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Avengers: Tony and Bruce

EDIT: Now on tumblr! [link]

I've really liked Tony Stark since the first Iron Man, and Avengers just made me remember how awesome he is. But although I did see The Incredible Hulk, I never much cared for the Hulk or Bruce. He/They just seemed like a standard male-appeal character with no real development. But Whedon and Ruffalo did such a great job of making Bruce a deep and understandable character that I couldn't help but find him super endearing.

So then when Tony and Bruce kinda ended up being science buddies, I really enjoyed their interactions. I like to imagine that after Avengers, they become even better friends and do a bunch of really silly and/or stupid bro stuff together.

So, with a burning need to do Tony and Bruce fanart, I started off doodling some pictures of them interacting. But... then it turned into a comic apparently.

I love drawing both of them even though I feel like they don't quite look right. Although ironically my favorite part of this picture might be Cap.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Tony Stark/Iron Man and Bruce Banner/Hulk © Marvel
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Oh Tony, Tony, Tony...

Looooool 😆😆😆

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Bruce is hilarious in this comic.
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So if Cap is annoyed by this weekly routine, why dosen't he STOP Tony from doing this nonsense?
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In the last case, Bruce is like: "Own you, Tony".
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I agree Cap I agree!!
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1. what happened to Bruces hair


2. how did his shirt magically escape unharmed?
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Cartoon logic?
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Hey I hope you do not mind but I made a comic dub of this.…
Awww, that part where Bruce holds Tony is almost adorable! (just pretend the punch never happens k)
why tony why ?
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Lol, I bet in step 4 Bruce be like: U mad bro? :giggle:
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That pun though XD
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Tony- Me
Bruce- Every friend with a short-ass temper
Steve- My best friend
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Tony your an idiot! But your cute so your forgiven
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Utter genius! Thanks so much for sharing!

Do you mind my asking what font you used?
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I don't blame you, The Hulk movies were very disappointing, it was basically about torturing Bruce, having him turn into The Hulk and rampage a city. They gave Bruce much better character development in The Avengers; it really showed what a tragic character he was (including the line about his depression and attempted suicide) and how he was afraid and ashamed of "the other guy" (it's interesting how he refers to The Hulk as "the other guy", like he has two different personalities, it's kind of like he has a severe, superhuman case of DID.) It's also interesting how Tony accepts Bruce and thinks the fact that he turns into The Hulk is awesome even though everyone else is afraid of and hates that he turns into The Hulk. It's also interesting that he's seemed to gain some control over his transformations and how he finally started to find acceptance and place he belongs with the other Avengers where he finally use his powers for good.
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Tony accepts it for an honest reason too, because he knows what it's like to be labled a monster for something you can't help (Bruce has his rep as a monster Hulk, Tony has his rep as a nuclear weapons expert) it's a deep connection they share.
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