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Moon Hydroponics

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Have you considered substituting an Aeroponics system of planting as they will take up far less space. Especially good for leafy vegetables.

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ok you cant tell me this wus draw because HOLY CRAP THIS IS GOODLOOKIN

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it was thought the Mayans were cannibals because by 20th century farming yields, they couldn't have supported their population on the amount of land they were cultivating. However, they were using fish farming as the basis of their agriculture, with fish poop supplying nutrients for aquatic plants. This increased yields beyond any European level of dry farming. i'm guessing space colonies will employ similar techniques.
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more like Carnivores, not Cannibals
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Great, advanced, realistic, but why the windows? I see them as an accident risk to become broken and decompress all section. 

When in lunar day phase there would be lots of sunlit hours for the farmers and the plants. Even so, there are probably emergency shutters that close down over the windows.

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Windows for space applications are typically very thick. The ISS Cupola windows are 4 layers, separated by vacuum in between, 14.3 centimeters thick total, and with the inner and outer layers replaceable on-orbit. You could crash a car into that and it wouldn't do much.
Thanks for info! 
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Killer scene! But which kind? Green leaf, collard, romaine, butter, boston bibb, red leaf, iceberg, oh my!
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something tells me the hardest part is the vegetables and the their reflection. 
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Hope you like lettuce!
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A real unconventional, but visceral and wonderful rendering of the people in this piece. Thank you for sharing. Love it.
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De opvolger van de raketsla :) Prachtig concept en bewonderenswaardige detaillering. Great end result.
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Awesome perspective and use of color!
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Fanatastic work, well done..
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Oh, now that is just cool! :nod: :D
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I'm waiting for this so badly :XD:
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I love this!   Great concept.  The cowboy hat adds a lot!
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I wonder will the taste be different  
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Personal project I guess? I like it. Any story behind it?
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