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Spring Alley

By PhaeOBrien
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"Nothing is more relaxing than walking down the alleys of Celance during a warm spring afternoon. Even Valderis's waterfalls seem dull and grey at this time of year, besides their roaring splendor", thought Norick as he was heading to the Laughing Harlot Inn.

Norick Blanke is one of my main OCs from my original fantasy world, Terra Antiqua

This is my first attempt at drawing with my tablet. I know that his shirt has imperfections, but I used no reference for it.
I've used ~Eirian-stock's stock photo for the background [link] and this amazing photo [link] of ~Adalheit as reference!:D

I hope you like it!:) Comments and constructive criticism are more than welcome!

There is also a shirtless/no background version!

More of Norick
Master and Servant - A Day Unlike the Others #1Part One

He was lying on a thin layer of leaves beneath a tree, watching at the squirrels jumping merrily from branch to branch as they were preoccupied with their food gathering task and listening to the birds chirp, welcoming the beginning of spring. The snow had melted almost a month now and nature in its entirety was dancing to the tunes of rebirth and renewal. Norick smiled as one of the birds flew down from the tree it was perched on and nestled on his chest.
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Bickering was never his forte. The only way he knew how to solve his problems was physical, most of the times a fight. He didn't mind taking a few blows here and there, that was actually part of the whole "letting out the steam" procedure. But with Rithiell that wasn't a plausible solution.

After him walking away from her and turning at the corner of the bakery on his way to the local tavern of the district, he had stopped in order to calm down his nerves. Without even noticing, he had clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, thinking of what had happened. Why did he ever agree to take this job? He could have found something bette

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Like the hair and the details. Brilliant!
PhaeOBrien's avatar
Thank you so much! :hug:
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Wow this looks awesome! Once you go digital, you'll never be traditional again!!!!
Just joking. But I didn't go back :(
Anyway, I like his hair, it looks all wispy and fun (and i bet it was fun to paint too :) )
I also like how you've added that textured bit around his goatee on his skin, sorry I don't know what to call it.. ._. It doesn't look like you've only just started drawing digitally haha.
One thing though is I think you could do a tiny tiny bit more shading on his eye crease, but that's just me. It's really nothing major :)
PhaeOBrien's avatar
I don't think I'll ever stop being a traditional artist. :)

I'm happy you like his hair, although it wasn't fun to paint them:no:, as they took extremely too long to finish (but then again I was experimenting a lot as well). As for the stubble around his goatee, that's just an airbrush that comes with photoshop. :D

Thanks for the comment too. You are right, it could do with a little bit more shading, would give it a more realistic feel. :)
everfae's avatar
Good for you! I wish I had a love for traditional art. :( I've tried and it's just not there for me! O:

You're also lucky you get to paint with photoshop, I'd love to try it out and all the brushes, but it lags on ancient dinosaur computer :(
PhaeOBrien's avatar
What software are you using to draw then?
everfae's avatar
I'm using Paint tool sai.. lovely software, nice brushes,(and a nicer feel to it than photoshop) but there are PS brushes i'd love to use still :)
PhaeOBrien's avatar
I haven't used SAI at all, so I have no idea! But I do know that a lot of artists are using it and it's highly praised and recommended. :)
everfae's avatar
Well it gets another recommendation from me! :D Dunno what I'd do without it...
The only downside is it hasn't got as many adjustments and filters and things like that, but that can all be done in photoshop :)
Bagam-The-Animator's avatar
You made jesus your OC??? :o
PhaeOBrien's avatar
:rofl: Of course not! Jesus had a beard, he only has a goatee!:P But seriously now, he is loosely based on a couple of models I like (whose names I don't even know lol:giggle:, but here's one of them [link]) and my imagination (I've always been a sucker for blonde men!:love:)
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That's a great start! you'll see working with a tablet get very addictive a way easier than mouse and even traditional i find, since you can erase at will and work on different layers if you'd like. Hmm... i have to agree with Sarah! :giggle:
PhaeOBrien's avatar
I will definitely agree with you!:nod: I found it so easy to erase or correct my mistakes, without being afraid that I will tear the paper I'm drawing! And I'm not even going to mention the difference between this and a mouse!:no:

And thank you for believing it's a great start, it really mean a lot to me!:hug:
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It's so exciting seeing you venture off into the world of digital painting! :dummy: I think that as you progress in this field and learn to use more colorful colors your work is going to take off, and you'll be patting my bum in no time ;) I like all the furry bits of this, and I'm particularly fond of the string that the ring is hanging around his neck on. The little fibers and all, nice touch! I think that the background is a little distracting, I'm trying to put my finger on why, so I can be helpful, I think that it might be because the colors are a bit more saturated in the background. Did you apply any color adjustments to the final picture? It may help unify it and tie it all together. Anyways I think that you did very well, and this looks way better than my first attempts at digital painting, so you're off to a great start dear! :heart:
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I was going for a tattered old string, as he has been wearing that ring on his neck since he was three years old (it's his mother's ring, that's why it's a bit small). I haven't applied any colour adjustments (have no idea how to!:P), but I will take your advice and see this through!:)

I still don't believe I will be patting your bum any time soon, as you're faaaaaaaar better than I am, but I'm flattered that you believe its a great start for me!:glomp:
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