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Raven dress by Phantasma-Studio Raven dress by Phantasma-Studio

Another special project. This woman asked us to design her a dress for a character from her own stories, isn’t that special? She gave us some information about the character called Vara Raven and wanted some influences in the dress from Disney’s Belle gown and Sisi dresses.

We dove into a design and came up with the colours dark blue and black. It had to be a tough looking costume because the character description left no room for cuteness and pink.

Thus we designed a wide skirt like Belle’s ball gown with a bodice inspired by Sisi; this you can find back in the neckline and the pattern parts. Instead of sleeves that are common with this kind of dresses, we decided to use skai leather strips over poofy sleeves and pointy lower sleeves, combined with black lace.

Two ravens are applied to the front of the bodice. The neckline is decorated with black lace with silver chain; soft and tough at the same time.

We also designed a very long train with beautiful blue with black lace in the hem and skai leather ravens on the top.

The raven comes back at the front of the skirt; pointy pattern parts like feathers decorate the skirt in various colours of black and blue fabric wich is sometimes layered with lace fabric and trimmed with lace.

Finally a very special addition; a pluche bag in the shape of a raven, for carrying little items to an event like for example Elfia.

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February 1, 2018
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