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Kanako tightly gripped her sword as memories started to come back. "Akarin..."
The girl smirked. "Usashiburi da ne?"
Tomoko's hands shook as she telepathically saw what was happening. "Uso... Ayane-San..."
"So she survived as well?" Ryo muttered.
"Uso desho?! It can't be possible!" Momoka cried. "You were with us until you graduated!"
"To think that Akarin was the one killing innocent people... Naze da?!" Reni shouted.

"Pretty surprising, isn't it?" a voice sneered as Dorgon appeared next to the Water Mage.
"What did you do to Akarin?!" Shiorin scowled as she brought out a large butcher knife.
"Isn't it obvious? Surely you could've remembered her from the fire and how you got separated from her when she tried to protect the King and Queen. Surely fate in this time period pointed to having her separated from you once again. And as Leader, I took advantage of the opportunity and implanted dark magic into her so she could regain enough power and memories to defeat all of you."
"Uso da! We saw her visit us many times! She showed no intentions on hurting us all these years!" Kanako shouted as tears threatened to fall.
"You might've seen that but I made sure she would keep it secret and pretend to act friendly with the five of you. Once the Crown appeared, I allowed her to attack on her own free will but she ended up trying to gain more power since she's aware she has yet to overpower the Crown."
"Konno... Using Akarin against us like this..." Aarin murmured as she tightly gripped her Heart Wand.

'Minna-San! Da me desu! Your emotions are becoming unstable! You must retreat!'
'You have to listen to us. Fighting the Dark Syndicate in such an emotional state will only lead to immediate defeat. Retreat to the barrier.'

The five hesitated at the order before finding themselves teleported away.
"Looks like they escaped. But I'm sure you'll fight them next time," Dorgon said as he folded his arms.
The girls tried to fight their tears as they sat in the living room. "Nande...? Why would Akarin do this...?" Kanako whimpered as she cried. "Killing all those innocent people and tricking us..."

"We never expected this to happen..." Tomoko murmured as she sat in front of the five. "De mo... It's best to tell you..."
They all looked at her. "You knew?" Shiorin asked.
Tomoko gave a small nod. "I wasn't sure if you remembered her from Eutopolis and I wasn't fully aware of your activities as idols... But once I saw her alive but manipulated, I guess it's time for you to try to remember her..."
"Chotto matte! How did you know about Akarin being a Mage?! Why couldn't you have stopped her from leaving us that led her to be vulnerable against the enemy?!" Reni questioned, tears streaming down her cheeks as she looked down at the girl.
"Reni, it's best not to blame Hime," Ryo said. "It might take a while to remember but we'll tell you as much as we can.
"It's possible the five of you remembered meeting each other and your first day being called to duty. But each heir to the Crown must have six guards rather than five in order to have equal protection. Ayane joined a bit later since her tasks fell between the heir and the King and Queen, meaning she had different responsibilities than the five of you since she first served as my assistant. The six of you got along very well whenever she was given guard duty. But once war broke out, she tried to stay with the five of you but as the castle was collapsing, the debris separated her and Hime's parents from all of us, hence why it's difficult to recall her."
"But the Dark Syndicate said that fate led to her being separated from us again just so she could turn into their puppet," Momoka said.
"It was just a coincidence that she separated herself from the five of you. We didn't have a clue that she was controlled by the enemy and we weren't sure that she was even alive in this time period. The only issue is how she's able to perform the Forbidden Spells considering the amount of spells for Water Mages is limited." He looked over at Reni. "Any idea for that?"
"I don't know... I didn't sense anything the past few years we've seen her!" Reni snapped. "He said he implanted dark magic into her or something!"
"Reni-San!" Tomoko went to the older girl's side. "Try to calm down. Your Magic will get out of hand if you do." Reni held the girl in a hug as she started to cry again.
"Implanted?" Ryo thought for a moment, trying to process the information. "Hmm... The Hayami family isn't really known for Dark Magic... But they do associate themselves with the supernatural branch... Perhaps they took advantage of that ability to release it..."
"Then what should we do?" Aarin asked.
"Our only choice is to figure out how to trap her and get rid of the Dark Magic controlling her. But it's possible we'll have to use the Removal Spell as well..."
"Ryo-san, da me desu," Tomoko said as she held onto Reni. "Reni-San and I are still inexperienced. If you make Reni-San use it on Ayane-san... it's possible she'll accidentally take more than just the Dark Magic! It's too risky!"
"I understand that, Hime. But you know as well as I do that if one is to find themselves controlled by their Magic, the only way is to remove it, leading to death if the procedure isn't executed properly. Reni might've not used the Removal Spell as much as the executioner but surely she'll be able to do it as long as Ayane tries to separate herself from the Dark Magic. That's where everyone else comes in. You will all try to have her remember all the good times with you so she could regain control and try to force the magic out of her. The only thing standing in our way is the Dark Syndicate and trying to hold her down."
"Fighting Akarin... We can't do that!" Kanako cried," You said she's a comrade but we can't fight her!"
"Comrades avoid fighting each other but when a situation involves one being manipulated, she will not hesitate to kill you. Fighting her is the only choice."
"Hime! How can you approve of this?!" Shiorin questioned as she looked at the small girl.
"Iie... I didn't want all of you fighting each other but Ryo-San said we don't have a choice... De mo... I want to help trying to get Ayane-San back..."
Kanako gently fiddled with a small blue friendship charm as the five were in the guest room. Considering the situation, Ryo insisted the five of them stay for a few days until they can solve this problem.
"Kanako... You still kept it?" Shiorin asked as she looked over from the futon next to her.
"Eh? U-un… I couldn't help it... Akarin gave it to me back when we first started. Once we found out she was graduating, I just had to keep it. You know how close we were."
Shiorin gave a sad nod. "Sou da ne... It makes me wonder if she actually received that message like she said she did..."
"Kouhaku?" Aarin asked, receiving a nod.
"Yamette yo... It might make things worse now that we know the truth..." Momoka said as she sat up. "Seeing how we've been lied to this whole time..."
"But Akarin wouldn't lie to us..." Kanako said," Surely she would want to regain control of herself again..."
They looked over at Reni who had her back towards them.
"Reni? You'd want Akarin back, don't you? Considering she's done a lot for us..."
Reni sat up. "Of course I do! De mo... Having Ryo telling me I might kill her if I mess up... I don't know if I should even fight!"
"All of us have to fight her, Reni!" Momoka said," None of us want to hurt her but we have to! Fighting Akarin out of all people... It's not like you're the one suffering the most! Look at Kanako! She's the one closest to her and she's trying too hard not to cry!"
"Yamette! Don't cause a fight!" Aarin cried as she held her arms out despite the two being on opposite sides of the room already. "Ryo and Hime are asleep by now!"
"Barely..." Shiorin muttered.

