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what a beautiful scenery
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Welcome to Stoneise,lad
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Supervet Erik!!
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Your new stuff has very realistic clouds!
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So the legends are true:…
BTW this is amazing.
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Very nice aesthetic and atmosphere!
flawless design
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Oh wow, it's very cool looking !
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Impressive work, this landscape has an amazing light and is full of beautiful details ! La la la la La la la la La la la la 
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Hmm. A fascinating, beautifully drawn and and innovative pic, and I LOVE artists who know how to draw mountainous terrain!

In case you want to care about realism (not necessary in fantasy art, of course), the thatched roofs would be a problem. I'm assuming the the building is a fortress due to the tiny windows and limited access, but thatching would make it an immediate deathtrap if their enemies can use fire. (For that matter, the fortress appears to be the tallest thing in the area, so lightning would also be a problem.) Under the circumstances, I'd expect the inhabitants to use some safer kind of roofing--stone tiles, metal sheets, or something of the sort. Even wooden shingles wouldn't catch so easily from a single spark.

Fantasy's a complex issue in art, innit? Even though dragons couldn't exist in our world (fire aside, the square-cube law means that something that big can't have wings big enough to lift it, because the wings would have to be big enough their weight would make them need BIGGER wings, etc.), there are still too many of us half-realists who won't complain about "realistic" dragons but object to ones where the wings are too small for the body in bird terms, or if the wings are full of tatter-holes that wouldn't catch air, and so on.

So do ignore any crits like this that don't fit your own vision; I just offer 'em because some artists do care about why their monastery wouldn't have the laundry lines right next to the dovecote (too many bird droppings), or why their otherwise realistic knight's sword wouldn't have a short & thin hilt with no pommel (it'd slip out of his hands too easily, and the lack of counterweight would make it blade-heavy and thus harder to wield), or why their desert city's hilly fields would have crop rows planted from side to side rather than top to bottom (to prevent erosion, and to hold water in place long enough for a little more to sink into the earth before it flows away), and so on.

And since your art is extremely realistic in a lot of ways--you really have mountain terrain down, for example; that sparse vegetation on the thin soil over and around the rocks, and the consistent angle of the upthrust folds--I figured you know how to ignore crits if they're no use to you.

Deeply impressed,

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wow... awesome!
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This is great. Awesome textures and colour.
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Nice work. Very imaginative 
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wow. wow. WOW. This is amazing.... i mean like... wow
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This would be cool as a wall painting
Would be nice location for Skyrim.
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Very nice. As taken straight from an enchanting story.
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