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May 29, 2021
The Famous Five by Link-Riolu
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The Famous Five


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I considered making 6 drawings: The five solo freeze frames with their individual names and the final one of all of them together. However, since I can’t draw and especially have no idea how to draw humans, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do that or if I even wanted to spend this much time on this one short fideo that might be good and very nostalgic but there are better songs on my list that are waiting to be covered. So I started with the final image of all five to see how well that works. But when I started, I was absolutely crushed by self-doubts. External factors at that time were certainly contributing a lot. I tried to draw Dick’s head first to see if I can come up with an acceptable way to draw a human head. All versions looked absolutely disgusting.

The next day, I scrapped that and started with the background instead since I have a little more experience with that and since it’s very simple, just grass, bushes, sky and a geometric object, also, known as house, sometimes. So I drew that and it turned out acceptable which raised my confidence. In the original, the upper right window reflects the sky with clouds, so I also did that. I’m not sure if that’s recognisable or if it looks like dirty curtains or shower steam or something. Regardless, it’s something different and variations and details are always good. As always since I came up with it, I used my Bob Ross Plant Technique™ for the vines and bushes, though I changed it a little for the bushes. Instead of three layers with different brightnesses on top of each other, I used them to “properly” shade instead, which is of course far from good, but alright and an interesting new way that can be improved. I’m not sure if the grass patches are good. I just sketched them in quickly in the beginning and thought they looked bad like this but I wanted to improve them later. But by the time I finished the drawing, I couldn’t come up with any better way to draw them and it looked empty and bad without them, so I left them as they were. I of course don’t know if that’s because they actually improve the image or if it’s just because I became too used to them in the many hours I spent drawing the drawing. And don’t let me catch you in my grass patch.

After the “success” of the background, I made a second attempt at the human beings. This time, I sketched all five of them completely first, which looked promising, at least if I could turn the head circles into acceptable proper heads somehow. I was of course still full of doubts, but as usual, I forced myself to continue and, after many ctrl+zs, ended up with a surprisingly good Dick head that reminds me of certain style of animated series. I didn’t plan to make it look like this and it’s not my favourite style but I’ll take it, I like how it turned out. I really have to practice humans more and come up with a proper style for them so that they don’t turn out completely different every time and look like an abomination fused together out of reality and something weird. The same goes for Pokémon. Then again, I do have the low-res lineless style for Pokémon like my profile picture that I really like. Anyway, the success with Dick gave me a lot more confidence (of course, a tiny number multiplied by a large number is still a tiny number) and most of all, it let me have more fun because I was less worried that there would be no way I could draw these humans and I wouldn’t have anything to put in the music fideo. I had proof in front of me that I accomplished something, so it was easier to believe in my abilities. The bodies weren’t that difficult. The faces est omnis took many attempts and ctrl+zs. I kept trying different pixels for the eyes and mouths especially and they all looked absolutely disgusting until it suddenly clicked and looked alright. Trial and error. But I like how the faces turned out. I especially love Dick, he looks so friendly and happy. And I like how different the mouths and especially eyes turned out. Each according to their personality and unique. Shading them was really interesting, especially their faces. I love when light and shadows play with each other in faces. Equally as important is the way it makes clothing folds and wrinkles wisible which leads to them looking both more interesting as well as realistic and voluminous instead of a flat skin-tight rubber suit. And shading also allows the separation of overlapping things of the same colour without having to use lines.

I haven’t drawn a lot of hair yet. When I sent Amarizo a pic of Dick for some professional advice from an academic who has no idea about art, he noted that the hair highlights which are apparently called “phong” (as in mat_phong 0) made it look like his hair was wet or very oily. He questioned phong on hair in general, so I looked through some of my favourite artist’s artistic works and found that not all of them used phong on hair. I like the way phong on hair looks, but I also noticed that my phong was way too bright. Some made it brighter and some darker, but it was always not too far off from the main hair colour while mine was nearly white, like it still is in the blonde hair. For those, it makes sense because the yellow is already very bright but all brown haired drawings I looked at had darker phong, so I darkened Dick’s and George’s phong by a lot. It looks way better now but I still don’t think the brightness and saturation are good. I think I should definitely make it even darker next time but I’m not sure if I should use more or less saturation. Probably less, I always use too much. But thanks to Amarizo, it now looks better than it used to and I now more consciously focus on getting hair phong right.

I did an alright job with the humans. But there still was Timmy the dog. I had never drawn a dog before and I don’t really know how dogs are supposed to look either. And he wasn’t too well lit in the original image, so it wasn’t easy to use it as a reference. I figured the head shouldn’t be too hard, just a circle with a rounded triangle sticking out the bottom left. The head turned out surprisingly good, however not really in the original Timmy’s (or rather Toddy’s) shape. It looks much wider. But still good, so I didn’t complain. The torso and legs were a different story. The torso looks mostly like just a big rectangle which seams reasonable but I couldn’t really see how it’s supposed to connect to the head. So I just rounded it toward the head at the top. It looks a little weird and too high, but I think this is what it looks like in the original. The legs seemed to be just boring thin lines and I drew them that way first which looked horrible and boring. The original legs look a bit weird, I have no idea how dog legs look like. But it seems like there is a lot of fur tufts on the underside, so I tried to incorporate those a little to give it more detail and variation. And it worked, the legs now look like something other than just long extremely thin rectangles.

The result is better than I thought it would be and alright. The building is alright because it looks interesting and I love architecture. It’s beautiful and not like the modern distusting grey cuboids that are everywhere and that just have the bare minimum of functionality and no creativity or passion, no soul, nothing that delights the observer or resident, nothing that tells that it was created by and for living creatures with emotions and creativity, to live in and to call a home. A reflection of what the modern human is supposed to be. The humans (in the drawing) are nothing compared to the styles of my favourite artists, but I guess all of that will come with time. Like it seems to be happening quite successfully with 8-bit covers. I feel quite confident about them now, especially compared to a year ago and I already feel like I have my own styles and techniques that make my covers unique and, above all, that make me like both making them and experiencing the result. I still feel like I’m far from that regarding my drawing ability. But maybe that’s because I nearly exclusively draw things for my fideos. That means that I make music that I like and then draw things that somehow fit to it but that I don’t actually enjoy drawing that much. Maybe this is because I don’t know how to build a nice scene that I would enjoy drawing. I should think about that for the next fideo. I’ll write that down.

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Congrats on the DD!

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That certainly wasn't yesterday.

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I gotta read these books some day and see if I'd like them.

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I love the way pixel art works. This is a great one!

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your work is like WOOW. Not erverybody can pull a pic like this off in such a great way OuO

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Glorious nostalgia!

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I never knew how much I needed pixel art like this! Wonderful work!

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Wonderful work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!!!

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Thank you so much!

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I love the face the dog is making lol

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