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FINALLY! no more school for a while!
I seriously need to get back into shooping and make some more stuff!
I made that planet yesterday, and i'm pretty happy with the result.
So yea, I'll be trying to make some new original stuff I had never tried before, and if you guys need any signature, photo-editing or anything, ask here and I might do it :P

Also, since it's so sunny and beautiful outside, I'll try doing some photography too. I need to play around more with those camera settings and try getting some professional looking stuff done ;)

Anyways, keep on checking my dA :P, because I'll be putting new stuff!

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So, it's my march break and I have a week (10 days) off. I decided I wouldn't waste my time doing random stuff and i would practice my photoshop skills instead. So here, I'm back into signature making. I will try making three signatures every night. As you can see i already started posting some.

C&C pl0x

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KK!!! so i had this account for like a year, and i just decided to start posting some stuff =]. I'm not pro, but i hope you likey ^^