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Last picture for today ;-)
The bullfinches are quite uncommon in the woods of Paris, but when it is hot, I have a wonderful place to see them... and here is a picture of this place.
I put the leaves of the background... because the original one was a little silly :D
Thanks for your comments
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1/200 second
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560 mm
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Feb 17, 2008, 2:44:06 PM
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Your gallery is unbelievable! What lenses do you use? Gosh. Absolutely AMAZING.
DimRasha's avatar
wow I love the colours on this! :)
phalalcrocorax's avatar
Thanks, I love this bird too ;-)
KreepingSpawn's avatar
Your gallery is just amazing. Keep up the great work! :D
phalalcrocorax's avatar
Thank you... I try to do my best :D
spligity's avatar
great job with the colors
phalalcrocorax's avatar
Ha ha ha
I made the colours by adding some dead leaves behind on the background just before making this picture ;-)

Thanks a lot
orinoor's avatar
What a great shot, just a beautiful bird!
phalalcrocorax's avatar
Thanks a lot.

I love this bird too.
That is a pity their number are decreasing so fast in France :-(
Treekami's avatar
wow! what stunning colors! and or course, amazing shot too. =3
phalalcrocorax's avatar

Thanks you very much for your comment.
As everybody say : all colours are in nature :D
Treekami's avatar

you're very much welcome.

oh and I bought the camera lens you helped me look for. I have not gotten it yet in the mail but it should be coming this week. =)
phalalcrocorax's avatar
Youhou, good new !!!
And it is exactly the good period to use it because it is almost spring period :-)
If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask them to me ;-)
BTW, I don't remember the one I advised you to buy. I can give you some rules to use it well ;-)
Treekami's avatar
I know! I am so excited! I can't wait to use it on wildlife! I was testing it out today with my dogs and objects and it works well!

and it was this lens right here. [link]
phalalcrocorax's avatar
Yes, I remember, the 70-300 IS.

You will have lot of fun with it ;-)

When you are at the 300mm focal, I think it is better to stop down to 7.1 to have a very good sharpness :-) I
Have fun with it :D
Treekami's avatar
thanks! =) I will have a blast
SeaWhisper's avatar
such a lovely view, you can count all the feathers on it! :)
phalalcrocorax's avatar
Ha ha ha.

This effect is the big camera and close bird effect :D

Thanks a lot
DaveOvenden's avatar
cracking, inst Fave :thumbsup:
phalalcrocorax's avatar

Thanks a lot Dave for it ;-)

I LOVE those bird and I really hope to see more of them in the future. That is a pity they are becoming hard to find in France :-(
nagogore's avatar
I love bullfinches! they are the loveliest birds :D
phalalcrocorax's avatar
And I agree with you :D
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Another tourist.
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