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Endagered : Eurasian Bullfinch

Another specie considered as endangered (Vulnerable to be precise) at least in France ([link])

Picture done in Paris, almost 1/2h before going to work (and with the snow, it was just so funny to drive :D )

Again, the menace is linked to human activity... they are trapped a lot in order to be sold. Now, it is strictly forbidden... but that doesn't stop poachers (for example, when I showed this picture and told it was in Paris, I recieved lots of email asking for the precise place).
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Canon EOS-1D Mark III
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1/166 second
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420 mm
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Dec 20, 2009, 10:52:35 AM
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Wow, is this another Eurasian Bullfinch? I love those. I can't quite tell considering I can't see the the wings and back.

Lovely birds they are, the snow brings out the coral red color so well ; U ; <3 And the black mask @ U @ <333
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Again, beautiful photograph. You have a beautiful gallery.
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A beautiful bird--wonderful capture! :heart:
ArcticIceWolf's avatar
Love the colors of the bird!
Pronus's avatar
Wonderful use of colour. I'm amazed to here of poachers. They are endangered/vulnerable here in the UK but not because of poachers (well at least I've never heard of such a thing here).
KreepingSpawn's avatar
Another, great composition and atmosphere. Beautiful colors.
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Beautiful bird :) They used to be quite common where I live, Oslo in Norway, but less cold winters has forced them out of the cities to colder areas. We call them "dompap", which ironically is also a word we use on persons who act stupid :XD:
Michayla-Marie's avatar
This is beautiful, great shot <3
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Hi there, I feel obliged to inform you I was under a great impression of this photo and it inspired me to paint a set of mugs with birds. I used your pic as a reference for one of them: [link] (they are non-commercial, Christmas gifts only) Hope you don't mind! and that this species stays safe. It's a truly amazing bird
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Very pretty. It seems you got a rare shot. Also, the background couldn't have been better. :love
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Congratulations on winning the Birds-Club Photo Contest! Another very well deserved win. Part of your prizes were a feature from me and from the monthly news article from Birds-Club. I wanted to let you know that both have been posted as of today.

The journal can be found here [link]
And the news article can be found here [link]
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How does Eurasian Bullfinch differ from a regular bullfinch?
phalalcrocorax's avatar
I think it is the same specie. I mean the Eurasian Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula) is the one you can find in Finland. As you said, it is our regular bullfinch, but their is so many other bullfinch species ;-)
Glottis78's avatar
come take some of our bullfinches when the winter comes. Our backyard is full of 'em :D
phalalcrocorax's avatar
I would dream to live in finland !!!
I traveled there once... it was just awesome :D
Glottis78's avatar
same here 'bout France :)
phalalcrocorax's avatar
Not for the wildlife I suppose :D
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magnificent shot
phalalcrocorax's avatar
Thank you so much ;-)
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People had the nerve to ask you where? Bastards. These babies are gorgeous, and deserve to live wild.
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