matter when you're getting hit by hooves, even playful ones.
"Not fair…" I manage to get out as I crumple onto my knees, holding my stomach and wincing…
:iconphantasypen:PhantasyPen 3 0
The Tigress' Rain I
1st drop: Phirun and Ka'renna
The first thing Phirun became aware of as he started to try and move… BIG mistake, his arms felt like they were on fire and as he looked he realized there was a resi-steel spike less than a foot from his skull.
Let's get that away from where it can do damage. The young man thought as his vision became misted over with bright contrasting shades of red while the spike, previously so close to killing him, began to crumple and collapse in on itself, the structure of the damaged-metal-turned-improvised-weapon collapsing until the spike was nothing more than a hollow but still strong 6-inch cylinder that Phirun casually reached up and tugged from its place in the side of the ruined pod, noting it was originally an oxygen pipe. Calmly the young man reached for the ammo and supply vest that was always strapped to his chest and sighed with relief as he felt his 10-inch vibro-blade still strapped to his chest.
"At least I'm not unarmed." Th
:iconphantasypen:PhantasyPen 1 2
The Dragon and The Knight
My name is Donovan Exacutr, and I am a Hell Knight employed as a captain of the guards by Ravenna, the capital of Olegna'd kingdom. Now, contrary to what you may think, being a captain does not truly pay the bills when the king is afraid you're seducing his daughter to get on the throne and docks your pay every time she makes an advance on you. That said, I genuinely love my job, and despite the poor pay, or perhaps because of the poor pay, the other perks of my job are amazing, for example, every bar in the city has to give me free alcohol whenever I go to one, although, I don't drink so this is pointless, but I also manage to rank as the kingdom's most eligible bachelor every year, although that's not really a perk caused by my job… Anyways, overall my job is good but I really have to say that being the most wanted husband in the world's largest kingdom is actually very draining, especially when they also allow dragons to vote, and dragons DO NOT resp
:iconphantasypen:PhantasyPen 1 5
Broken Wings Cover by PhantasyPen Broken Wings Cover :iconphantasypen:PhantasyPen 0 0


Pikachu head by Twin-Gamer Pikachu head :icontwin-gamer:Twin-Gamer 35 3 A Satyrical Piece by jollyjack
Mature content
A Satyrical Piece :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 2,534 277
Afro Centaur 2.0 by renokid Afro Centaur 2.0 :iconrenokid:renokid 164 7 Veronica pinup by luigiix
Mature content
Veronica pinup :iconluigiix:luigiix 550 56
Body Costume Swap by Twokinds Body Costume Swap :icontwokinds:Twokinds 1,256 150 Raine's Massage by Twokinds Raine's Massage :icontwokinds:Twokinds 1,256 67 Colin Snuggles by Twokinds Colin Snuggles :icontwokinds:Twokinds 1,020 65 Gwenom by NeoArtCorE Gwenom :iconneoartcore:NeoArtCorE 5,712 180 Merchant Magpie by Twokinds Merchant Magpie :icontwokinds:Twokinds 1,355 91 Traitorous Leg by Twokinds Traitorous Leg :icontwokinds:Twokinds 1,620 138 KDA Akali/Eve by shilin KDA Akali/Eve :iconshilin:shilin 2,614 38 Comm| Heart of Flame by SunDier Comm| Heart of Flame :iconsundier:SunDier 1,199 26 K/DA Kai'Sa by raikoart K/DA Kai'Sa :iconraikoart:raikoart 6,106 98 K/DA Akali by raikoart K/DA Akali :iconraikoart:raikoart 6,289 94 originem by empluvie originem :iconempluvie:empluvie 1,259 22 Dracula(warrior) by JohnCHChiu Dracula(warrior) :iconjohnchchiu:JohnCHChiu 434 8



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