A small knock came to the door as they found Tomoko who was holding a blanket. "G-gomen ne... I guess I got you all worried with what's happening... ...Is it okay if I can sleep here with all of you tonight?"
"Sure..." Aarin scooched over so the girl could sleep between her and Kanako. "Hime. What are you doing up so late?"
"I got worried... I know that it's hard for all of you to fight her and I couldn't sleep... And once I heard shouting, I was wondering if the rest of you couldn't sleep as well..."
"Gomen ne. We didn't mean to get you worried about us. We were just scared about Ryo's plan to fight Akarin to bring her back..."
"De mo watashi... I want to join your fight..."
"Hime, that's too dangerous," Kanako said," If they get their hands on you..."
"But I want Ayane-San back as much as you do. Surely if all of us were together, she'll remember us. She has to..."
"Hime..." Kanako held onto the girl. "Honto baka dayo... Hime..."
Kanako's eyes opened as she looked around to find it was still dark out and sat up, only to be pulled back down since Shiorin was holding onto her. She gently removed the girl's arms before sitting up. She looked over at Momoka who was curled up into a ball as she slept. Shiorin seemed to have started to hug her pillow after letting go of Kanako since she had a habit of holding onto something or someone when asleep. Kanako then turned to the other side to find Hime turned towards her with Aarin gently hugging her as if she was protecting her. Kanako smiled, seeing how the youngest member was motherly towards everyone. She then looked at Reni who was turned away from everyone but still asleep since her leg was sticking out from the side of the futon.
“Mah... I guess I don't have a lot to worry about...” She gently brushed Tomoko's hair from her face. “Hopefully no one gets hurt...”
She climbed out before stepping over the others to get to the window. She rested her elbows on the windowsill so she could rest her chin on the palms of her hands. ‘Akarin… Wait for us, okay? We’ll find a way to bring you back…’
She heard a loud snore and turned to find Shiorin taking up most of the space. “Mou…” She walked over to move the girl before getting back into her spot. “Oyasumi, minna. You’ll need the sleep.”
Aarin jumped out of bed and covered her ears when she heard a scream. “Ah~ Nani kore?!” She soon noticed someone was missing from the room. “Hime!”
“What was that…?” Shiorin groaned as she rubbed her eyes.
“That was Hime’s voice… Masaka!” Reni jumped out of bed before helping the others as they ran out to find the house damaged as if a fight happened. They quickly ran through the hallway to find Tomoko at the base of the stairway towards the second floor. They noticed she was on her knees crying and rushed over.
“Hime! Daijobu?” Momoka cried,” What happened?!”
Tomoko shook her head as Aarin held onto her in comfort as the girl cried.


Kanako heard something dripping from the staircase and slowly turned, scared of what she’ll see. Her eyes started to glow in fear as she found the stairs painted crimson, only to be from the scratches on a familiar dragon that laid on it, his eyes lifeless.
The others looked over and gasped at the sight. Momoka quickly covered her mouth to stop herself from throwing up. “Sonna… Ryo…” Shiorin muttered. comment on this one... Where's my barf bag...?
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