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I have a facebook page now:
And an instagram:…

Always happy to connect!
I have been going to the gym lately. A great protein is Myofusion. The cheapest place to get it from is Supplements Online!
Maria has died.

[Not literally]
  • Listening to: 你要的爱
  • Reading: Principles of Internal Medicine
  • Playing: Piano..?
I came to the conclusion that deviantART is full of... otakus, anime lovers, comic-artists... I'm not criticizing, but I noticed that I, myself, got dragged along this anime-wave, so popular and well, pretty.

But, I want to be an artist, one of those that actually do something new, something different, try new things, and for... I don't know, all these years I've been stuck in anime mostly.
I am not an artist.

Right now, I am not one.
But I want to be, and I'll try. Hopefully.

This is my metamorphosis.
For photos, watch my scraps section.

                 DEAR DIARY...

I FEEL: Not that well
I HEAR: Petra Magoni & Ferruccio Spinetti - Guarda Che Luna

I'm officially on the 10th grade.

No, I didn't go to arts. 'cuz I was afraid to become a teacher or some starving artist nameless living with my mom 'till my 50th years.
Mmh.. so what now?

I have a feeling that I am going to regret this decision all my life.
I feel quite sick too.

Friends , Groups and FAQ

.What's your real name?.
It doesn't start with Yoko, but there is something sounding like that on the middle :P

You, introduce yourself.
I'm currently 14, I am at 9th grade, studying in Portugal and I'm a good student XD

.When did you started to draw?.
Like everyone else... On kindergarten. But I just started liking it so I kept sketching on classes and bla bla bla; and I still do! (I'm on 9th grade like I've said).

.What tools do you use?.
In tradicional art I only use pencils or a 0.5 mechanical pencil. I am horrible at coloring, not to mention that I don't have money to buy tools! ;_; To ink just a black normal pen.
In digital art I use a wacom 50€ tablet... To do lineart Macromedia Flash MX (by the way kicks ass cuz you get full and unsketchy lines *.* perfect for cartoons!)
To color; photoshop or painter, sometimes Open Canvas.

I want to ;_; but seriously, I don't want to end up a teacher at some middleschool teaching arts..! I want to be rich (totally un-artsy atittude!); so I guess I can't actually pursue a arts carrer (with major and stuff) but I'll keep on trying to be a freelancer painter at night, while in daylight I work as a enginner XD
"dude I've just build a machine today, i'm gunna do some art now" <_<U

Your drawings are disturbing Ó.o did anything happened to you??
WHAT I DRAW IS NOT WHAT I FEEL! I can draw someone crying or someone very sad or cutting itself or something; but it doesn't mean I DO or FEEL that way! >.< (ok sometimes I am sad BUT, that times you will usually see some melocute gothic kid bittersweet smiling xD)

How you get these ideas and weird inspiration?
I normally sketch a lot on classes, so I get these concepts in class... Dunno, it's quite weird, I start drawing a dog next thing I am drawing lovers *o*; I have some friends that inspire me, I also try to learn new things, so I just put all the reasons together and imagine some depressing/weird situation to aply^.^

What music you like LoLz?
Probably things you like, and other that you will probably hate. I listen to almost everything, as long it has a good rhythm and good music composition, or good vocals or a good solo...
Alternative; Classical; Country; Electronica; Experimental; Grunge; a VERY few Hip/hop or Rap; Jazz; Metal.... and the list goes on..!

Can I add you in msn?
Sure ^_^ but for that send me a note asking for the msn adress, cuz hmm I don't like much random people adding... they can be from... varied places and I get suspicious!

Have you forgot me? I've sent you notes/comments!
Noo~! I sometimes stay away for DA for a long time x.x But I answer everything when I log in!

You suck, you take 2 months to comment my deviations!/Why do you take so long to update your galery
Yur gallery is very *nyaaa*!!!
*points at above* I'm not always here! And thanks for only wanting my comments >_<
Again; *points at above* <.< Doesn't mean I've left; I just don't think my art is good enought to be spreaded over the internet!

zOmg you are azn?
Hm yeah, I'm half chinese and half portuguese ^-^ what's the big deal?

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